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Lot No. 226

Auction No. 21
Category World
    Collections, Accumulations and Selections
Est. $120
Status SOLD $120



Austria 1850-1978 in Schaubek album with some fresh plain quadrille pages added. Average to 1918 incl Airs set of 3 MLH but missing most charity sets of 1920's/30's. Value from 1946 with MLH sets incl 1948 Artist's Fund & 1949 POW Relief plus some MUH incl Millocker, Hofer, 1952 Menagerie, 1954 Health Service (+ top 3 values F/U), von Welsbach & several others all cat. £10+ each. Odd better used incl 1951 Reconstruction Fund 1sch & 1sch70 values. Back of the book range incls Military Post, newspaper stamps & PD's. Mainly fine. (100s)