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Lot No. 369

Auction No. 23
Category Australia
    Collections, Accumulations and Selections
Est. $180
Status SOLD $160



1913-1965 mixed MUH/MLH & used on Seven Seas standard leaves, the latter in the majority with a few kangaroos to 2/-, KGV to 1/4d incl perf "OS" vals to 5d. 1930's commems (excl 5/- SHB, 3d & 1/- Vic Cent perf. 11½) mixed MLH/used in variable cond, 1937/48 Robes 10/- & £1 thick MLH (latter creased) & 1949 Arms MLH. No high val Navigators with others mixed MLH/used incl 8 bicolour PD's to 1/- used & AAT pre-decimal set MUH/MLH. Mixed cond. (100s)