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Lot Discounts

The following lots have been discounted by the vendor, and are available first-come first-served at the discounted price.

Please contact us to purchase a lot. Thank you.

Lot No Description Estimate Available Discount
1046d blackish-purple colour trial on ungummed, unwmkd paper with 4 good margins. Ironed out vert bend not frontally apparent. Fresh colour.$120$8430%
1061/- deep green colour trial on ungummed, swan wmkd paper with wmk sideways. Good to very close margins. Scarce & rarely seen.$350$24530%
1151854 1d black vertical pair with uneven close to just touching margins. Fine used with 2 void grid cancels, the lower partly smudged. SG …$280$19630%
1351854 1d black used with top & right margins, lower & left touching/cut into & section missing from left side (SG 1, Cat. £325), 1854 4d …$200$18010%
1451854 4d pale blue. Lightly used by 15 bar "20" with 4 clear to wide margins. SG 3, Cat. £200$150$10530%
1581854 4d blue fine used by void grid "14" in red. Small short corner top left otherwise clear to large margins. SG 3a, Cat. £250$140$9830%
1631854 4d blue swan with the "T" of "Postage" shaved off to a point at foot". Unused. SG 3ad, Cat. £2250$500$35030%
1661854 4d deep dull blue. Fine used with light Perth duplex. A superior used example. SG 3b, Cat. £850$350$24530%
1681854 4d deep dull blue. Unused mint with clear even margins. Fresh true colour. SG 3b, Cat. £2750$800$56030%
1741854 1/- salmon. Lightly used with void grid cancel. Slightly cut into "LI" of "Australia" at right with other 3 margins clear. A difficu…$1000$70030%
1771854 1/- deep red-brown cut into at left with just touching on other 3 margins. Good used with indistinct void grid cancel. Rich deep col…$220$15430%
1921855 1/- pale brown, 3 clear margins with the 4th just touching the base of the oval. Fine used with 15 bar "2" Perth cancel. SG 4c, Cat.…$140$9830%
2011855 1/- pale brown, 4 close to large margins clear of design. Unused without gum. SG 4c, Cat. £500$180$12630%
2021854 4d pale blue rouletted at top & left side. Fine used by strong barred numeral "3". Huge margins at right side & base. SG 5, Cat. £700$250$17530%
2041854 4d pale blue with rouletting at top & on both sides. Base cuts into design & has no trace of rouletting. Fine unused without gum. A …$1600$112030%
2091855 1/- pale brown rouletted top & left otherwise imperf, cut slightly into at right. Fine used with 15 bar "1" numeral of Perth. SG 6a,…$300$21030%
2111855 1/- pale brown with roulette or partial roulette on 4 sides. Light BN "8" & commissariat puncture. Rare. SG 6a, Cat. £1100$400$28030%
2271857 6d golden bronze. Four close to touching margins with small nick out of top frame otherwise. F/U with light grid cancel. SG 17, Cat.…$500$35030%
2281857 6d golden bronze, 4 margins just touching at right otherwise clear. Fine used with 15 bar "3" cancel. SG 17, Cat. £2500$600$42030%
2291857 6d golden bronze cut square just touching the edges. Fine used with void grid cancel. A difficult stamp. SG 17, Cat. £2500$600$42030%
2341857 6d black-bronze. Top & right margins clear of design, left margin just touching & base cut into. Good used with void grid cancel. Mi…$300$21030%
2361857 6d black-bronze with 4 clear even margins. Fine used with light void grid cancel. SG 18, Cat. £750$400$32020%
2391859 6d grey-black used with void grid cancel. Close to touching margins. SG 19, Cat. £550$150$10530%
2681861 6d sage-green. 3 clear margins & right shows adjoining stamp. F/U with light BN cancel. SG 28, Cat. £400$150$12020%
2691861 6d sage-green attractively used with full BN "20" crisp cancel. Close even margins. SG 28, Cat. £400$180$12630%
2781861 6d sage-green rouletted all 4 sides. Fine used with 15 bar "3" Perth cancel in blue ink. Light central surface thin on reverse refle…$150$10530%
2791860 6d sage-green rouletted top margin with others close to touching imperf. Fine used with neat 15 bar "2" numeral cancel. SG 32, Cat. …$200$14030%
2811860 6d sage-green rouletted. Lightly used with BN "3". An attractive & better than average example. SG 32, Cat. £750$350$24530%
2841861 1d rose, intermediate perf. 14-16, 1d rose perf. 14 & 1d rose-carmine, very rough perf. 14-16. All fine used. Latter with small thin…$50$3530%
