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Lot No. 770

Auction No. 19
Category Australia
    Collections, Accumulations and Selections
Est. $800
Status SOLD $800



States MLH & used semi-sorted accumulation on over 40 Hagners in mixed cond noting NSW 1851/55 2d thick paper (2) & 1854 1d red orange & 1856 2d imperfs (4)plus low val perfd range incl 1d & 4d ovptd "SPECIMEN" (MLH). Also 1863/69 2d pale blue with vertical perfs double, 10d "SPECIMEN" perf & imperf plus lower case on "OS", 1888 "Specimen" 2d, 4d, 6d, 8d & 1/- mint/MLH & set of 8 MLH to 1/-. 1890 5/- perf. 10x11 & 20/- ultramarine perf. 11 superb used. Queensland with handstamp "SPECIMEN" on 2d blue MLH, 3d greenish grey mint, no gum & 1868/78 1/- mauve pair MLH with ordinary MLH/used range to 1/- incl shades. South Aust incls 1856/58 2d blood red (2½ margins), a few roulettes, perfd 6d & 1/-, "OS" x 53 incl 2/- x 4 & surface printed low vals MLH/used. Also 1886/96 "Long Tom" 2/6d, 10/- (blunt corner) & £1 (off centre) ovptd "SPECIMEN" MLH plus a few 1902 & 1904 types used to 1/-. Tasmania with 1d rosine postcards (2 unused, plus 1d + ½d), 2d green PSE, 2d pictorial Letter Card unused, 1d KEVII postcard used, 1½d reply card entire unused & a few Chalons with later QV MLH/used to 10d incl 1d block of 6 & 2d block of 4 MUH/MLH. 1889 "Halfpenny" surcharge MLH, bicolours to 1/- MLH, 1899/1900 pictorial types in various printings MLH (16) to 6d, "Specimen" ovptd 2½d, 5d, 6d & some "platypus" Stamp Duty incl 3d MLH & ovptd "SPECIMEN". Finally 1/- rose pink MLH Cat. £130. Victoria has 2d "Queen on Throne" imperf used, 1d green x 4 both MLH & used, 6d woodblock (5) & a few "emblems" plus good range of laureates on circuit sheet extracts with obsolete cat. numbers. 1905/13 5/- perf "OS", 1873/87 2/- light blue on green MLH ovptd "SPECIMEN" diagonally with a range of low vals MLH having possible cancellation interest in the good range of used. 1897 Charity pair MLH (2½d shallow hinge-thin) & some PD's. No WA. Mixed cond but careful checking should repay with a very fair vendor reserve. (c1000)