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Lot No. 275

Auction No. 21
Category World
    Collections, Accumulations and Selections
Est. $500
Status Archived



Germany (Occupation of Czechoslovakia) 1938 (Sept-Oct) range of ovpts on Czech stamps all on piece tied by cancellations in black, blue or violet. Cachets of Niklasdorf & Karlsbad (30th Sept & 4th Oct) are plain cds whilst the swastika is incorporated in cachets of Rumberg, Reichenberg (both in Gothic script), Maffersdorf (8th Oct commem cachet marking birthplace of Konrad Henlein) & the ovptd "Wir Sind Frei" items. Apart from Czech stamps with ovpts, there are 2 pieces with Sudeten Lowlands "map" design on 60h (2) & 1k tied by Gothic script Rumberg cachet showing "Heil Hitler" 22.9.38 ("Liberation Day"). Michel cat. value exceeds €15,000 & incls Karlsbed I.X.1938 ovpt on 4k air (Cat. €3,500 used) & two Purkyne pairs (Mi 43/4, Cat. €1600 per stamp). Despite the astounding cat. value & absence of certificates, all pieces appear genuine, but estimate allows for possibility of forged ovpts &/or cachets. Sold "as is". (27 pieces)