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Airmails: Airmails - Australia
1952 (1st Sept) Australia to South Africa First Regular Service covers x 7 all bearing illust violet cachet with one a long "boomerang" cover with …
1953 (2nd June) Australia to England & return plus intermediates full set of 24 Australia to England return with all intermediate legs plus an extr…
1953 (2nd June) Australia to England & return plus intermediates carried on the Qantas Coronation Flight. A range of issues, b/s's & cachets. 30 Qa…
1953 (2nd June) ditto incl return plus intermediates to Karachi & Honiara all with Coronation Day cachets on Qantas commem Air Letters plus an unus…
1953 (14th Nov) Sydney to Bangkok & return Qantas printed envs with "By Air Mail Q.A.N.T.A.S and Qantas Empire Airways Commemorating 30 Years as Ro…
1957 (25th Nov) South African Airways inaugural flight covers via Cocos & Mauritius bearing 2/- crocodile & reverse direction with South Africa 1/3…
1959 (28th Feb) "Carried on Skywriting Flight, at 15000ft above Perth, W.A. Plane: Tiger Moth VH-AYY "Brolga" Pilot: Fred Hoinville" on blue vignet…
1959 (28th Feb) Perth to Melbourne Fred Hoinville carried cover following his Skywriting Flight above Perth (see previous lot). Cover is signed by …
1959 (2nd June) Adelaide to Perth on Adelaide Regd 30th Anniv cover with "As a Tribute to Major Norman Brearley, veteran pilot, pioneer of Air Mail…
1959 (4th June) Perth to Adelaide return flight as above. Also Regd with red reverse destination cachet but not pilot signed. Also in exc cond. AAM…
1959 (4th June) Perth to Adelaide but a longer Comte produced cover showing a reproduction of one of the Brearley signed 1929 covers at left. Also …
1959 (10th Aug) Wyndham to Alice Springs Connellan Airways 20th Anniv with cachet in blue on Airmail env & 7d Flying Doctor tied by bold Wyndham cd…
1960 (8th March) Harry Houdini in "Voisin" biplane 50th Anniv commem flight cover with 5d QEII tied by Diggers Rest, Vic cds with 5 line cachet in …
1960 (16th July) John Duigan 50th Anniv of first Australian built aeroplane at Mia Mia, Victoria Comte produced commem cover with b&w photo of monu…
1961 (3rd Jan) "50th Anniversary of Powered Flight in Western Australia" to "Commemorate 1st Flight made from Belmont Racecourse by Joseph Hammond …
1961 (28th Feb) "Australia to London Air Record Attempt" endorsed cover which was abandoned in Greece. Signed by racing car driver/pilot Ron Flockh…
1966 (28th Mar) Sydney to Mexico City by Qantas via Auckland. Unusually this is an aerogramme with 3 x 8d Anzacs tied by the pictorial cds with lar…
1967 (5th Sept) Boeing 707, Vickers VC-10, Comet 4 & Britannia 312 on 4 diff illust Arthur Bergen covers with "Aviation Exhibition Melbourne, Vic 5…
1973 (28 May) RAAF first & second ferrying of F-111C's from USA to Australia via Hawaii. Both with US 21c USA stamps with various transit cds's inc…
1983 (3rd Dec) Australia to New Zealand re-flown original postcard (AAMC 348) signed by Allan, Boulton & Ulm. Carried by Qantas & signed by the ent…
Airmails: World Airmails
France 1909 "Grande Semaine D 'Aviation de la Champagne" - A magnificent week of flying In the Champagne region. A one frame exhibit on 15 sheets a…
France 1909 (22nd-27th Aug) "Grande Semaine D 'Aviation de la Champagne" An additional 32 b&w postcards from the series to compliment the lot above…
Germany 1930 (18th May) "Sudamerikafahrt" 4mk & 4mk Zeppelins pair on Europe Pan-America round Zeppelin flight to Baden-Baden tied by "Friedrichsha…
Germany 1931 (26th July) Zeppelin Polar Flight cover with 4mk "Polar Fahrt 1931" tied by "Friedrichshafen" cds. Addressed to Berlin with neighbouri…
