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Lot No. 231

Auction No. 25
Category Airmails - Australia
Est. $800
Status SOLD $800



1932 (2nd Jan) Germany to Australia "Bertram Atlantis Expedition" cover being one of 40 carried on an epic flight from Berlin to Melbourne with 12 intermediate steps each represented by a stamp & postmark. The last three postmarks for Batavia on 6th May, Wyndham on 6th July & Sydney 15th Nov reflect the delay caused by a forced landing on the NW coast of WA in which Hans Bertram & his co-pilot, Adolph Klausmann nearly died of starvation in the six weeks before they were found. Signed by Hans Bertram over expedition logo. Exc cond. Unsigned cover sold in Ace Stamp Auctions for $700 +BP. AAMC 232, Cat. $1750+(Front Cover)


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