2921861 2d blue. Unused without gum. SG 34, Cat. £250$80$5630%
3051861 1d rose. MH with part og & straight edge at right. SG 38, Cat. £375$100$7030%
3061861 1d rose with double line of perforations at left. Fine MLH. Variety not catalogued in SG. SG 38var.$600$42030%
3131861 4d vermilion. F/U with 15 bar 14 numeral cancel of York in blue ink. Minor oxidation. SG 40, Cat. £180 (sideways reversed wmk not l…$30$2420%
3211861 4d vermilion, perf. 14, Somerset House with double line of perfs at top. Fine unused without gum. SG 40var, not listed in SG.$500$35030%
3241861 2d blue. Two used examples, one with pre-entry of "Postage" variety. SG 41, Cat. £48 (2)$30$2130%
3251861 2d blue. MH with part patchy original gum. SG 41, Cat. £110$30$2130%
3261861 2d blue. Unused with gum traces. SG 41, Cat. £110$40$2830%
3521863/64 1d rose-carmine & 1d lake. MLH/MH. SG 44 & 50, Cat. £150 (2)$50$4020%
3561861 1/- deep green. Unused without gum. Separated from sheet with scissors with perf remnants visible at top & bottom. A rare stamp with…$1200$84030%
3801865 4d carmine. MH with patchy og. SG 56, Cat. £150$70$5620%
3841864/79 6d violet, indigo-violet, lilac & mauve shades. Good used with odd faults. SG 57, 58, 59 & 60 (4)$20$1620%
3901865 6d violet with sideways wmk. F/U SG 57b, Cat. £325$180$14420%
3951872 6d lilac. MVLH with tiny grease spot. SG 59, Cat. £300$75$6020%
4081865 1/- bright green. MH, stained perf top left for accuracy. SG 61, Cat. £275$120$8430%
4131865/68 1/- bright green MH & 1/- sage-green unused without gum. Usual irregular rough perfs. SG 61/62, Cat. £750 (2)$350$24530%
4421877 6d lilac. Unused. SG 75, Cat. £200$60$4820%
4541882 4d carmine. MVLH. SG 78, Cat. £190$75$6020%
4581882 4d carmine with wmk sideways reversed. Mint without gum. SG 78x, unpriced for mint in SG.$150$10530%
4741883 1d yellow-ochre. Fine used with bold 12 bar "2" cancellation of Perth. SG 81, Cat. £170$70$4930%
4751883 1d yellow-ochre. Used with BN "80". SG 81, Cat. £170$75$5330%
4801883 2d chrome-yellow. Fresh MUH with strong colour. SG 83, Cat. £170+$150$10530%
4811883 4d carmine, perf. 12 with 3 different wmk configurations incl sideways (SG 84), wmk sideways with crown to right of CA (SG 84w) & wm…$120$8430%
4831883 4d carmine. Used. SG 84, Cat. £60$20$1620%
4861882 4d carmine with re-entry varieties to both "Postage" & "Western Australia". MLH but small stain above hinge mark which has marking i…$500$35030%
5011884 ½d on 1d yellow-ochre, perf. 14 with "thick bar" & "thin bar" ovpts. Fine used pair. SG 89/89a, Cat. £200+ (2)$100$7030%
5031881 1d yellow-ochre, Crown/CA wmk, perf. 14 ovptd locally with "IR" & "POSTAGE" obliterated by 1 bar in green, Dzelme R1a & 1d yellow-oc…$70$5620%
5041885/93 2d bluish-grey & grey shades, perf 14. MLH/MVLH. SG 90 & 96a, Cat. £60 (2)$20$1620%
5081885 1d on 3d pale brown MH & 1d on 3d cinnamon unused without gum. Minor staining on reverse of pale brown. SG 91/91a, Cat. £175 (2)$40$2830%
5091885 1d on 3d pale brown with "slanting top". Mint no gum & used examples. SG 91, Cat. £125 (2)$40$2830%
5131885 1d on 3d pale brown unused without gum & 1d on 3d Cinnamon MH with short perfs lower right. Both with the "thin 1" variety. SG 92/92…$80$5630%
5161885 1d on 3d Cinnamon with "straight top". MH with wing margin. Light toning reflected in reserve. SG 92a, Cat. £180$30$2130%
5231882/93 ½d green (MH crease), 5d bistre in 2 shades (MH & no gum), 6d violet (MUH), 1/- green (MH) & 1/- olive green (MUH, toned gum). A…$250$17530%
5261890 1d carmine with wmk sideways & Crown to right of CA types. Both used. SG 95/a, Cat. £70 (2)$30$2130%
5271885/93 4d carmine, Crown CA Wmk (Sideways), perf 14. Block of 4 with right selvedge. MUH, light crease affecting top 2 stamps. SG 95, Ca…$50$4020%
5291890 1/- pale olive-green in lower right selvedge plate block No. 1. Stamps MUH with selvedge hinged & partially thinned where hinge was …$100$7030%
5301885 1/- olive-green block of 4 with each stamp MLH/MH & light overall gum toning. SG 102$80$5630%
5391893 1d on 3d pale brown, 3d Cinnamon & 3d pale brown shades as per SG catalogue. MUH/MLH. SG 107/09, Cat. £115+ (3)$70$4930%
5401893 1d on 3d as above but all MLH. SG 107/09, Cat. £115 $50$3530%
5471893 1d on 3d pale brown, Crown CA wmk. MUH block of 4 with light even gum toning. SG 109, Cat. £340$120$8430%
