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Lot No. 228

Auction No. 21
Category World
    Collections, Accumulations and Selections
Est. $500
Status Archived



Austria 1947-1953 Censored Covers. Mostly outwards with approx. 10% inwards during the British & Soviet occupation of eastern Austria but also noted WWI Austrian Military Post boxed censor mark on 10L envelope & two 1916 Russian stampless incoming postcards with triangular censor marks plus 1943 "P/W Middle East 23" h/s on Italian POW free postcard addressed to Forli N/Italy with extensive explanatory notes & price tag at auction of $75. The Austrian items would also have been difficult to obtain noting obvious rarities such as 1948 Child Welfare FDC with full set & censor h/s plus same set on reg'd censored cover to Qld. Also 1950 Girardi block of 6 on FDC to South Aust, 1952 Stamp Day & other commems similarly addressed. Wide range of censor numbers arranged in ascending order with useful sets incl 1948 Artists (cover priced at $40) & singles e.g. 1951 Millocker & Strauss & Stamp Day on cover again to South Aust & a 1952 censored aerogramme to USA. Enough said! Fabulous collection cheaply estimated @ $5 per cover with many worth much more than that. Inspection will amaze (150)