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Lot No. 536

Auction No. 21
Category Australia
    Collections, Accumulations and Selections
Est. $60
Status Archived



KGV Varieties selection with 3d blue Die I "dry ink" perfined "OS" (ACSC 104bac, cat. $75), "broken leg of emu" (104k, cat. $35) & 3d blue Die 2 "white flaw on kangaroo & "e" of postage" (109d, cat. $30) plus 4d olive perfined "OS" with "short upright to "u" of four" (114ba(3)l), "white flaw lowest bloom left wattles" (117(4)f), "white spot at left edge of left wattles" (117(4)g) & b5d chestnut "eight wattles at left" (127(3)g). All good to fine used. Total cat. $250+ (7)