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Lot Discounts

The following lots have been discounted by the vendor, and are available first-come first-served at the discounted price.

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Lot No Description Estimate Available Discount
214British Africa Postal Stationery in a bundle of mostly used b&w pre-1910 Postcards & QV & KEVII pre-stamped envs. Noted "Camps Bay" Tucks…$70$5620%
220British Commonwealth Booklets range containing all different QEII types. The pre-1970 are cat. £850+ plus a few later. Mainly African co…$180$14420%
263KGV ½d green group incl single wmk ½d bluish-green perfined "OS" block of 4 MVLH (ACSC Fba), ½d green with "white flaw above king's ea…$220$17620%
268KGV 1d green varieties in 32-page stockbook neatly arranged with mainly Small Mult & CofA wmk varieties noting both minor & major with ma…$180$14420%
295KGV CofA wmk annotated range on album leaves. Majority are 1d greens & 2d red Die IIIs (100s) but incls a few ½d oranges at the front (8…$300$24020%
317KGV Range consisting single wmk 1½d reds incl 52 pairs, 8 strips of 3 & a block of 4 plus 1d greens with CofA or SMW perf. 13½x12½ on …$180$14420%
425Concorde (22nd Jan) Bahrain to London Inaugural Flight cover with red "BA301" cachet & 80f Bahrain commem.$20$1620%
435Aldrin, Buzz 10" x 8" colour photograph of Buzz Aldrin & his wife dedicated to "Juan Men Diola with best wishes". Boldly signed in blue i…$100$8020%
441"Australian Two Dollar $2 Coins Coloured Collectors Folder" to house all coins from 2012 to the current issues incl a history of the desi…$30$2420%
512Bermuda 1865/1903 3d yellow-buff, wmk crown CC. Mint without gum. SG 5a, Cat. £475$90$7220%
513Bermuda 1875 "One Penny." surcharges on 2d blue. MLH but soiled top left (SG 15, Cat. £750) & 3d yellow-buff used with 3 clipped perfs a…$220$17620%
530British Guiana 1853/55 4¢ pale blue. MLH with broad margins top & left, close to touching on others. Light staining reflected in very co…$250$20020%
547Canada 1852/57 ½d deep rose imperf with clear margins. Bold "21" concentric rings cancel. Possible trace of 2 perfs at top left, but per…$160$12820%
549Canada 1852/57 3d brown-red imperf on wove paper without gum. Close to clear margins, tiny black spot in lower right margin. Fine fresh c…$340$27220%
552Canada 1870/90 2¢ grass green imperf single with very wide margins on 3 sides & close at base. Used (uncut) with partial Montreal oval. …$100$8020%
565Canada-Newfoundland 1857 8d scarlet-vermilion vertical bisect on piece tied by barred obliterator. Attractive usage. SG 8a, Cat. £4250 o…$240$19220%
566Canada-Newfoundland 1857/64 8d scarlet-vermilion with 4 margins. MLH & seldom seen so fine. SG 8, Cat. £400$120$9620%
567Canada-Newfoundland 1860 4d orange-vermilion with 4 close margins, just touching at lower left. Lightly used by barred obliterator. SG 12…$150$12020%
581Ceylon 1857 2/- dull blue. An attractive looking example however a closer examination reveals margins have been added. A useful space fil…$100$8020%
616Cook Islands 1965 Internal Self Government set of 4 in imperforate horiz pairs with BPA certs (1990) stating "proof from the printer's ar…$300$24020%
