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Lot No. 362

Auction No. 23
Category Australia
    Collections, Accumulations and Selections
Est. $120
Status SOLD $120



KGV 2d orange Single Wmk with 3 singles (shades), 2d red with 29 stamps incl top right plate block of 12 1-3/7-9/13-15/19-21, a lower selvedge block of 4, 3 pairs incl a perf "OS" & 9 singles in various shades but no annotated varieties. Also 2d brown Single Wmk in 3 singles incl "flaw 2nd "A" of Australia" ACSC 97(12)k, Cat. $120 & "large white flaw left value tablet" ACSC 98(16)f, Cat. $250 plus 2d surcharge in block of 6 & 2 singles & finally 2d red CofA wmk block of 4 & 3 singles incl 1 ovptd "OS".