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Lot No. 599

Auction No. 19
Category Australia
    Collections, Accumulations and Selections
Est. $3000
Status SOLD $3000



1913-1951 MLH neatly arranged in peg album. This is an exceptional collection both for content & condition where an effort has clearly been made to obtain well-centred examples wherever possible. Kangaroos has no 2nd wmks or 1915/28 3rd wmks but does contain 1st wmk to 6d plus 6d perf small "OS", 1923/24 6d & 2/-, 1929/30 6d plus "OS" to 2/-, 1931/36 6d & "OS", 9d (off-centre), 2/- with block of Die I & imprint block of Die II) & 10/- to £2 ovptd "SPECIMEN". KGV incls all "OS" ovpts, 1914 1d engraved (5) & a block of 4, 6d kookaburra, 1914/21 ½d, 1d (Die I x 3), 4d orange & 5d. Also 1916/18 1d rough paper & Die III, Large Mult ½d, 1d & 1½ (2), 1918/23 to 1/4d, 1926/30 Small Mult plate 4 to 1/4d, perf. 13½x12½ to 1/4d incl 1d Die II & 1931/36 CofA to 1/4d. Commems are complete incl 1928 Kookaburra M/S & 5/- Sydney Harbour Bridge, Airs incl 1931 set of 3 in blocks, "OS" ovpts (2d SHB block & 2d pair), 6d brown in Ash imprint block of 6 with most 2d vals in imprint blocks. 1937/38 perf. 13½x14 defins (3d Die I pair), Robes thick & thin paper sets (10/-in thin is "SPECIMEN"). From 1937 there are many imprint blocks incl the AIF set, 3d blue KGVI Die II & thin paper Ash imprint blocks, coil pairs incl KGVI 2d scarlet (SG 184a Cat. £350), perf. 15x14 3d blue Die III Ash imprint block & Arms set to £2 plus 5/- imprint block. 1950/52 3d in coil strips of 4 with last couple of years all in imprint blocks incl 1951 50th Anniv set. We resisted the temptation to cannibalise this collection to offer many of the better items/sets as separate lots. Inspection will impress. (100s)


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