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Lot No. 1268

Auction No. 20
Category Postmarks
    Western Australia
      States and Territories
Est. $800
Status SOLD $800



Postmarks Coolgardie to Fremantle (cds's) incl Coolgardie, Cossack, (Cr)owther, Cuddingwarra, Cue, Daylerking, Denmark, Derby, Desdemon(a), Dongarra, Donnybrook, Dulbelling, East Fremantle, Edjudina, (Err)ols Find, Esperance Bay, Eyre, Fimiston, (F)ortescue, Fremantle (11 grid) & Fremantle Town Hall. Savings Bank Cancels incl Coolgardie, Cue, Cunderdin, Day Dawn, Dongara & East Fremantle. Oval & Rectangular Rubber Cancels incl Registration branch PO Coolgardie ORS, Postmaster Coolgardie ORS, Telegraph Office Coolgardie ORS, Parcel post Coolgardie ORS, Cue Telegraph Office, Cue Post and Telegraph Office ORS in 3 types, Day Dawn Telegraph Office ORS & Fremantle Registered RRS. Postal History incls Coolgardie to Broad Arrow ppc 1909, Coolgardie to USA 1909, Coolgardie Regd to Hobart in 1901, 1913 Coolup local ppc, Cossack to Worsley ppc in 1909, Cottesloe local 1908 ppc, UK incoming to Cottesloe 1911 & to Cubballing in 1906, Collie to NZ in 1908, Cue to Tasmania 1907, Day Dawn to Tasmania 1904, Day Dawn to Nannine 1907 ppc, Day Dawn to Midland 1910 ppc, Dongara to Tasmania 1907, Eucla to York ppc in 1907, UK to Fremantle ppc 1907, Fremantle (Paquebot) ppc to UK 1904, India to South Fremantle 1906, Fremantle to Melbourne 1904 & Fremantle to Newcastle WA 1898. Also Fremantle to Adelaide 1902 ppc & Gryuss Aus coloured ppc (WA Native) Fremantle to England in 1903, Fremantle to North Fremantle 1906 & Fremantle Regd to Hobart 1901. Another outstanding range of WA.