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Lot No. 709

Auction No. 19
Category Australia
    Collections, Accumulations and Selections
Est. $2500
Status SOLD $1500



Framas 1984-1999 extensive commem & FDC stock from Sel Pfeffer. Needless to say, expertly annotated with majority in glassine bags still in the original drawers from Boonah. Noted 1984 BE FDC's in singles & sets of 7 incl button sets from Perth, Sydney, Adelaide & Brisbane, Maxicards, a $1.15 on Certified Mail Hobart FDC, then 1985 33c increase on plain covers plus the revised button sets, GPO Darwin new Certified rate cover of $1.23, Exhibition covers, usage on aerogramme before a range of "Last Day" covers. This then repeats itself through the other papers noting individual machines cancelled at their respective PO's, Frama "Miniature Sheets", overseas usage, other FDC makers covers incl WCS & covers in combination with Pitcairn Framas. Also a range of "oddities" with partial imprints, blank labels, 00.00 FDC's, blotchy ink, etc. Other items of note incl $5.62 Security Post usage, Priority Paid covers from Aeropex '88 with imprint & Darwin postcode change to "0800". Range of the introduced cliché numbers with a variety of different machines represented & again on it goes. Also incls a range of commem covers from other events such as F1, cricket & football with diff pmks & an AAT section with base FDC's & more commem covers. One of the most extensive Frama stocks/collections in existence. A wonderful opportunity to form an exhibit or add to a collection with useful duplication to sell for further funds to expand!! (approx. 1500)