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Lot No. 684

Auction No. 19
Category Australia
    Collections, Accumulations and Selections
Est. $180
Status SOLD $180



Commercial Mail Airmail envs with some registered, noting 1964 reg cover with "NO ATTENDANCE" signed sticker & franking incl 2d mauve KGVI coil strip, 1/3d bull, 1d QM, 3½d Rotary & 3½d Swan. 1964 ICY cover with 1934 1/- Vic Cent plus 3½d commems x 3 diff & 7½d Coronation. Also 14/3/1966 cover to Switzerland with 3d Cocos & 2/3d Royal Visit (1 month after "D-day" for decimal currency) with other pre-decimal frankings on May 1966 covers to Switzerland (7/6d Cook on one with red "POST OFFICE SPECIAL DELIVERY" sticker) & one with 7/6d Cook plus 2/3d Guillaux & 3½d Coronation. Interesting 1965 mixed frankings for Aust/AAT & Aust/Cocos. Also some larger envs. Good lot with majority of covers to Switzerland. (c150)