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Lot No. 478

Auction No. 20
Category World
    Collections, Accumulations and Selections
Est. $150
Status SOLD $190



World Rapkin "Excellent" album. Starts with a few GB KEVII & early QEII with KGVI 10/- dark blue used, Rhodesia "Double heads" & "Admirals" low vals, S.Rhodesia incls 1924/29 5/-, 1931-1936 odds incl 8d, Silver Jubilee & Coronation sets, 1937 2/-, 2/6d & 5/- MUH plus a few N.Rhodesia & Nyasaland 5/- KGVI used. Also KUT 1941 ovpts MLH, Mauritius KGVI heads to 10R MLH (toned), India, Egypt, Sudan 1931/35 Airs part set & surcharges MLH, "Postage Tax" (4 MLH) & 4½p on 8p F/U plus other Commonwealth odds. Useful pickings in pre-1960 Mozambique Company incl 1939 Presidential ovpts in F/U pairs, defins to 20e also F/U x 2 sets, a few Angola, Italina Cols, Belgian Congo, French Somali Coast & France to 1942. Basutoland 1947 Royal Visit set on cover with 1d & 2d PD's, Tsarist Russia incl 1905 set of 4 MLH, 1913 to 5R & 3R MLH, Romania odds incl 1933 75th Anniv imperfs used, Scouting MLH & 1931 Airs used. Should be viewed as cond varies but plenty of value in fine examples. (100s)