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Lot No. 180

Auction No. 20
Category World
    Collections, Accumulations and Selections
Est. $600
Status SOLD $600



Aden A neatly written up Postal History collection with a formidable assembly comprising 31 cards & covers plus 48 pieces/stamps illustrating cancel types. Incls two items bearing GB KEVII & KGV tied by Aden Paquebot cds, Ottoman Empire 10pa block with Camaran 1896 (Aden Office) cds, 1957 (2) & 1960 (3) cards/covers with Aden "dhow" meter cancels in red, various markings on India incl "124" of Aden, Aden Camp on 1931 & 1935 Indian commems & earlier KGV defins incl blocks with complete strikes. 1859 British cover "via Marseilles" to Aden with 2d blue, 1d red & 6d purple tied by BN"18" & reverse showing ADEN STr POINT receival mark in red. A 1926 cover bearing 9 diff India to 2R tied by 7 strikes of Kamaran sub-office & 4 other similar pieces incl 2 on 1937 Dhows, MAALLA cancel on 1929 cover from India showing "Late Fee Paid Bombay GPO" on block of 1a KGV affixed to rear of cover (which is a 1a embossed PSE) plus similar cancel on cover with Hejaz adhesive tied by DJEDDA Arabic cds. Also 1960 piece tying MAALLA to 15¢ QEII & 1961 postcard locally addressed, 1951 Seiyun cover local use Sheikh Othman, 1968 People's Republic of Southern Yemen ovptd defins on Seiyun-cancelled cover to philatelist E.W.Proud in Brighton UK, 1939 Yemen-Switzerland (Hodeida cds) cover censored with "OPENED BY..." tape overstruck with Aden violet "Passed...", 1940 cover with similar markings but Aden adhesives & various "124" BN strikes of Aden on India QV (½a, 1a imperfs, 4a green) incl 2a pair with Aden/124 duplex, "125" on 4a green, "Aden" in Zanzibar ovptd India ½a QV & QV India with Aden Cantonment. KGVI airletters for Ganna & same ovptd 50 CENTS both mint, 1951 cover to USA bearing 3¢ commem & tied by PAQUEBOT ADEN cds & cachet at lower left of cover & "S.S.OMAR E.CHAPMAN Paquebot Boat Mail Voy NSA, APL-2 POSTED AT SEA". Wonderful lot with viewing recommended. (79 items)