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Lot No. 385

Auction No. 21
Category World
    Collections, Accumulations and Selections
Est. $400
Status SOLD $540



USA 1938-1954 "Presidentials" MUH plate blocks study incl Durland "Standard Plate Number Catalog 2000". Approx. 20 covers but strength in MUH blocks & booklet panes with latter incl 3¢ Jefferson miscut. Noted all vals to $5 in plate blocks of 4 plus $1 in top left corner 25017/25015 block of 20, $5 used single with centre misplaced, 2¢ block MUH with Kansas City/Mo "prexie" on 2 stamps only, coils with misplaced perfs, parcel tags with multiple of high vals, dry ink, overink & miscut coils revealing part plate numbers all on written up pages of 3¢ Jefferson. The plate blocks are on Vario & Hagner sheets & in stockbook with a total of 172 different incl $2 & $5 x 2 each & up to 6 diff of lower vals plus dramatic shade differences, overinking, miscut perfs, etc. There are also some bags of "prexies", a full sheet of 1¢ & booklet of 24 x 1¢. A huge amount of research & purchasing has gone into this collection. Highly recommended.