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Lot No. 1715

Auction No. 14
Category Great Britain
    Commonwealth & Foreign
Est. $50
Status SOLD $55



1993 24p brown Machin horizontal strip of 5 forgeries. This forgery was briefly available through London corner shops & as 24p was the first class rate of the day, it was a big seller before the Royal Mail in association with Scotland Yard began an investigation. The gang of forgers , nicknamed The Lavender Hill Mob by police, were identified and brought to trial at Winchester Crown Court in January 2000 charged with forging stamps and banknotes. Fine MUH. (5) The leader of the "mob' was Kenneth Maidstone of Upminster, Essex who was sentenced to 12 years imprisonment. Three confederates got from three to eight years. A fourth was convicted but died of cancer before being sentenced.


Image represents the entire lot.