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Lot No. 593

Auction No. 21
Category Australia
    Collections, Accumulations and Selections
Est. $150
Status SOLD $120



1935-1956 range of MUH/MLH blocks, coil strips & multiples incl 2d Anzac plate blocks No.1 (LL), 2 (UR & LR), 3 (UR), a few imprints incl 2d NSW, 1/4d KGVI (pair only), 1d QM, 1/- Lyrebird perf. 15x14, KGVI 2d Ash, 3d Authority & 4d koala, 1/6d Hermes (ACSC 261) imprint blocks of 10 (2) & single all showing "extra island below Tasmania" variety (ACSC 261d), perf pip left margin block of 8 & normal LL imprint block of 4. Also a study of ½d kangaroo incl coil perf block of 8, coil pair with leader attached, two blocks with "foggy hills" retouch, coloured flaw "ear to O" (ACSC 180g), "fleck over kangaroo's head" (ACSC 180zg in gutter imprint block) & perf "WA" imprint blocks plus various other imprint & no wmk examples. Also 1d maroon QM coil strip of 4 with join (ACSC 183bb). Most have "flags" with ACSC numbers & cat. prices which total $320 (plus c $80 in "unflagged" ½d roos). In black-leaved Lindner 32pp stockbook. (56 blocks/single, or 278 if all singles)