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Lot No. 963

Auction No. 15
Category Australia
    Collections, Accumulations and Selections
Est. $180
Status SOLD $180



1936-1938 covers in no particular order with a valuable & diverse range of WCS, Wide World, plain, APO, Excelsior, Royal & others with FDI cancels plus Regd with values to 7/6d, special cachets (range of 1954 WAPEX, 1970 Veteran Car Club, etc). Also pre-war incl 1936 2d, 3d SA Cent regd illust, 1965 5d red QEII cancelled RELIEF No. 6, 1948 1/3d & 2/- regd illust cover to England & comprehensive WCS range to 1982 (nearly all addressed). 1954 ANARE cover with boxed Macquarie Island cachet & wide range of post offices (Royal with PUBLIC OFFICES/VIC or "D2" VIC cds) light duplicated in places completes this varied lot. Over 200 different.