629Egypt 1872/75 5pi yellow-green Penasson block of 4, perf. 12½x13½. MUH & rarely seen in multiples. SG 34, Cat. £180 x 4 + premium for …$180$14420%
652Falkland Island Dependencies 1963/69 QEII defins complete simplified set of 16. MUH incl both £1 issues. SG 1/16, Cat. £200 (16)$150$12020%
660France 1936 50f green Airmail. MH with some minor gum disturbance & trivial surface mark on left margin hence low reserve. SG 540, Cat. …$240$19220%
662France 1952, 1953 & 1954 Red Cross booklets. A couple of small tone spots on 1953 otherwise fine MUH cond. SG XSB2/4, Cat. £695 (3)$180$14420%
673Germany 1951 40pf & 60pf Posthorns. Fine MUH. SG 1055 & 1057, Cat. £390 (2)$80$6420%
717Great Britain 1840 (23rd Sept) entire with 1d black tied by indistinct red Maltese Cross & addressed to Glasgow. Clear Glasgow boxed 24 S…$280$22420%
725Great Britain 1841 (16th Feb) Liverpool addressed front with 1840 1d blacks x 2 tied by black Maltese Cross cancels. Margins range from t…$400$32020%
726Great Britain 1849 (27th July) 1/- green embossed with four close to just touching margins neatly tied on cover addressed to Philadelphia…$300$24020%
734Great Britain 1939/48 KGVI high vals as above SG 476/78c Cat. £425 SG 476/8 c, Cat. £425$150$12020%
736Great Britain 1983 15½p Salmon vertical imperforate pair with bottom selvedge. MUH with some light wear/creasing from the usual "pocket"…$500$40020%
737Great Britain 1990 "The Penny Black Anniversary Book" produced by the Royal Mail with an original 1840 1d black used by light black Malte…$120$9620%
739Greenland 1945 Bicoloured defin set to 5k. Fine MLH. Cat. £300 (9)$80$6420%
760Hong Kong 1898 "10 CENTS" surcharge on 30¢ grey-green. Fine MLH with BPA Cert. (2000). SG 54, Cat. £600$250$20020%
784India 1948 Gandhi set of 4 to 10r. Lower vals MLH, 12a & 10r with a hinge remnant. Fresh & well centred. SG 305/08, Cat. £425 (4)$150$12020%
791Kenya, Uganda & Tanganyika (British East Africa) 1891 Mombasa Provisional manuscript ½ anna on 3a black on dull red. Neatly used with sq…$750$60020%
815Luxembourg 1952 United Europe Promotion set of 6 to 4f. Fine MUH. SG 543/48, Cat. £400$120$9620%
818Malaya (BMA) 1945 (16th Nov) Penang Registered cover with $5 green & red on emerald "BMA MALAYA" ovptd KGVI tied by neat upright "Registr…$200$18010%
820Malaysia-Straits Settlements 1867/72 96¢ grey, perf 14, wmk Crown CC with left wing margin. MLH. SG 19, Cat. £425$180$14420%
830Mauritius 1859 1d dull vermilion Dardenne with 4 generous margins. Used by light barred obliterator. Brun cert. (1979) states "ilest repa…$260$20820%
831Mauritius 1900/05 5r purple & carmine on red. Superb MUH & seldom seen thus. SG 155, Cat. £120 + premium for MUH$120$9620%
840New Zealand 1895 7/- pale blue QV postal fiscal, perf 11. MLH, centred to right. SG F62, Cat. £450$120$9620%
841New Zealand 1898 ½d to 5/- Pictorials perf. 12-16 without wmk &incl both 2½d types. 2/- MH & tone spots on 9d but others MLH with major…$440$35220%
842New Zealand 1898 2½d "Wakitipu" & "Wakatipu" types. Both fresh MUH. SG 249/50 (2)$140$11220%
853New Zealand 1913/21 £1 rose-carmine QV postal fiscal, perf. 14½x14. Well centred & fresh MLH. SG F123, Cat. £450$200$16020%
