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Lot No. 140

Auction No. 20
Category Box Lots
Est. $40
Status SOLD $100



Europe in stockbook identified by cat nos but nothing scarce sighted plus one country albums for Rumania & Cuba with more world common scattered through another 8 large Chinese stockbooks. Some Aust pre-decimals to KGV 1/4d & early decimals used in quantity, a 1977 Silver Jubilee C/wealth Society cover collection (52) & a 1981 PSE FDI album................but then, when I was just about to give up the will to live, there between average Mozambique & Myanmar was a Morocco Agencies 1936 5c on ½d KGV block of 4 F/U with central 1936 British Post Office cds (SG 153 Cat. £92), so never dismiss what may look like a pretty grim box lot!! (1000s)