5631898/1907 1d-1/- W Cr A wmk set of 5. 6d & 1/- MVLH, others MUH. SG 112/116, Cat. £170 (5)$150$10530%
5671898 1d carmine with inverted wmk. Fine used by part Fremantle MY 9 08 cds. SG 112w, Cat. £140$90$6330%
5681898 1d carmine with inverted wmk Fine used with part 1908 corner cds. SG 112w, Cat. £140$100$7030%
5711899 2d bright yellow with inverted wmk. Fine used with partial Kookynie cds. Diagonal crease not apparent from front. SG 113w, Cat. £150$30$2130%
5721899 2d bright yellow with inverted wmk. F/U with Goldfields TPO cancel. SG 113w, Cat. £150$60$4820%
5731898 2d bright yellow with inverted wmk. Fine used with partial Beverley cds. SG 113w, Cat. £150$90$6330%
5771901 2½d blue block of 4. Used with 1904 Perth cds's. Faults but useful multiple. SG 114 $20$1430%
5811907 1/- olive-green with inverted wmk. Fine used. SG 116w, Cat. £200$140$9830%
5821907 1/- olive-green with inverted wmk. Fine used with part 1910 cds. SG 116w, Cat. £200$140$9830%
5851902/11 1d-2/6 deep blue/rose with extra 1d pair. 2d in horiz pair with top selvedge plus additional 4d (MUH) & 8d also MUH. Fresh MUH/ML…$200$14030%
6021903 9d yellow-orange with sideways V/crown wmk. F/U. SG 122, Cat. £38$20$1620%
6041903 9d yellow-orange with sideways V/crown wmk. MLH. SG 122, Cat. £55$30$2420%
6091903 9d yellow-orange with upright wmk. Fine MLH. SG 122a, Cat. £120$60$4230%
6131902/11 2/- red/yellow, perf. 12 or 12x12½ or 12½x12. Eight good to fine used examples which display the range of shades incl vermilion…$350$24530%
6161902 2/- bright red/yellow with upright inverted wmk. MVLH. SG 124, Cat. £85$50$3530%
6211906 2/- orange/yellow. Lightly used. SG 124b, (ACSC 59c)$20$1430%
6251911 2/- brown-red/yellow. Fine MUH. ACSC 59d, SG 124c, Cat. £45+$50$3530%
6261911 2/- brown-red/yellow. MLH. SG 124c, Cat. £45$30$2130%
6271911 2/- vermilion/yellow. Neat Perth parcel cancel. ACSC states only 36000 were printed. Cat. $100 $30$2420%
6281911 2/- vermilion/yellow. Fine used with neat part Perth Parcel Post cancel. Printed in 1911 this is the scarcest of the 2/- printings (…$60$4230%
6291911 2/- brown/yellow, MLH. ACSC W59d, Cat. $250$100$7030%
6341902 5/- emerald-green Die I fine used with Kookynie 3b cancel & Die II with light oval Perth registered cancel. Two extremely fine examp…$80$5630%
6541910 10/- bright purple. MH with even gum toning. Centred top right. True bright colour. SG 127a, Cat. £950$320$22430%
6861902/11 2d yellows with upright & upright & inverted V/crown wmks. Both stamps F/U. ACSC (2004) w17b & w17baa, Cat. $250 ea (2)$100$8020%
6941902 2d yellow with upright inverted wmk. Fine used with Leonora AU 20 04 cds. ACSC notes page 1/336 "only a small number of used example…$380$26630%
6951905 2d yellow with upright inverted V/crown wmk. F/U with neat Lennonville 3b cds 15 Sep 1904. Lovely fresh example. ACSC states (W18baa…$380$30420%
6981902 4d chestnut. Fine used with neat machine cancel. A short perf lower left for accuracy. See above for rarity statement. SG 131, Cat. …$350$24530%
7061902 9d yellow-orange marginal pair. MVLH, even toning reflected in reserve. SG 133, Cat. £360$100$7030%
7091902 2/- bright red/yellow. Used with central upright "R" cancel. SG 134, Cat. £180$50$3530%
7131902 2/- bright red/yellow. Mint without gum, centred left. SG 134, Cat. £300$100$7030%
7161902 2/- bright red/yellow. Fresh MLH. SG 134, Cat. £300$180$12630%
7171902 2/- bright red/yellow. MH with almost full og. Very fine. SG 134, Cat. £300$160$12820%
7281905/12 1d rose-pink pair with crown/A wmk & part double perfs at top. F/U. SG 139, ACSC (2004) w12bb, Cat. $150$40$3220%
7291909 1d carmine, Crown/A with double perfs at left. Fine used by clear upright Kalgoorlie 5 DE 11 cds. ACSC W12bb, SG 139b$40$2830%
7321905 2d yellow, Crown over double lined A sideways wmk, perf. 12½. Attractive block of 80 in 10 rows of 8 across with selvedge at left. …$700$49030%
7331905 2d yellow. 2 used examples showing part double perfs. SG 140, ACSC W22ba, Cat. $150ea (2)$60$4230%
7371910 2d yellow with Crown/double lined A upright inverted wmk. Cancelled by Worsley 3b in 1 10 August 1910 "smudgy" postmark. The previou…$300$24020%
7411906 3d brown in horiz pair with current number "52" in right selvedge. MUH SG 141var. $90$6330%
7501910 4d bright brown-red in lower selvedge block of 8. MUH, couple of toned perfs otherwise fine with rich colour. SG 142b, Cat. £200+$100$7030%
