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Lot No. 642

Auction No. 19
Category Australia
    Collections, Accumulations and Selections
Est. $500
Status Archived



1953-1991 QEII exhibition collection in original written up format covering different aspects of philately noting Training stamps (illustrated by "CANCELLED SPECIMEN ONLY" handstamps on first QEII decimal low values, provisional ovpts (5¢ on 4¢ slogan set of 6 booklet panes), booklet stamps incl complete booklets of 1957 4/- with waxed interleaves for SB 34a (Cat. £90), 1960 5/- & 1965 5/- plus booklet panes incl 1966 4¢ red set of 6 slogan panes plus page with 1957, 1959 & 1960 panes. Also ADF Vietnam Defence Booklet (exploded, cover & pane of 5¢ x10), booklet Sheets with 1963 part imperf vertical block of 2x10 plus lower right corner block of 9 both showing "pip". False Coils with 4 pairs & 2 strips of 4 with joins, Coil Sheets (1959 3d marginal blocks of 10 & 18) plus other sections related to QEII issues for Regular & Interrupted Perforations, Double Perforation (showing in selvedge of two 5¢ blue pairs), Plate Numbers for 4¢ (pl.22 & 23), Colour Bars (18¢ Silver Jubilee block of 18), Guide Marks, Printing & Colours, Colour Control Measuring (Signal) Strip, Master Plate Fault (10d with trace of "Centre of Work" etched in selvedge), Re-entry (1953 3½d in marginal block showing figure of value re-entered at R4/7, 10d similar at R9/9), Colour Registration with 4¢ black & red coil pair with black shifted up, Watermark & Unwatermarked Papers (1953/56 3½d booklet panes), Luminescent (Helecon blocks with normal), Ink Faults (clogging, dry ink, crusted deposits), Gutter Pane Ornaments, Registered label on 1/0½d cover & Letter Cards with 4¢ & 5d ovptd "SPECIMEN". A great addition to a specialist Australian or Royalty themed collection. (100s on 33 leaves)