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Lot No. 39

Auction No. 23
Category Box Lots
Est. $60
Status SOLD $180



A mixed bag, literally as in small suitcase!! Opens with 2 Finland 2007 porcelain stamp reproductions in mounts signed by artist, 2 sets of 1987 Cuppex Frama covers & shallow drawer of covers noting some still in wrappers as purchased from dealers priced up to $5ea & noting 1971 Christmas block of 7 FDC, 1974 Reg'd Paintings WCS FDC, Tonga FDC's, 1931 Airmail cover to England with 2d KGV Ash gutter & 7 other KGV plus a 6d kangaroo all tied by Dumbleyung cds's & with flight cachet (one stamp removed) plus some early Aust pre-decimals FDC's (20+) & a range of 1970's/80's Kalgoorlie postcards. Albums of NZ used with some 1970's/80's MUH with some blocks/multiples & noted a 1937 Queenstown sheetlet of 10 cinderellas showing contemporary tourist posters x 2 MUH. Usual world & Australia mixed used in albums & packets noting a s/book of just China with F/U pickings but nothing appearing of high cat value. Australia decimal Seven Seas album with some MUH incl S&M gutter & 1972 Beef set etc. Pickings with care. (1000s)