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Lot No. 250

Auction No. 24
Category World
    Collections, Accumulations and Selections
Est. $120
Status SOLD $160



Cook Islands 1893-1950's dupl MLH/MUH & used plus random later used odd vals. Queen Makea types from 1d to 10d mixed MLH & used plus "One Half Penny" surcharge unused. Also Torea bird vals to 1/- mixed MNG & used, ovpts on NZ KGV to 7½d incl vertical pairs 3d (2 pairs), 1920 to 1/- with extras & later pictorials MUH/MLH with some blocks. KGVI to 3/- (8 MUH of latter) plus used, 1949 to 3/- MLH, 1953 Coronation plate 1 blocks plus extras, 1963 set to 5/- MUH & 1967 $4 & $6 MUH. Specialist lots ex Mowbray auctions cat. £200 at back of album. A bit haphazard but good value at reserve. (100s)