854New Zealand 1915 ½d green KGV ovptd "OFFICIAL" from the De La Rue printing in complete top row of 24 with full selvedge incl direction a…$180$14420%
855New Zealand 1915/27 6d carmine "2 perf" block of 4 ovptd "OFFICIAL". MUH with the barest hint of a hinge on one of top pair. A lovely fre…$500$40020%
856New Zealand 1926 2/- & 3/- Admirals on Jones paper. Both MUH & rarely seen so fine & fresh. SG 466/67, Cat. £200 plus premium for MUH$380$30420%
858New Zealand 1935 2/- olive-green perf. 13½x14 with R1/4 "COQK" for "COOK" flaw. Top marginal MUH & well centred. CP NZ$450, SG 568ca, Ca…$400$32020%
880New Zealand 2003 $1.50 Lord of the Rings - Gandalf with top sheetlet selvedge massively mis-perforated with part perfs through centre & b…$300$24020%
901North Borneo 1901/05 $10 brown (SG 86) ovptd "BRITISH PROTECTORATE" in red. Bottom 2 perfs with black mark but otherwise fresh MLH, natur…$180$14420%
964Sarawak 1934/41 1c to $10 Vyner Brooke set to $10. Fresh MUH. SG 106/25 incl all "a" numbers, Cat. £325 + premium for MUH. (26)$340$27220%
966Saudi Arabia 1960/61 Defins to 200p Gas Oil Plant & Wadi Hanifa Dam designs complete MLH. 3p Wadi is thinned while others vary with hinge…$75$6020%
979Somaliland Protectorate 1904 1r KEVII ovptd "O.H.M.S." with dubious cancel. "J.H. Stolow" dealer h/s on reverse. Sold "as is". SG O15, Ca…$100$8020%
981South Africa 1921 3/- booklet missing one pane of 6 x 1d with others complete. All stamps inverted wmk. Usual rusty staples but otherwise…$40$3220%
989South Africa - Cape of Good Hope 1863/64 4d steel blue with clear to close margins. Very lightly used with indistinct cancel. SG 19c, Cat…$75$6020%
991South Africa - Cape of Good Hope 1863/64 1/- bright emerald green with clear margins, just touching at bottom left. Lightly used. SG 21, …$100$8020%
992South Africa-Natal 1857 3d embossed in colourless relief on rose paper. Used on piece with oval Post Office cancel. SG 4, Cat. £475$150$12020%
1004St Vincent 1872/75 1/- lilac rose, perf 11x15. Used, "thinned in its central part" noted on accompanying Sismondo cert (2001). SG 20, Cat…$50$4020%
1017Thailand 1851/55 1d deep blue in top imperf marginal block of 4 with clear even margins. Fresh MLH. SG 4, Cat. £150 x 4 + premium$250$20020%
1025USA 1865 & 1875 5¢ Newspaper ungummed perf. 12 issues with white borders. MNG, latter repaired top right corner. Scott #PR4 light blue, …$120$9620%
1026USA 1857/61 5¢ red-brown perf. 15x15½. Fine used with partial cds & centred left. APS Cert (2006) stating Scott #28 & "2 perfs added al…$180$14420%
1027USA 1857/61 12¢ black perf. 15x15½. Centred to top right. Lightly fine used. SG 40a, Cat. £350$80$6420%
1029USA 1862/66 5¢ red-brown Jefferson & another in the deep brown shades. Both off-centre vertically but good used. One short perf at top o…$90$7220%
1030USA 1869 15¢ blue & brown, type II. Good used with non-descript obliterator. SG 121, Cat. £250$50$4020%
1032USA 1875 2¢ to $60 (excl $3) Newspaper Plate Proofs engraved on thick card plus the Plate Proofs of 1860 90¢ deep blue & 1870/71 24¢ p…$240$19220%
1033USA 1873 1¢ carmine Official Executive. Good used, centred to top. Light staining but fresh colour. SG O189, Cat. £475$80$6420%
1034USA 1885 10¢ deep blue Special Delivery with "At a special Delivery Office" inscription. Centred high with top perfs just clear. MLH SG …$120$9620%
