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Lot No. 650

Auction No. 21
Category Australia
    Collections, Accumulations and Selections
Est. $80
Status SOLD $60



Postal Stationery Large "OHMS" PMG envelopes with inscribed "Dead Letter Mail", 2 of which have code O/N C41 31/74 & boxed "Official Mail" in heading, one with similar heading without the boxed inscription & coded O/N C3555/67 with diagonal "Enclosed are articles" next to ring for handstamp of office of despatch. The final item has code Sch.C.7981/74 & is headed similarly with boxed inscription but no diagonal "Enclosed...". Housed in large sheet file together with NZ 1943 Healths in large blocks. Rarely seen postal stationery. (90 & smaller blocks)