7511910 4d bright brown-red in MUH top right selvedge block of 15. Fresh & bright. SG 142b, Cat. £390$400$28030%
7521910 4d bright brown-red with double perfs at base. MLH. Not listed in ACSC or by Juhl.$180$12630%
7541905 5d pale olive-bistre upper pane lower right selvedge block of 4. Fine & fresh MUH. SG 143, Cat. £150 + premium for MUH.$180$12630%
7551912 5d pale greenish yellow. Used block of 4 with 4 indistinct cds's, slightly smudged but a scarce used multiple. SG 143b, Cat. £440$120$8430%
7581912 5d pale greenish yellow in Plate 1 lower left selvedge pair. MUH with light gum creasing. Fresh colour & scarce with plate number. S…$120$8430%
7591912 5d pale greenish yellow block of 4. Fine MUH. SG 143b, Cat. £240 + premium for MUH.$220$15430%
7601912 5d pale greenish yellow, Crown over double lined A wmk, perf 12½. Complete half sheet of 60 with selvedge top & sides. Plate 1 prom…$7000$490030%
7621905/12 8d apple-green, Crown & A sideways wmk, perf 12⅟₂ block of 4 with left selvedge. MUH, minute gum scuff for accuracy. SG 144, …$30$2420%
7641912 8d apple-green block of 4. 3 MUH, 1 MLH. SG 144, Cat. £23 x 4 + MUH premium$80$5630%
7651912 8d apple-green. An attractive MUH block of 9 with good colour & well centred. SG 144, Cat. £200++$150$10530%
7661912 8d apple-green left hand selvedge block of 30 with 6 rows of 5 stamps - quarter of sheet. Fresh MUH, centring varies from very well …$450$31530%
7681906 9d orange-yellow with Crown/A wmk sideways wmk (SG 145) & 9d with sideways reversed wmk CTO with full gum. The latter listed as W50A…$380$30420%
7741910 10d rose-orange in bottom right hand selvedge block of 6 with 3 rows x 2. MUH with some light gum creasing. Useful multiple. SG 146,…$100$7030%
7751910 10d rose-orange block of 4. Fresh MUH with rich colour. SG 146, Cat. £96 + MUH premium$120$8430%
7851905/12 1d (2), 2d, 3d (normal & perfined "OS"), 5d in both shades & 9d orange & red-orange shades, perf. 11. All fine used with cds canc…$150$10530%
7881908 1d rose-pink in lower left corner block of 4. MUH with selvedge annotations incl "Perf 11" in h/s's plus one on gumside of one stamp…$100$7030%
7891905/12 1d carmine-red , 2d yellow, 3d brown & 5d olive green, sideways Crown & A Wmk (1d is upright), perf 11. MUH/MLH (1d has aged gum)…$60$4820%
7901905 1d carmine-red block of 4. MUH/MLH. SG 151a, Cat. £240$120$8430%
7911905/12 1d carmine-red with upright wmk. Gum aged MUH. SG 151b, Cat. £90$20$1620%
7921906 1d carmine-red block of 4 with upright wmk. MLH. SG 151b, Cat. £360$200$14030%
7931906 1d carmine-red block of 4 with upright wmk. MUH SG 151b, Cat. £360 + MUH premium.$200$14030%
7941905 2d yellow x 120. This appears to be a complete sheet quartered into 4 blocks of 30 with selvedge on 2 sides. Minor hingeing evidence…$3000$210030%
7951905 3d brown, perf. 11 block of 4. MUH/MLH with selvedge at right. SG 153, Cat. £96+$50$3530%
7981905 5d pale olive-bistre block of 4. MUH with selvedge at right. SG 155, Cat. £240+ MUH premium$180$12630%
8001905 5d olive-green block of 4. MUH, some light tone spotting. SG 155a, Cat. £152+$80$5630%
8041905 9d red-orange. Fine used with corner part Narrogin cds. SG 157a, Cat. £200$100$7030%
8071912 9d orange with upright wmk. Fine used by Bunbury 1 AP 13 cds. Centred low, short perf lower right corner but scarce. The ACSC W52D n…$480$33630%
8081905/12 1d (2), 2d, 3d (normal & perfined "OS"), 5d in both shades & 9d orange. Foxing affecting majority but not frontally apparent. Tot…$50$3530%
8101905 1d rose-pink, Crown over double-lined A upright wmk with compound perf. 12½ at both sides & perf. 11 top & bottom. Fine unused with…$600$42030%
8111905 1d rose-pink, Crown over double-lined A wmk with compound perf. 12½ at top & bottom with perf. 11 each side. Fine used & offered "a…$400$28030%
8131905 3d brown, Crown over double-lined A wmk with compound perf. 12½ top & both sides & perf. 11 at base. Fine used. SG 163, Cat. £1500…$1800$126030%
8181912 1/- sage-green block of 4. Used with PP Perth cds & ink lines. Some toned perfs. SG 169, Cat. £190$50$3530%
8201912 3d brown, perf. 12½ used. Short perf at right & tone spot for accuracy. SG 170, Cat. £75$30$2130%
8281912 "ONE PENNY" surcharge on 2d yellow, Crown over double lined A wmk. Complete sheet of 120 with selvedge all round. The whole sheet wa…$1500$105030%
