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Lot No. 254

Auction No. 21
Category World
    Collections, Accumulations and Selections
Est. $650
Status SOLD $650



Finland 1856-1971 in standard Davo printed album. Valuable first page with 1856 imperfs (MLH) "as is" & postal stationery cut outs used, simplified serpentine roulettes with 5k, 10k, 5p to 1mk (incl 8p x2 & 20p x3 shades) mostly with short teeth but still above average, 1875/81 to 1mk incl 8p green in 2 shades & 10p brown & 1884 to 1mk plus 1889/95 to 10mk (latter both MLH & used, 5mk MLH). Also 1891 Russian types to 1R, 1901/15 10mk, 1918/25 to 25mk (2 used) & 1918 design to 5mk, 1928 ovpts MLH & 1930 Zeppelin ovpt MLH with near complete in mostly used cond to 1971. Also 1949/50, 1952/57 & 1963 MLH Parcel Post sets. Eastern Karelia ovpts (28) & 1919 "Aunus" ovpt on 20p & 50p MLH. Incls a few cards & covers too. Largely fine throughout with very high cat. value. (100s)