1043USA 1911 10¢ ultramarine Registration Stamp. Fresh MUH. Scott #F1, Cat. US$175$50$4020%
1044USA 1912 25¢ green Parcel Post. Superb MUH & well centred. Scott Cat. US$190+$90$7220%
1045USA 1913 Parcel Post Postage Dues set of 5. The 1¢ is mint without gum while others MLH with gum but green ink adherences typical of the…$80$6420%
1049USA 1929 "Kans" & "Nebr." ovptd sets of 11. MLH with moderate hinge remnants. SG 655/76, Cat. £600 (22)$150$12020%
1051USA 1981 20¢ Flag over Supreme Court block with grossly misplaced vertical perfs cut through left part of flag, 1970 Pilgrim Fathers top…$150$12020%
1058½d green with "two notches in right frame opposite Qld coast" variety. MLH, centred right. ACSC 1(2)l, Cat. $100$30$2615%
10713d olive Die I corner selvedge single. Superb MUH. ACSC 12A, Cat. $675$200$16020%
10723d olive Die I. Fine MUH single, centred a little high. ACSC 12A, Cat. $675$140$11220%
10826d ultramarine. MVLH, centred top left. ACSC 17, Cat. $325$50$4020%
10849d violet perfined large "OS" with "Break in left frame opposite "A" & white flaw below "AU" varieties. Mint without gum, centred top lef…$200$17015%
11276d chestnut pair with rh stamp showing the "broken leg of kangaroo" variety. Fresh MLH, centered low. ACSC 21(3)d, Cat. $250 + $40 for no…$70$6015%
11399d violet Die II. MLH, centred slightly right. ACSC 26A, Cat. $125$30$2420%
11421/- blue green, Die IIB with "LI" of "Shilling" deformed" variety in used block of 4. ACSC 33(4)h, Cat. $150 + premium with 3 normal.$75$6415%
11431/- blue green, Die IIB with sideways wmk. MUH block of 4, centred left. ACSC 33aa, Cat. $1100 + MUH premium$400$34015%
11522/- maroon perfined "OS". MUH, centered slightly low right otherwise superb with Drury Cert. (2021). ACSC 38Aba, Cat. $1250$480$38420%
116010/- grey & aniline pink perfined small "OS" with "Break in coast near Sydney & a white flaw after "I" of "Australia" varieties. CTO with…$220$18715%
116310/- grey & pink ovptd "SPECIMEN" type B. MVLH & well centred with the usual fluffy perfs. ACSC 48x, Cat. $600$160$13615%
11861929/30 Small Multiple Watermark 10/- grey & pink ovptd "SPECIMEN" Type C with sub-type "shaved P" variety plus the "missing grass behind…$1400$119015%
11901931-47 CofA 9d violet Ash imprint block ("N" over "N"). MVLH. ACSC 29z, Cat. $650$160$13615%
11921931-47 CofA 2/- maroon with "Flaw on "S" of "AUSTRALIA". MUH & well centred. ACSC 40(2)j, Cat. $100 + MUH premium$50$4315%
11961931-47 CofA 10/- grey & pink with "broken coast near Sydney" variety. Used with part "Late Fee" cancel. Centred slightly left. ACSC 50(D…$160$12820%
12011931-47 CofA 10/- grey & pink ovptd "SPECIMEN" Type D with "Open mouthed Kangaroo" variety. MLH, centred low. ACSC 50(V)vb, Cat. $1450 as…$250$21315%
12111931-47 CofA £2 grey black & rose crimson ovptd "SPECIMEN" Type D with "coloured line extending left of Spencer's Gulf" variety. MUH. AC…$220$18715%
12121931-47 CofA £2 grey-black & rose crimson ovptd "SPECIMEN" Type D with "white flaw in Gulf of Carpentaria" variety. MUH, centred low. AC…$220$18715%
12191914-20 Single watermark 1d deep salmon Eosin. Used with neat vert machine cancel. Centred top left. Sydney Philatelic Research Service/D…$500$40020%
