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Lot No. 556

Auction No. 24
Category Australia
    Collections, Accumulations and Selections
Est. $350
Status SOLD $300



1913-1986 Mainly used on hingeless leaves in Schaubek binder. Incls 2/- 2nd wmk & 10/- 3rd wmk (heavily used), 6d "OS" ovpt CofA wmk MUH & Small Mult used, CofA 5/- F/U, 10/- (crayon line & blunt corner) & £1 cds but envelope stain plus £2 Specimen MLH. Good range of KGV heads plus perfins "OS". Commems missing only 5/- SHB with Robes heavily used in both papers, BCOF 5/- thin paper F/U, Navigators used to £1 with £2 MLH. Average commems & decimals but good range of PD's with 1902 "blank base" 2d, 3d, 4d, completed design monocolours to 5/- (2x 2/-), bicolours to 2/- (some in wrong place) & a few AAT to 1972 incl 1966 set used/CTO. Also "OS" ovpts incl 2d & 3d Kingsford Smith CTO. Collector has not been fussy about cond which varies considerably or has correctly identified all stamps, so careful inspection is advised but conservative reserve to compensate. (100s)