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Lot No. 1165

Auction No. 19
Category Collections
    Western Australia
      States and Territories
Est. $250
Status SOLD $4000



Revenues Collection typed up on leaves with examples on bank cheques, receipts, 1932 Bill of Exchange & bank deposit stub. No "long swans" but "small swan" types incl 1d MLH blocks in different shades, used to 30/- & £10 incl inverted wmks. Also Hospital Fund 1933/40 to 1/- with extras, 1932/39 Financial Emergency Tax with 7 different to 5/- plus extras of 1/- & 2/-. Hospital/s Benefit Fund punched holes in 4/6d, 5/- (2 diff) & 5/6d vals, 2d Egg Stabilisation Charge & 1966 decimal revenue duty low vals MLH Also a few impressed duty "tombstone" types to £2, 1940 Tax Instalment 6d to 4/- incl shades of 6d & 9d, 1922 Supreme Court Probate marginal MUH/MLH blocks 1d plus 9 higher vals to £1/10- green (all of which 2400 printed), £25 green (600 printed), £1 single & "CANCELLED" £1/10/-, £5 & £10 singles, marginal blocks with stains of £5 orange, £10 pink, £25 grey lilac & £50 brown. Finally WA 1d lilac internal revenue MLH (creased top pair) block of 4 ovptd SUPREME COURT, 2/- rose Supreme Court "Fees" & range of duty stamps showing rubber stamp cancel types etc & 1935 old wages book piece with Hospital Fund & Financial Emergency Tax values tied by 25 MAY & 1 JUN handstamps. Some items incl some of the Supreme Court Probate blocks have rust stains but conservative reserve allows for this. (100s)


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