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Lot No. 2

Auction No. 23
Category Box Lots
Est. $100
Status SOLD $160



Mainly British Commonwealth in "Corolla" briefcase. Lots of NZ on stockleaves etc noting 1972 lakes x 11 sets incl blocks of 4 MUH, decimal Arms incl $10 x 20 used, 1967 decimal to $2 on reg'd FDC (faults), China (250+) to 1949 on album leaves noting North China 1945 $1 imperf unused, USA 1976 13ยข flags & 1981 birds/flowers sheets of 50 MUH & Australia 2002-2004 used on leaves plus some 1980's/90's on Hagner. Also KUT 1960 to 5/- on FDC with general GB & other Commonwealth on album leaves & stockpages ex small auction lots. Worth a good rummage at this reserve! (100s)