12201914-20 Single watermark 1d rose-carmine, Die III with "break in upper frame at left" variety. Fine MVLH. ACSC 75Ah, Cat. $275$90$7220%
12241914-20 Single watermark 1d red Die III with inverted wmk & another with "white flaw on "s" of Australia" variety. Former used & centred …$150$12020%
12441914-20 Single watermark 3d dull blue with "white flaw over "IA" of AUSTRALIA" variety. MUH, centred left. ACSC 105D(4)j, Cat. $225 for M…$70$5620%
12461914-20 Single watermark 4d buff orange. Fine MUH. ACSC 110F, Cat. $425$100$8515%
12551914-20 Single watermark 5d yellow-brown with inverted wmk. MLH with light creasing & centred left reflected in low reserve. SG 27bw, Cat…$160$12820%
12571914-20 Single watermark 1/4d greenish-blue. Fresh MUH. ACSC 128B, Cat. $675$180$14420%
12591914-20 Single watermark 1/4d greyish-blue. MUH with a very light "tinge" from album page & centred bottom right. Frontally fresh. ACSC 1…$150$12020%
12601914-20 Single watermark 1/4d turquoise & another CofA wmk, both MLH with aged gum & centred left, latter with crease plus a SM wmk perf.…$100$8020%
12611914-20 Single watermark 1/4d turquoise with "thick "1" in right value tablet" variety. Evenly toned MLH. Very good centring for this sta…$100$8020%
12641914-20 Single watermark 1/4d turquoise-blue. MLH, centred left. ACSC 128A, Cat. $300$60$4820%
12661914-20 Single watermark 1/4d turquoise-blue in 2 shades. Both MUH & centred top left. ACSC 128A, Cat. $675 ea. (2)$200$16020%
12701914-20 Single watermark 1/4d shades x 4 consisting 1/4d turquoise-blue MLH, spots on back (ACSC 128A), 1/4d greenish-blue MLH, hinge rem…$280$22420%
12721918-20 Large Multiple Watermark Perf.14 ½d orange in left selvedge pair with inverted wmk. MUH/MVLH, centred left. ACSC 67a, Cat. $575+$180$14420%
12761918-20 Large Multiple Watermark Perf.14 1d deep carmine-rose from Harrison printing in top selvedge block of 4 with marginal line. MLH i…$200$16020%
12771918-20 Large Multiple Watermark Perf.14 1d deep carmine-rose perfined "OS". Fresh MUH. ACSC 74b, Cat. $425 (ACSC typo states $4525!)$180$14420%
12811918-20 Large Multiple Watermark Perf.14 1½d purple-brown with "right side of cliché damaged by many flaws" variety. Used, centred left…$50$4020%
12851918-20 Large Multiple Watermark Perf.14 1/4d greenish-blue. Fine used with neat Gladstone cds. ACSC 129A, Cat. $150$40$3220%
12861918-20 Large Multiple Watermark Perf.14 1/4d greenish-blue in Mullett imprint pair. MH with part toned gum but scarce & useful "budget" …$200$16020%
12871918-20 Large Multiple Watermark Perf.14 1/4d deep greenish-blue. MLH centred left. ACSC 130A, Cat. $325$90$7220%
12961926-30 Small Multiple Watermark Perf 13½x12½ 3d dull blue Die 1a pair with inverted wmk. MUH, centred left. ACSC 107Aa, Cat. $950 + pr…$280$22420%
12971926-30 Small Multiple Watermark Perf 13½x12½ 3d dull blue Die Ia in lower selvedge part imprint pair with "white flaw over "IA" of AUS…$80$6420%
12981926-30 Small Multiple Watermark Perf 13½x12½ 3d dull blue pair with types A & B se-tenant. MLH, light even toning. ACSC 107Cc, Cat. $325$60$5115%
12991926-30 Small Multiple Watermark Perf 13½x12½ 3d pale blue in lower right corner selvedge block of 4, type A, A/B, B. MUH & well centre…$420$33620%