India 1911 (18th Feb) World's first airmail cover from Allahabad to Bombay. Tucks "The Voisin Biplane" colour postcard bearing 1a for the British E…
Papua 1935 (31th Aug) Daru to Oroville Police Camp (D'Albertis Junction) First Flight. Signed by pilot S Campbell & endorsed on reverse by officer …
Papua 1935 (5th Nov) "Port Moresby to Oroville Police Camp per Short Scien Monoplane G-ACUX (V-HUUP Aust.) Pilot: Stuart Campbell" endorsed flown c…
Airmails: Crash Mail
1921 (19th Dec) Broome to Perth on first southbound non-contract air mail from Derby but 70 miles out of Broome, engine trouble forced them to land…
1935 (2nd Oct) Melbourne to Whitemark Crash of the "Loina" DH 86. It left for Whitemark (Flinders Island) at 8.15am & crashed into the sea only a f…
1935 (31st Dec) England to Australia. Carried on Imperial Airways flight IE405 "City of Khartoum" when, only two kilometres from Alexandria harbour…
1936 (22nd Aug) Imperial Airways "Scipio" crash Airmail cover addressed to Walsall, England with stamps soaked off from seawater but the remaining …
1937 (4th Dec) Imperial Airways "Cygnus" crash. Cover salvaged from the wreck of the S.23 flying boat which crashed due to incorrect flap settings,…
1938 (27th Nov) Imperial Airways England to Australia flight in the Short S23 "Calpurnia". Crashed at Lake Habbaniyah Iraq. Capt. E Atwood, the Fir…
1939 (8th June) Imperial Airways Australia to England flying boat "Centurion", crashed in the Hooghly River Calcutta on landing. Passengers & crew …
1954 (13th March) British Overseas Airways Corp. Constellation G-ALAM "Belfast" (Captain T.W. Hoyle) crashed in Singapore with 31 passengers & two …
Kangaroos: 1913 1st Watermark
1913 1st Watermark ½d green lower left CA monogram corner block of 6 MUH with "break in shading over "U" of Aust" variety on bottom left stamp. AC…
1913 1st Watermark ½d green positional plate block of 6 perfined "OS" with top right stamp showing "Rostage" with 3rd state showing retouch above …
1913 1st Watermark ½d green selection with "colour flaw off Sydney coast" varieties incl an early state small flaw MLH & used in pair before later…
1913 1st Watermark ½d green varieties incl "Rostage" F/U with a few short perfs (ACSC 1(2)e), "Rostage", 2nd state with shading weakness over "US"…
1913 1st Watermark ½d green with inverted wmk MLH. ACSC 1Aa, Cat. $150
1913 1st Watermark ½d vertical strip of 3 MUH centred to left with top unit showing break in outer frame left of "H" plus a used single showing sa…
1913 1st Watermark ½d marginal left pane block of 4 MUH, top left "Jubilee line" marginal vertical strip of 3 (top 2 stamps MUH) & 1d perfined lar…
1913 1st Watermark ½d pale green JBC monogram single MLH. ACSC 1C(2)zd, Cat. $350
1913 1st Watermark ½d pale green with inverted wmk in CA monogram strip of 3 with selvedge at left & at the base. Stamps MUH with small hinge mark…
1913 1st Watermark ½d to 2/- group of 9 all CTO with Melbourne 1913 cancels mostly without gum. Incls ½d, ½d perfined small "OS", 2d, 2½d, 5d, …
1913 1st Watermark ½d to 2/- set of 11. Hingeing varies with odd remnant but all have good perfs & free of toning. 4d centred to right, 1/- centre…
1913 1st Watermark ½d to 5/- set of 12 with Melbourne CTO cancels. Centering & perfs better than average for a set like this.1/- with inverted wmk…
1913 1st Watermark 1d red, Die I lower right JBC monogram block of 12 perfined large "OS". Stamps MUH with light tone spot in lower right selvedge.…
1913 1st Watermark 1d red, Die I perfined "OS NSW". MUH right marginal block of 4.
1913 1st Watermark 1d red, Die I with sideways offset on reverse. Fine used multiple of 3 with Drury cert (2019) which states "rare stamp". ACSC 2A…


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