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Lot No. 285

Auction No. 21
Category World
    Collections, Accumulations and Selections
Est. $950
Status SOLD $1050



Great Britain 1841-1986 in thick album with over half being general British Commonwealth. The GB starts with 1841 1d red imperfs (245) with barred numeral & M/C obliterators, papers ranging white to very blued, shades from pale red brown to deep incl 4 pairs, 2d blue (53), mostly one or two margin examples, 1854/57 2d (26 in mixed cond, mostly perf. 14), 1d (291) & mixed shades with perfs arranged AA to TL (240). Also 51 others with some cancel interest incl 131 "Brunswick Star". 1858/79 similarly arranged (not plate number order) with majority fair to fine (240 total), 2d blues (189, heavy dupl in plates 8 & 9), 1870 ½d bantams (444 but no plate 9's sighted!) & 1½d (31) plus various 1867/87 surface printed in mixed cond with good range of plate numbers in 2½d (both colours), 3d, 4d, 6d & 1/- (mostly large letters in corners). Noted a nice 1880 5d & 1883/84 set with 1½d, 2d, 2½d & 5d with good to fine examples. KEVII & KGV average to 5/- & KGVI incls £1 brown & RSW heavily used. PO training school line obliterators on 1d, 6d, 8d, 9d & QEII Wildings to 10d, coil testers (2 b&w types & poor green) with average later. Incls Regionals, PD's, fiscal oddments & locals incl Lundy 1953 Coronation FDC, Staffa, Sanda, Summer Islas, Davaar, Stroma, Pabay, Herm, Sark & Jethose. The Commonwealth has modest pickings in Australia & States (noted 1/- large lyre "OS" used), Ireland, Gibraltar (QV to 6d & KGV to 2/-), Ionian Is set of 3 (blue stamp thinned), Solomons incl KGVI 2/- with Munda cds in violet, Cocos 1963 set MLH & Fiji useful from 1871 "CR" 6d (perfd 3 sides). Also New Guinea 1925 Huts 1d to 9d ovptd "OS" MLH, 1931 9d "OS" MLH, NZ incls a few QV & 1933 "Pathway" used plus various officials incl 1940 9d Centennial (MLH), Govt Life incl 1947/63 set MLH & a few Papua lakatois mainly MLH, PNG 1960 Postal Charges ovpts & set of 8 MLH. The majority of the total value is obviously in the GB but Aust States incl NSW 2d laureate shades (6), Victoria 5/- rosine & blue F/U & WA 2d range imperf with Commissariat puncture & other pickings add to this figure. Reserve allows for faults. Viewing recommended. (1000s)