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Lot No. 341

Auction No. 23
Category Australia
    Collections, Accumulations and Selections
Est. $250
Status SOLD $250



KGV 1d greens. Study of the "corner dot" & "run "N" varieties. Incls Single wmk with second state 2 copies (different) (2 MLH, 1 used). No wmk: MUH/MLH positional block with "corner dot" retouched (not listed in ACSC) & "run N" state 2 plus another" run "N" variety (MLH). SMW Perf. 14 "run "N" second state MLH (toned gum), MUH/MLH pair with "corner dot" & "run N" state 3 retouched plus MUH/MLH selvedge block 4 showing the same two varieties. Perf. 13½x12½ with 2x MUH/MLH lower corner selvedge blocks of nine showing the same 2 varieties. While the "run "N" units are very similar the "corner dots" differ vastly with one scarcely showing a dot at all. Also CofA wmk MUH pair & MUH block of showing both varieties with state 3 retouch. Total ACSC cat. value is $950 as singles.