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Lot No. 87

Auction No. 20
Category Box Lots
Est. $200
Status SOLD $450



Australia & World in plastic crate with main value in Hagner binders with Aust pre-decimal used incl KGV low vals heavily duplicated, kangaroos to 5/- incl 5d x 2 & 2/- brown (3rd wmk) with some nice cds examples & a few mint incl 1/- (3rd wmk) plus pair Sm.Mult MLH, 9d single & CofA 2/- imprint blocks of 4 & 8 MLH. Commems incl 1927-1931 mint noting 5/- Sydney Harbour Bridge with sugary gum & heavy hingeing. Later mixed MLH & used with fresh 1937 Sesqui & 1940 AIF. Duplicated low val commems from 1932 used plus better fine used incl £1 Thick Robes with part imprint, Arms sets x 4 plus extras, Navigators to £1 & a few 2/3d commems MLH/used. Also some AAT MUH, MLH & used. Another binder with 1966-1988 duplicated used with many fine incl Cook M/S, some MUH incl 1971 Xmas block of 7 (& 6). Pre-Federation low vals used on/off paper (many 100s) & loose Hagners with WA low vals from C/wealth period incl a few long swan revenues & perf "WA' 1d to 10d. Shoebox of common on leaves plus more low val 1940's/50's in glassines. A fun lot for the "prospector"! (1000s)