13051926-30 Small Multiple Watermark Perf 13½x12½ 1½d rose-red block of 4 on translucent paper. Fine MUH. ACSC 91aa, Cat. $600$120$10215%
13101926-30 Small Multiple Watermark Perf 13½x12½ 1/4d greenish-blue. Fine used with crisp overlapping Geelong cds's & well centred. ACSC 1…$40$3220%
13111926-30 Small Multiple Watermark Perf 13½x12½ 1/4d turquoise-blue. MLH with light album tan line, centred to left. Frontally fresh & us…$40$3220%
13151931-36 CofA Wmk 5d chestnut (ACSC 123A) MUH & 5d orange-brown MLH (ACSC 123C) plus CofA wmk 5d orange-brown perfined "VG" MLH (ACSC 127A…$80$6420%
13171931-36 CofA Wmk 5d chestnut with "flawed pearl in crown at left" variety in John Ash imprint block. Fine MUH/MLH. ACSC 127(3)z, Cat. $400$100$8020%
13221931-36 CofA Wmk 1/4d turquoise bottom marginal with part printer inscription. Fresh MUH. ACSC 131B, Cat. $600$160$12820%
13231908/09 2/- dull green Postage Due perf 11. Hardly noticeable light stain at right reflected in conservative reserve. MLH SG D60, Cat. £…$300$24020%
13241913 £2 Kangaroo & Map stamp reproduction struck in solid silver & plated in 24 carat gold. Ex Aust Post 1988 "Australian Collection". U…$30$2420%
13281915 "The Valley of Death ANZAC" captioned photographic b&w postcard. Also known as Shrapnel Valley (or Shrapnel Gully), this was a well …$90$7220%
13311927 1½d Parliament House stamp reproduction struck in solid silver & plated in 24 carat gold. Ex Australia Post 1988 "Australian Collec…$30$2420%
13391932 5/- Sydney Harbour Bridge stamp reproduction struck in solid silver & plated in 24 carat gold. Ex Australia Post 1988 "Australian Co…$30$2420%
13711938 (26th Mar) "First Day Mascot Aerodrome Postmark after Relief Stamp" typed endorsement on E Crome prepared & addressed env with 1d QM…$30$2420%
13721938 2d scarlet KGVI coil pair with "uniformly large holes" as stated on RSVP Cert. (1995) Fine MUH. ACSC 188bh, Cat. $500$180$14420%
13751939 (7th Mar) "First days use of special postmark. Opening Post Office. 7th March 1939. R.A.A.F Station Richmond Aerodrome" typed & endo…$30$2420%
13901946 BCOF set of 7 to 5/- Robes on thick paper. All fresh MUH with good centring. SG J1/7, Cat. £220$120$9620%
14081959 3d blue-green QEII in left selvedge Plate No. 3 block of 4 with no dashes. MUH. ACSC 350za, Cat. $300 $80$6815%
14111960 5d Northern Territory Exploration top marginal horiz pair with vert perfs misplaced 3mm to left. MLH in selvedge only stamps MUH. AC…$80$6420%
14131963 5d Red Cross group of ACSC listed varieties incl "blue dot on edge of flame", "white spot on bowl" plus in sheet No. blocks of 6 inc…$50$4315%
14141963 5d green QEII in complete booklet pane uncut sheet of 288 complete with pip blocks & Plate "1" with dashes in top selvedge. Fresh MU…$380$32315%
14271854/59 5d dull green laureate, wmk double lined "5" with wide top & right margins, close at base & touching at left. F/U by light numera…$140$11220%
14391897 Diamond Jubilee/Consumptive Homes charity pair ovpt "Specimen" in red. MLH with typical gum cracks. SG 280s/81s, Cat. £300 (2) Diam…$140$11915%
14441860 2d blue imperf QV. Lightly used with indistinct cancel. A couple of small stains but 4 clear even margins. SG 2, Cat. £2000$360$28820%