8291912 "ONE PENNY" surcharge on 2d yellow x 120. As per the SG 152 lot, this too appears to be a sheet of 120 split into 4 blocks of 30 com…$500$35030%
8491865 1/- bright green, upright Crown/CC wmk, perf 12½ with type 1 "SPECIMEN" h/s produced for UPU distribution. MLH with full gum & char…$150$10530%
8661882 3d pale brown with full gum. SG 86$40$3220%
8671885 2½d blue. MH gum. SG 97$40$3220%
8681893 6d violet with gum. SG 100$40$3220%
8691888 2d grey with MVLH gum. SG 104$40$3220%
8751898/1907 1d carmine, W Crown A wmk, perf. 14 F/U with part duplex cancel & 2d bright yellow with neat SP 5 03 Broome ETO cancel. A usefu…$250$17530%
8801902/17 5d bistre, V/Crown wmk. Note in ACSC, page 1/347 states "The first archival record of the supply of OS purchases is of 60,000 sta…$180$12630%
8831912 3d dull orange-brown with Crown over double lined A wmk on thin paper. Fine used with characteristic rough perfs. ACSC W31Ab, Cat. $…$250$17530%
8861902 10/- deep mauve perfined "OS". F/U. SG 127$50$3530%
8901905 1d rose-red with upright wmk perfined "OS" top left corner block of 15. Superb MUH, slight perf separation between 2 stamps lower ri…$450$31530%
8921912 3d deep orange-brown, sideways Crown over double lined A wmk on thin paper & perfined "OS". Fine used with characteristically rough …$100$7030%
8951905 4d yellow-brown, perf. 11, perfined "OS". Used, 5 short perfs. SG 154 ACSC W37Ab (2204), Cat. $400$180$12630%
8981905 4d yellow-brown, perf. 11, perfined "OS". MH with slight crystalised gum. SG 154, ACSC note 1 page 1/345, "perhaps as many as ten mi…$350$24530%
9081905 5d bistre perfined "OS". Fine used, top left corner perf missing. SG 120OS, ACSC W39b, Cat. $300 , this is twice the price of regula…$80$5630%
9121902 10/- deep mauve perfined "OS". MH toned along top edge. ACSC W65Ab, Cat. $400 (2004)$80$5630%
9161905 9d orange, perf. 11 perfined "OS". Lightly used with dumb obliterator. SG 157, ACSC W52A, Cat. $200$80$5630%
9171905 9d orange, perf. 11 perfined "OS". Fine used with neat 1906 Fremantle cds. SG 157, ACSC W52A, Cat. $200 (2004)$120$8430%
9241902/11 1d carmine-rose in 2 shades (SG 117), 2d yellow with upright wmk (SG 118, 118a), 9d yellow orange in 2 shades with one having a s…$150$10530%
9251903 4d chestnut, double lined V/Crown wmk, perf. 12½ block of 4 with evenly located "WA" perfins. Fine used with indistinct cds's. Unus…$100$7030%
9261903 9d yellow-orange with double lined V/Crown upright inverted wmk block of 4 with "WA" perfins centrally located in 2 positions. The t…$200$14030%
9421872/78 Internal Revenue 1d ochre, wmk Crown CC, perf. 12½ & perf. 14 overprinted "IR" & "POSTAGE" obliterated in green group incl perf.…$150$10530%
9441881 "IR" ovpts on 1d ochre with Crown/CC wmk, perf. 12½. showing 2 green bars obliterating "POSTAGE" with "IR" below. Fiscally used & c…$100$7030%
9681869 (31st Mar) Proving cover for 15 bar "8" numeral cancel. 6d violet tied by numeral obliterator with Fremantle cds alongside. Addresse…$180$12630%
9691869 (25th July) Proving cover tying 15 bar "17" with Australind cds. Addressed to Dardanup with Bunbury transit cds also on front. Neat …$400$36010%
9701870 (26th Nov) Proving cover tying 15 bar "6" numeral obliterator to Albany cds. Addressed to Dardanup with Bunbury transit for NO 23 18…$300$27010%
9741893 (14th Jan) Gingin to Guildford cover with 2d swan tied by Gingin duplex DxL-2. Guildford duplex DxL 2-b arrival b/s. Odd light tone …$60$4230%
9811901 (4th Feb) cover from Guildford to USA with ½d green & 1d red swans pair tied by Guildford duplex DxPO index E. B/s's incl "Ship Mai…$60$4230%
9821901 (31st July) Paquebot proving cover for 11 bar "F" letter obliterator with neighbouring Fremantle cds 3b-f in 6. This cover Fremantle…$500$45010%
9831902 (13th Sept) Cover addressed to Bloomfield, New Jersey, USA with 2½d blue swan (SG 114) tied by Beaconsfield 3b-b index 3 (rated rar…$150$13510%
9861904 (2nd Nov) Fremantle to Hobart "Frank Cadd & Co, Ltd Fremantle" env with logo on flap. 1d red & 2d yellow swans tied by Fremantle dup…$50$3530%
9911905 (7th Jul) Registered Albany to England cover with 5d olive swan tied by "R" h/s with neighbouring "Registered Letter Branch Post Off…$80$5630%
