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Lot No. 230

Auction No. 20
Category World
    Collections, Accumulations and Selections
Est. $600
Status SOLD $740



Germany 1871-1932 plus 1946-1949 "Zones", Saar & "West" to 1990 plus unified to 1992 in 3 Lighthouse hingeless albums with slipcases. Noted nice used 1871 "small shield" 5gr (Cat. £140), "large shield" 2½gr & 1875/99 2mk (5 shades used). Mixed MLH & used to 1948 incl Welfare Fund 1920's sets MLH, 1927 IAA ovpts MLH, 1928/31 Zeppelins MLH/used, 1949 Republic Day used, Stamp Cent MLH, UPPU MUH, 1950 Bach MLH, 1951 Rontgen MLH & Church MUH. Also 1951/52 Posthorns used, 1952 Welfare Fund & Hikers used, 1953 Liebig MUH, IFRABA MUH, Welfare Fund 30pf MUH with others MUH or MLH & 1954 Heuss MLH or used. Virtually complete MUH thereafter with a few used pre-1958. Saar is patchy & "Zones" likewise but incl all 3 Red Cross French Zone M/S's mint without gum as issued & a few other pickings. Generally fine & cat. £2000+ (1000+)