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Lot No. 552

Auction No. 21
Category Australia
    Collections, Accumulations and Selections
Est. $200
Status SOLD $160



KGV & Pre-decimals Mixed selection of items incl 1d black brown KGV letter card uprated with 1d red bisect tied by Cronulla Beach cds of 27 NO 18, small piece with 3d Sturt vertical bisect tied, another piece with 1920 Melbourne machine cancel tying 1½d chocolate plus bisect of same, piece with 4d orange, 6d ultramarine kangaroos & SA 1/- Longtom, 1963 10/- & £1 Navigator MUH plus 3 x KGV 1½d pieces with Palmers Island cds's, 5½d emu on piece tied by Alice Springs North Aust cds, imprint block of 10 x 1/6d Hermes, top right mint with flaw ACSC 261d (Cat. $40+). Also a group of Victoria used incl 1857 2d pale lilac imperf "emblems" F/U block of 4. Group ends with St Helena 10/- RSW F/U, NSW 1d vermilion with "156" cancel & New Guinea 3d Reg label "Friedrich-Wilhelmshafen" with no stop after "d" (SG 35a, Cat. £450). A valuable group. (20 items)