9961905 (18th Sept) "Holy Trinity Church Stratford-on-Avon" Tuck postcard with 1d swan tied by Fremantle duplex DxpO-d in 11 (1-2). Good cond.$20$1620%
9991906 (7th May) Kalgoorlie Municipal Council illust env undelivered env with 1d red swan tied by Kalgoorlie duplex DxPO-h index 1. This is…$50$3530%
10001910 (30th July) Registered & Unclaimed Office of Titles "On His Majesty's Service" env to Cue. 5d bistre swan perfined "OS" on V/crown p…$450$31530%
10011910 (11th August) Registered, Unclaimed & returned Office of Titles "On His Majesty's Service" env to Kalgoorlie. 5d bistre swan perfine…$600$42030%
10021910 (24th Dec) "For Auld Lang Syne" greetings postcard with 1d swan tied by Perth machine cancel. Neat, crisp Carnarvon 3-b arrival. Goo…$20$1620%
10031911 (13th Jan) "Mis Ola Humphrey as Marguerite Blakely in the Scarlet Pimpernal" b&w theatrical postcard from Kanowna with Kanowna cds D…$20$1430%
10081912 (15th April) Registered RTS "His Majesty's Service" Titles Office env addressed to Dangin with 2d yellow swans perfined "OS" & tied …$40$2830%
10131916 (5th Feb) "On His Majesty's Service" Registered but undelivered Land Titles Office cover to Dowerin with original caveat still enclo…$120$8430%
10301942 (25th Nov) Registered 2½d red KGVI embossed envelope with added 3d KGVI defin for the registration from Bunbury to Maylands. The mo…$60$4230%
10331948 (23rd Oct) Registered Commonwealth Savings Bank of Australia cover from Caversham with provisional regd label in m/s. Addressed to F…$20$1430%
10371952 (19th Mar) 1/0½d indigo KGVI & 2/6d sepia "One Pound Jimmy" FDC tied by fine, upright Kalgoorlie cds on regular sized env. Most att…$20$1430%
10421955 (28th Feb) 1/0½d QEII embossed Registered Letter upgraded with 2½d blue QEII defin from Albany North to Victoria. Tied by Albany N…$30$2130%
10431955 (13th Apr) Registered cover Provisional reg label for "INNALOO" completed in m/s addressed to Perth. Innaloo was renamed West Osborn…$25$1830%
10541908 2d chrome-yellow. Fine used from Cue to Fremantle dated FEB 1919 - very late usage. Hinged remnants on reverse. Perth slogan cancel …$250$17530%
10581912 "ONE PENNY." surcharge in blue-green ink on 2d Envelope (EN 3). Postally used with by Day Dawn 31 OC 1912 cds. Addressed to Fremantl…$200$14030%
10591912 1d deep carmine, small Die. Fine postally used from Cue with neat upright 17 JAN 13 cds with full neighbouring impression above type…$350$24530%
10621902 2d brown-red with text on back. Fine unused, a little adhesion on gum flap. LC 2, Cat. $400$160$11230%
10631908 2d ultramarine without text on back. Cancelled Perth, 10.15AM 5 SE 11 with large oval "Postmaster General's Dept Commonwealth of Aus…$120$8430%
10651912 "ONE PENNY" surcharge in red on 2d. Fine used from Perth with machine cancel dated 3 MAR 13 & addressed to Adelaide. Number delivere…$120$8430%
10701909 1d Paris blue (PC 17) printed to private order for the National Bank Of Australasia Limited acknowledging receipt of deposit. V/F/us…$250$17530%
10711909 1d Paris blue (PC 17) unused, only 5150 delivered. Superb unused, very scarce. Cat. $400$250$17530%
10721910 1d steel blue (PC 17.1) printed to private order for Messrs Burns, Philp & Co Ltd, Fremantle (1910). Used by clients to notify the n…$300$21030%
10731910 1d steel blue (PC 17.1). Only 4896 delivered. Unused with some tone spots & staining both sides. Remains an elusive card. Cat. $400$100$7030%
10761912 1½d blue on green stock (PC 19). 4000 delivered. Fine unused & rarely seen so fine. Cat. $800$380$26630%
10771912 1½d blue on green stock postcard UPU issue postmarked Perth 29 Mr 1912, very fine. Cat. $150$100$7030%
10781903 3d red-brown stamp & text. CTO Perth 5 MR 1914. Ex 1987 Australia Post archival sale. Fine. RE 2, Cat. $200$120$8430%
10811903 8d stamp & text in brown RE 2.1 (1). One unused (toning) plus a CTO Perth 5 MR 1914 example. Ex 1987 Australia Post archival sale. R…$300$21030%
10821906 3d stamp & text in brown. Cancelled to order Perth 5 MR 14. Fine. RE 4, Cat. $400$220$15430%
10871902 1d red with double line border. Used from Fremantle to Germany with neat Fremantle Town Hall 3b cds's. Fine & scarce. WR2, Cat. $400$250$17530%
10881902 1d red with double lined border. Fine unused with a few horiz light creases. WR2, Cat. $250$75$5330%
10891903 ½d green with single lined border. Fine unused, usual light creases. WR3, Cat. $300$150$10530%