14461869/78 4d yellow litho, perf. 12. MLH & well centred. SG 102, Cat. £1700$480$38420%
14481880 10/- reddish-brown litho with diagonal "SPECIMEN" handstamped in black. MLH. SG 125, Cat. £950 unoverprinted$100$8020%
14491879/81 4d orange-yellow with SG wmk 6 showing through to front right. MLH with usual uneven perfs. SG 141, Cat. £450$100$8020%
14601853/54 4d bright red-orange, no wmk from plate 1, first state. Fine used with light "59" barred numeral. BPA cert (1991) notes "repaired…$240$19220%
14721858 1/- vermilion imperf (touching at left) on piece tied by BN "52" & showing lozenge "Post Office Crown Launceston …Y19 1858" in red…$50$4020%
14791863/71 1d carmine, wmk double lined "1", perf 12 with design completely doubled. MNG & a spectacular unlisted variety. SG 70var.$60$4820%
14901850 3d brown-lilac with 3½ margins. Used with "butterfly" cancel in deep blue. Some light staining & fractionally cut into at lower lef…$100$8020%
15051979/80 Ships of the Antarctic set of 5 in base cancel sets of 4 x 12 sets plus singles in blocks of 4 also in base sets of 4. Total orig…$120$9620%
15061982 27c & 75c Mawson, 1983 Regional Wildlife & 1984 South Magnetic Pole all in complete unfolded sheets of 100. Fine MUH. SG 55/62. Tota…$180$14420%
15281963 (11th June) 3d to 2/3 set of 6 defins on WCS Illust FDC's with "First Issue Cocos (Keeling) Islands Stamps" cachets in mauve plus 19…$30$2420%
16151973 Interpex booklet from the Linn's the US printing of 1000, of which 500 were bought by a British dealer. Can be distinguished from th…$75$6020%
16221971 7c purple QEII top selvedge block of 30 with first vert row from selvedge blank with design moved one row right thus 10th impression…$300$25515%
16301971 Christmas panes of 25 x 4, blocks of 7 x 11 & a single set plus a pres pack & FDC. Useful for re-sale. SG 498a/ab, Retail $880+$180$14420%
16331973 1c Banded Coral Shrimp with partial missing black in wording. MUH pair. ACSC 635g, Cat. $40 but under-catalogued.$30$2615%
16391973 7c Sydney Opera House full sheet of 100 with 1.5mm shift of dark blue affecting top 16 top left stamps in both panes of 50 resulting…$500$42515%
16481975 45¢ Wildflower right marginal vertical strip of 5 with outer stamps normal while middle has dull yellow-green omitted while 4th par…$180$14420%
16521977 18c Silver Jubilee imperforate horiz pair & vert pair with strong blue & black offset. Both fine MUH. ACSC 765b & c, Cat. $450$120$10215%
16541978 18¢ Charles Ulm in yellow & orange-yellow shade plus normal for comparison. MUH. ACSC 793B, Cat. $150$50$4020%
16571978 18c NT Govt with 4mm perf shift up & 2mm left used plus 37c Aussie Kids with similar perf shift down by 3mm & also used. Latter simi…$30$2710%
16581979 20c National Parks left marginal totally imperforate horiz se-tenant pair. Only 10 such pairs recorded. Fresh MUH. ACSC 843ba, Cat. …$550$46815%
16591979 20c National Parks horiz strip of 4 with right pair imperforate at both top, bottom & sides incl between design & selvedge. ACSC 843…$680$57815%
16761994 85c Pelican horiz strip of 5 with a clear doubling of the deep mauve caused by a blank offset. Far more pronounced towards the left …$180$15315%
