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Lot No. 322

Auction No. 19
Category World
    Collections, Accumulations and Selections
Est. $900
Status SOLD $900



Great Britain 1840-2006 in 4 quality Davo albums with slipcases, the last volume having plain pages with Machin coils, panes & booklets with 12 prestige booklets plus over 50 other booklets to £2 face & various panes, S/A's, etc. Only a few low vals MLH to end of KEVII, then more KGV incl 1924 BEE MLH, 1925 MUH & 1934 Photogravure set MLH. KGVI is well covered incl 1939/48 to £1 (excl 10/- dark blue) & 1948 RSW £1 MLH & 1951 Festival MUH. QEII is mixed MUH & MLH to 1957 before being entirely MUH incl graphite & phos-graphite sets, Mult Crown castles & all phos commems. Decimal commems are complete simplified incl M/S's to 2002 with only a couple of items missing between 2003 & 2006. Machins are all incl as per leaves plus pre-decimal £1 PD & a few later. Channel Is Occupation issues & Regionals plus some inserted pages with blocks, gutters (e.g. 1984 "AUSIPEX" British Council set), Exhibition cinderellas & a nice 1941 corner block of "Bought to Aid Britain" poster stamps MUH/MLH add more useful material to the collection. Booklets incl all "Greetings" & panes incl many from prestige booklets while small booklets start with 1964 2/- & others to 1970 (12) & then over 40 decimal with extras displayed as panes. A lovingly complied collection in superb albums. (1000s)