10901903 ½d green with single lined border uprated by ½d green swan. Used from Claremont to Edinburgh, Scotland. Tied by SP 3 06 cds's. Goo…$160$11230%
10941910 ½d green (130-134mm x 285-295mm) on pale buff paper with guillotined sides. Fine unused. WR5.1, Cat. $500$300$21030%
10961910 1d red (130-134mm x 285-295mm), no line border, on brown paper with guillotined sides. Diagonal corner crease top left & 10mm paper …$250$17530%
1105Albany Registered Letter Branch ORS2b. Two almost complete strikes in violet on block of 6 x 6d violet swans, crown/CA wmk for 24 SEP 189…$100$7030%
1115Arthur River Telegraph Office ORS 2. 70% strike on 1d red swans pair dated 3 APR 08. (1)$60$4230%
1117Arthur River Telegraph Office ORS 2b on 2d swan. 50% strike in violet for 28 Dec (…). Scarce. (1)$30$2420%
1132Barton 3b on 2d yellow swan for 2 DE (?). Almost complete but variable cancel. Scarce.$20$1620%
1163Brookhampton B27 complete variable strike on 1d red KGV on piece dated 28 NO 14. This is ten years earlier than PMI dates 13-11-24 to ?-0…$70$4930%
1164Brownhill 3b 5 examples with different indices incl NIL for AU 21 12, "1" dated 13 MR 03, "2" dated DE 28 05, "3" for AU 10 00 & "4" date…$120$8430%
1166Brunswick Nil, 1, 2 & 3 indices in 3b strikes with Nil on pair, 1 on swan on piece, 2 on pair & 3 on 1d red swan. Each is rated scarce to…$60$4230%
1187Collie Savings Bank Sbii 80% strike dated MY 18 01 on 2d yellow swan. Attractive. (1-2)$20$1620%
1188Cookernup duplex DxPO index 1 on ½d green swans block of 4 dated 28 MR 01. Neat example. (1)$50$3530%
1203Day Dawn 3b-q complete strike & two part strikes on 2 x 2d yellow swans with W crown A wmk on piece dated "21 JAN 2". (1-2)$30$2420%
1205Denmark 3b Index 19 on 1½d KGV for 21 MR 30. Lovely bullseye strike. (1)$25$2020%
1208Dongara 3b Index A on 2d yellow swan on piece dated OC 19 3. Bold bullseye strike.$20$1620%
1209Doodlakine Post Office 80% seal on 2d yellow swan with PMI dating this at c1905. Rare postal use.$80$5630%
1211Dudinin B27 on 2d orange KGV. Very early date for 1 DD 21. PMI dates 1-09-24 to 18-08-80. A superb early example of a somewhat common str…$20$1620%
1224Fremantle Post Master ORS3 on 3d Sydney Harbour Bridge on piece with left margin in violet. Not recorded in either PMI or PMC. Page 268 P…$100$7030%
1227Fremantle Unpaid Boxed "UNPAID 11/11/52 FREMANTLE" PA UPd 2 with date in m/s. PMI dates this strike from 28-03-44 to 10-06-50. A scarce p…$50$3530%
1228Gabanintha A25 on 2d yellow swan for 4 NOV 08. Scarce. (1-2)$20$1620%
1230Geraldton Registered boxed rubber stamp RRS.1 on piece for 14 OCT. 98 with "D" in "Geraldton" missing. PMI dates this from 11-10-98 to 6-…$50$3530%
1237Goomalling 3b. Superb bullseye strike on "ONE PENNY" on 2d yellow surcharge postal stationery cut-out for AP 17 13. A scarce combination.$25$2020%
1244Group 116 Clear full strike on piece from PO N007 form. Dated 27 DE 40. PMI dates from 22-10-30 to 27-12-40. A rare complete strike.$80$5630%
1254Group 88 A27 Two part strikes on 1½d red KGV for JE 3 39. PMI dates are ?-??-27 to closing on 30-09-29. This date is 10 years later! (1)$80$5630%
1258Group 97 C28 Two poor part strikes on 1½d red KGV but "97" is clear. PMI states "no marking known". Closed 1-11-30. Scarce. (1)$80$5630%
1261Gullewa A26 on 2d yellow swan dated 20 DEC 09. An almost bullseye strike. (1-2)$20$1620%
1271Highbury 3b on 2d yellow swan for JU 21 08. A quality strike. (1-2)$20$1620%
1278Israelite Bay 3b. Bullseye strike on 1d red swan on Albany colour postcard. Dated AP 12 07. Attractive.$30$2420%
1287Kalgoorlie DxPO-f duplex index 11 on 1d swans pair on part of masthead for Kalgoorlie newspaper. Dated MR 6 05. Not listed in PMI.$50$3530%
1293Kalgoorlie Postmaster ORS type 1 on piece dated 16 SEP 1976 plus ORS3 on piece not listed in either PMI or PMC dated 20 Jun 1910. Fine.$60$4230%
1310Mt Magnet 3b-b Two variable strikes on 1d red swan pair dated piece MY 19 00. (1)$25$2020%
1311Mt Malcolm duplex DxPO in 1 on 2d yellow swans pair. 80% strike for SP 6 ?. Nice part strike.$20$1620%
1312Mt Sir Samuel 3b Lovely crisp 90% strike on 2d yellow swan for SP 1 03. Stunning. (1)$25$2020%
1314Mulline 3b Two 70% strikes on 2d yellow swans pair for 14 SP 9. (1-2)$20$1620%
1315Mulline B29 on "ONE PENNY" surcharge on 2d yellow swan. Variable strike dated 9 NO 12. Not often seen on swans.$20$1620%
