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Lot No. 12

Auction No. 23
Category Box Lots
Est. $80
Status SOLD $240



Suitcase lot from deceased estate with WWF 1976-1979 FDC's (150), World used sorted in envs & in peg album with smattering of China & another b/book of Commonwealth with some KGVI common, 1934 SG catalogue, Aust Pre-decimal in Seven Seas album with kangaroos & KGV to 1/4d with many F/U incl latter before basic MUH/MLH pickings, 1970's80's FDC's on Cumberland pages, bundle of old postcards with some 1970's/80's Northern Territory & 1910's/20's b&w family portrait types. Also range of Aust Territories with 1960's-1980's MUH/MLH in albums, s/books & pres packs noting AAT 1966 $1 MLH & other sets to top vals. More world presented in quality SG "Favourite" springback album in exc cond (retail $70) & Aust used decimals in another quality springback album with many spare "as new" pages. Finally some old coins incl Aust Pennies & an interesting group of 1980's GB hand illust FDC's, a bit different at that time!