16841997 45c Roses Greetings S/A with massively misplaced upwards die cuts resulting in "AUSTRALIA" missing. Used on commercially cover with …$40$3220%
17012007 Architecture/Landmarks Imperforate part sheet comprising 4 individual M/S's. Incls limited edition no. "0070/2000" in silver in selv…$30$2615%
17452016 (12th April) "WWI Australians on the Western Front" boxed set of 5 Medallion covers with matching stamps tied by Frenches Forest, NS…$120$9620%
17692021 $2.20 Botanic Gardens, $4.40 RAAF Cent & $5.50 Frontline Heros M/S's all ovptd "Canberra Stampshow 2022 SUPPORTERS CLUB" in gold & n…$75$6020%
17702021 $22 "Frontline Heros" commem sheetlet in "prestige" Pres Pack incorporating a full-sized "Thank you" cloth face mask. Most unusual &…$30$2420%
18021949 2/6d KGVI black on fawn containing 12 x 2½d scarlet KGVI with 2 insert pages x 2. Exc cond. ACSC B55, cat. $75 each (2)$40$3220%
18031952/32 3/6d KGV in all 3 text types incl both "revised" versions with No. 3 having the waxed interleaving. Exc cond. ACSC B56A, B &Cv, C…$100$8020%
18811967 (29th Sept) 5c blue QEII x 3 on Parade "Revised First Class Mail Rates" map cover tied by Geelong cds plus 5c on 4c surcharge & 5c Q…$30$2420%
18831970 (13th Apr) 5c Grasslands horiz pair on AP cover tied by Bunbury 6230 FDI cds (RH stamp overhanging cover) & Excelsior illust covers …$40$3220%
18921984 00.00 Barred Edge for 5790 GPO Darwin postcode. Excess ink spots in margins. ACSC 1023Fbc, Cat $200$50$4020%
18991985 00.33 Kangaroo with no postcode from Milson Point machine showing with the "2.5mm void edge" variety. MUH. ACSC 122lb, Cat. $100$30$2420%
19031988 00.39 Possum with B70 Cliché in joined pair from Rockingham WA machine plus 39c, 55c & $1 vals in B45 Cliché joined strip from Bur…$40$3220%
19131999 00.00 Tiwi from postcode 2000 Sydney GPO machine. One of the scarcest "zeros". ACSC 2184A unlisted.$75$6020%
19141999 Tiwi for A43 (Bundaberg, Qld), A80 (Townsville, Qld) & A32 (Campbelltown NSW) Cliché machines. Fine MUH. Total Pfeffer Cat. $340 (3)$90$7220%
19152003 00.00 "Farewell" zeros with 2 labels showing both birds in the paper design for A32 cliché from Campbellton, NSW machine. Both MUH.…$60$4820%
19162003 00.00 "Farewell" zeros with 2 labels showing both Magpie & Kookaburra in each label respectively for A32 cliché from Bundaberg, Qld…$60$4820%
19182003 00.00 Farewell from the A32 Cliché in Campbellton, NSW. Light impression. MUH. Pfeffer Cat. $75$25$2020%
19982017 & 2019 "Happy Chinese New Year" for Rooster & Pig ovptd in gold foil & numbered 1766 & 1871 of 8888 respectively. Each with a Perth …$40$3220%
20452021 (16th Feb) AC/DC set of 3 album covers with matching 20c LP coins. All overprinted "ANDA Perth Money Expo 4-5 June 2022" with ANDA l…$150$12020%
20502021 (10th May) National Heritage Sets of 3 for Sydney Harbour Bridge, Queen Victoria Market & the Opera House with matching $1.10 stamps…$60$4820%
20522021 (31st July) "Lest We Forget" Air Force PNC with $1 commem coin & RAAF & Anzac commems tied by Perth bi-plane pictorial pmk in gold. …$90$7220%
20572022 (Feb, Apr & June) Year of the Tiger, Tamworth Music Festival & R.M. Williams PNC's all overprinted "ANDA Perth Money Expo 4-5 June 2…$150$12020%