1323Northam duplex DxPO index NIL on 1d red swans pair dated MR 30 1905. An almost complete bold duplex cancel. (1)$25$2020%
1327Peak Hill 3b-b Attractive bullseye strike on 2d yellow swan for 09 SP 6 (year at top). Scarce.$30$2420%
1329Perth 11 bar "P" obliterator BL-P on 1d carmine swan. Bold strike.$20$1620%
1330Perth 15 bar 12 obliterator Ob 15-2 in blue ink on 1861 1d rose, perf 14. (SG 38, Cat. £65)$25$2020%
1337South Perth 3b An almost complete strike on 1d red swan for AU 24 03. Attractive.$20$1620%
1347Victoria Park 3b Nil index on 1d red swan on piece dated JY 25 07. (1-2)$20$1620%
1351West Northam 3b Two complete strikes on 1d red swans pair on piece for AU 25 08. (1-2)$20$1620%
1352Wiluna 3b Two crisp complete strikes on 1d red swans pair dated AP 21 05. (1-2)$20$1620%
1355"OFFICIAL RECEIVER IN BANKRUPTCY" Karman No.135.1 & "ELECTORAL" Karman No.W180.1. Both complete strikes on piece. (2)$40$3220%
1358"Albany WA Natural Bridge Caves" T Todd Bookseller etc, Albany WA sepia & white c1910. Fine unused.$40$3220%
1359"Albany, W.A. Post Office & Queen's Park" b&w by M Gluckstadt & Munden Hamburg. Fine unused.$40$3220%
1360"Albany, W.A. St. Johns Church" Thos Todd Albany b&w card postally used from Albany to Ireland. Neat JU 18 1906 duplex cancel. VG cond.$40$3220%
1363"City of Perth, from King's Park" b&w undivided back Austral Stores. Postally used with York DxL2-a in 3 (1)dated 2 Sep 1905 to Fremantle…$25$2020%
1366"Hannan St, Kalgoorlie" Western Mail b&w unused in good cond, some light staining not detracting from street scene with tram.$30$2420%
1368"High Street, Fremantle WA" b&w & light blue Austral Stores undivided back. Very fine unused.$30$2420%
1370"In Government Gardens, Perth, WA" b&w & light blue undivided back Austral Stores. Fine unused.$25$2020%
1372"King River, Albany, W.A." b&w with thin white frame & title in black. Publisher unknown. Message on back but not postally used.$40$3220%
1375"Middleton Beach, Albany WA" with title in red. Osboldstone & Co b&w. Fine unused.$40$3220%
1376"Narrogin, W.A." colour Falk unused card. A few light stains. One of the scarcer Falk cards.$30$2710%
1384"Post Office, Albany, W.A." colour with title in red. From unknown Australian publisher. "No.7" pencilled on back? Unused in VG cond.$30$2420%
1387"Queen's Park & Post Office, Albany WA" with title in red. T Todd Bookseller etc, York St, Albany, WA colour c1910. Fine unused.$40$3220%
1388"Queen's Park & Post Office, Albany" with title in red. Osboldstone & Co b&w. Fine unused.$30$2420%
1392"Rockery, Lower Terrace King's Park, Perth WA" b&w & light blue Austral Stores undivided back. "Mrs Flori" written on back in ink otherwi…$25$2020%
1393"Serpentine Falls, Darling Range, WA" b&w & light blue Austral Stores undivided back. Fine unused.$25$2020%
1394"St John's Church Albany WA" Todd's Book Arcade, Albany WA b&w postally used card addressed to Victoria with 1d red swan tied by light Pe…$50$4020%
1395"Stirling Terrace Albany WA" with title in white. Same scene as above but "T. Todd's Bookseller & Stationer, York St Albany WA" publisher…$25$2020%
1397"Stirling Terrace, Albany, W.A." b&w with this white frame & title in black. Publisher unknown. Unused.$40$3220%
1398"Stirling Terrace, Albany, W.A." sepia card with title in white. Great Britain unknown publisher Fine unused$40$3220%
1402"Tea Rooms, King's Park, Perth" Austral Stores b&w postally used with Bunbury duplex cancel DxL2 in 4 (2-3) dated 19 JY 1905. Fremantle 3…$25$2020%
1403"Terrace & Post Office Albany" Todd's Book Arcade, Albany WA b&w. "26.6.11" pencil message on back.$30$2420%
1404"Terrace & Post Office, Albany WA" in same format as Todd's Book Arcade Albany b&w with ornate frame but without publisher details. Fine …$50$4020%
1405"Terraces & Post Office, Albany, W.A." Todd's Book Arcade, Albany b&w as above. c1910 fine unused.$50$4020%
1407"Town Hall, Albany WA" published by "O" in 6 pointed star logo. Colour with title in red. Postally used to Midland Junction with neat Alb…$30$2420%
1410"View in Queen's Gardens, Perth, WA" b&w & light blue (Austral Stores) undivided back. Fine unused.$25$2020%
1411"Wild Arum Lilies, Albany, W.A." colour card with title in red. Unknown Australian publisher. Pencil message on back but not postally use…$30$2420%