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Lot No. 336

Auction No. 21
Category World
    Collections, Accumulations and Selections
Est. $1200
Status Archived



Netherlands 1852-1971 MLH/used in "Collecta" printed album. Very little missing with complete sets incl 1852 imperfs, 1864, 1867/71 & 1869/91 to 2g50 whilst 1891/96 set has pale 2g50 (5g missing) & 1899/1921 set is only missing 10g as is 1913 Centenary. Both 1920/21 2g50 surcharges are present used, 1923 Silver Jubilee is missing 5g but the 2½g is cat. £350. 1924 Exhibition set of 3 is missing but then complete MLH/used as per pages (excl Legion M/S & 25g seagull). "Back of the book" has gaps but PD's incl 1870 pair, 1881/85 to 1g & 1907 Portzegel ovpts. Mainly fine. Cat. £4000+