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Lot No. 463

Auction No. 20
Category World
    Collections, Accumulations and Selections
Est. $200
Status SOLD $210



South Africa-Provinces A neat collection written up on leaves noting CGH 1d woodblock (faults), 4d (3, cut into), 6d pale mauve (2 large margins), perfd range to 5/- (1871/76, 1884/90, 1893/98 & 1902/04), Criqualand West "GW" ovpt on 1d carmine-red MLH with wing margin (Cat. £750), "G" on 1/- (3 types of ovpt) used plus second printing (type II) on 6d used (Cat. £150) & 1879 small capital "G" on 4d & 6d (3). Natal (89) with better incl 1880 ½d blue green used, 1882/89 3d blue MLH (Cat. £160), 1885 ½d on 1d rose MLH, 1902/03 to 2/- MLH with most lower vals also used. Transvaal (197) with a few early in mixed cond. Incls a range of VRI & ERI ovpts some probable reprints MLH & used, 1904/09 to £1 used & odd low value MLH. No OFS but a good lot. Cat. £1000+ (not counting faulty) (c360)