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Lot No. 483

Auction No. 20
Category World
    Collections, Accumulations and Selections
Est. $600
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World Military Mail WWII correspondence to & from South Africa incl censored & POW cards/airletters. Interesting markings incl 1945 (March) Air Mail POW formular letter addressed to Stalag Ulla & returned to England with boxed "This letter has been returned by the Swiss Post Office who were unable to reforward it to Germany because of the interruption of communications", Formular POW post-free cover to S.Africa from Stalag VIIA (circular censor mark), another handstamped POW cover addressed in 1943 to International Committee of the Red Cross, Geneva with censor seal in English & Afrikaans, sent stampless from Nelspruit S.Africa. Also 21 airmail covers from Durban & Nelspouit to POW in Italy via Int. Red Cross (Rome Red Cross transit cachets in red) all censored & bearing 9d franking for airmail, a 1942 censored airmail cover Karachi to Barclay's Bank Durban bearing triangular censor mark & 14a defin + "Help to Defend Your Country" label tied by Karachi cds & 1941 Karachi-Durban airmail cover with 14a (Karachi cds) & strip Egypt 10m Farouk x3 (Cairo cds) censor tape & cachets. Noted 2 covers to S.Africa signed by censor bearing strip of 5x 10d GB tied by "FIELD POST OFFICE 300" cds (1944), small airmail cover Elisabeth-ville Belgian Congo to Durban with 3f50 surcharge airmail & violet s/l "CENSURE CONGO BELGE", Feb 1945 censored airmail Zurich to Pietermaritzburg with 2f30 franking tied by Zurich cds & two regd covers London to Barclay's Bank Durban 1941 & 1945 with censor markings, both 5½d in franking. Other items of interest incl Russia 1944 30k sheetlet of 4 Leningrad, Croatia Legionnaires M/S MUH & a couple of S.Africa Army service commem covers (1971 & 1977). This is a superb collection with inspection highly recommended. (59 covers/cards & few stamps