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Lot No. 263

Auction No. 20
Category World
    Collections, Accumulations and Selections
Est. $280
Status SOLD $680



Germany-States, Colonies & PO's abroad A variety of cancellations noted plus Hindenburg/Hitler booklet se-tenants & assorted others on over 100 Hagners in 2 folders, the second of which (32 Hagners) is all Bavaria with duplication but nothing scarce sighted. Main value in the larger volume noting 1939 Cars on pres cards with pictorial cachets plus set on one card, Baden 1851/52 3k x 5 shades incl the cancelled with 5 ring in red & Wurttemberg 1869 7k deep blue & 14 k yellow rouletted used. PO's in Turkish Empire 2½pi on 50pf & 4pi on 80pf Reichspost MLH & PO's in Morocco 1899 25¢, 30¢ & 50¢ MLH ovpts on Germany. Also Cameroon CEF surcharges to 8d on 80pf MLH, German SWA 2mk wmkd, F/U (Cat. £100), Allenstein first MLH & used sets to 3mk, oval ovpts to 3mk MLH & most values also used. Marienwerder Hanseatic league stamps/cinderellas, 1938 Officials lower marginal MUH pairs with set of 11 plus 7 of the vals with top pair of block of 4 MLH), 1942 "Brown Ribbon" corner block MUH (Cat. £44), 1945 parks on piece & odd later incl Accident Prevention se-tenants in large blocks. Will repay close viewing with purchaser having a major organising job ahead. (1000s)