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Lot No. 423

Auction No. 19
Category World
    Collections, Accumulations and Selections
Est. $300
Status SOLD $240



New Zealand 1930-1993 MUH, MLH & used in Hagners in 2 padded binders (one with slipcase). Complete with both MLH & used incl 1931 "Smiling Boys" with all Health M/S's (both wmks of 1957) & general issues from 1936 similarly complete simplified (excl 1958 surcharge error, present as MUH only & no 1960 chalky papers or Arms wmk changes). 1990 Orchids M/S perfd only & 1957-1963 Health M/S's MUH only. Later both MUH & CTO incl 1993 Taipei. Also has Tokelau 1948-1990 with MUH to 1970 then both MUH & CTO. (100s)