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Lot Discounts

The following lots have been discounted by the vendor, and are available first-come first-served at the discounted price.

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Lot No Description Estimate Available Discount
91937 Crown aUnc$75$6020%
41India 1889 ¼ rupee. EF$50$4020%
46New Zealand 1977 to 1990 & 1992 Unc sets of 7 in wallets. (15 items)$100$8020%
48New Zealand 1990 commem set of 6 with $1 kiwi & 50c Endeavour & last $1 & $2 banknotes & first coin pair also in pres pack. Also 1992 $5 …$50$4020%
6798AD-117AD Trajan Denarius. VF$75$6020%
771941 £5 KGVI Armitage & McFarlane Note R75 762387. aUnc but small ink mark at top. Renniks 46, Cat. $1500+$850$76510%
156A "balance of consignment" lot noting a few Kalamunda Stamp Club special commem covers, 1945 Airmail cover Germany-Perth WA with Mecklenb…$75$6020%
246Cook Islands 1863-1946 mainly fine used collection written up on album leaves. Queen Makea & Torea types sorted by perf, 1902/09 perf. 11…$750$60020%
248Cook Islands 1893-1967 MLH & used range in stockbook with a good range of Torea & Queen Makea Takau MLH/used with various perfs & wmks in…$280$22420%
258Fiji 1871/77 "C.R." & "V.R." ovpts on "C.R." values. MLH & used group on stockcard comprising 1d & 3d with perf faults, 1872 2¢ fine min…$200$16020%
262France 1847-1920 varied group of covers (11) & PPC plus Belgium 1854 & 1864 covers bearing 10¢ x 2 imperf on each. Noted 1904 mourning c…$100$8020%
288Germany - Berlin 1949-1961 MLH group on 2 Hagners incl 1949 black ovpts to 5DM, 1mk on 3mk, 20pf ERP (MUH), Lortzing, 1951 Stamp Duty & 1…$120$10810%
296Germany - West 1951-1956 MUH group on 2 Hagners comprising 1951 Rontgen, 1952 Luther, Madonna, Shurz 1953 Science Museum, Liebig, 1954 Ce…$300$27010%
297Germany - West 1951-1972 range of MLH (odd bend) on 2 Hagners. Incls 1951 NBA x 2, Posthorns 6pf, 8pf & 50pf to 90pf, 1954/68 Heuss 50pf …$250$22510%
298Germany - West 1981-1989 German PO Year Albums complete for commems on info pages with illustration of postmark used for FDC's. Stamps al…$90$7220%
339Great Britain 1924-1970 MUH, MLH & used written up in large album. Commems incl 1924/25 BEE MLH, 1963-1965 phosphor blocks of Cable, 1/3d…$250$20020%
341Great Britain 1926-2002 MUH, MLH & used in Devon album. Largely commercially used commems with odd better defin incl 1939/48 set to £1 &…$140$11220%
342Great Britain 1936-1970 KEVIII to QEII end of pre-decimal MUH/MLH & good to F/U range presented on album leaves. Incls 1937/47 to 1/- KGV…$75$6020%
362Great Britain 1997-2000 range of pres packs incl 1999 "Timekeeper" M/S, QM 100th M/S & 19 x Millennium sets. Exc cond. Total SG cat. £12…$75$6020%
373Great Britain QEII pre-decimal duplicated range used on Hagners in padded binder. Commems incl odd better phosphor MLH or used, defins us…$40$3220%
374Great Britain (& some Commonwealth issues) Royalty collection of Benham silk covers commemorating Royal Family anniversaries housed in 4 …$150$12020%
410Netherlands 1920's-1980 sparsely populated MUH/MLH range with duplication & a few blocks in large peg-fitting stock album. A few foxed it…$40$3220%
445New Zealand 1984-1994 Year Books. Some albums have stamps put into position. FV NZ$438 (A$420) (11 vols)$200$16020%
458New Zealand MLH & used in large Lighthouse stockbook noting 1940 Centennial plus Officials used with 1953 2/6d to 10/- MUH. Also 1957-196…$150$12020%
480Rhodesia Railway Parcel Stamps written up collection on leaves in protector sleeves. Starts with 1940's precursor with large "Prepaid New…$400$32020%
506South Africa Anti-TB seals in se-tenant full sheets of 20 for 1966/67, 1971 & 1973/74 plus Christmas Seals 1/- booklets of 1952 (1 pane o…$30$2420%
525USA 1882-2006 range of mainly used with some duplication. MUH FV approx. US$130+ ($190) all neatly displayed on 75+ "as new" Prinz Pro-Fi…$80$6420%
568Europe Arranged on leaves in old springback. Mostly pre-1965 with evidence of toning & many having been removed. Alpha order from Belgium…$50$4020%
629Paquebot 1936/37 oil tanker personal correspondence envs with various GB KGV defins tied by Cape Town Paquebot (2), Durban Paquebot & Coc…$40$3220%
650Kangaroos 3rd wmk group with varieties comprising 2d "deformed LIA" with couple of tone spots (ACSC 7(1)I, Cat. $125, 2½d with ACSC 11(2…$450$36020%
673KGV 2d red single crown wmk (12 MLH, 12 used) on 2 Hagners with each item flagged with ACSC details. Incls perf "OS" wmk inverted used (2…$100$8020%
674KGV 2d red, Die II, Small Mult perf. 13½ x 12½ & "Twopence" surcharge on 1½d range of MLH & used singles plus multiples on Hagners all…$150$12020%
7721955-1958 group of b&w photo enlargements of issues with "Reproduction of this photograph should be in black and white at least 1½ times…$90$7220%
822Lettergram Greetings Card Envelopes 1990's range of unused "Lettergram card" envelopes each with a different design above the address cut…$100$8020%
823Maxicards 1978-1981 ASPC Series in complete issue sets. Appears to have a high degree of completeness for the period with no duplication …$90$7220%
835Prestige Booklets Useful range incl 2003 "Australian Greeting" with Int Post x 4, 2004 Mickey Mouse x 3, 2006 Sports of the Commonwealth …$220$17620%
868States "V.S.M." Embossed Picture Postcards showing an array of various State stamp issues with b&w centres of "General Post Office, Eliza…$150$12020%
939Millennium 2000 "Postal Cover Collection". Beautifully presented range of covers with world maps on each showing timelines to GMT and res…$30$2420%
947Royalty 1978 25th anniv of QEII Coronation complete set of 21 uncut sheets with each containing 8 gutter strips of 3 in Cumberland full s…$80$6420%
951Sports Range of limited edition &/or signed covers incl NZ 2000 Olympics presentation album with 2 M/S's on cover & progressive colour pr…$120$9620%
957WWF 1976-1979 (World Wildlife Fund) FDC collection in WWF album. A forerunner of the series in boxed binders in this section but without …$30$2420%
970Lighthouse Vario & Hagner sheets in a box comprising of over 300 of each with various strip sizes from 1-7. Excellent cond with most Vari…$300$24020%
1006Borobudur Postcards & UNESCO book on the subject of this world heritage site in Java. Most are b&w unused postcards from various sources …$50$4020%
1011Ties Collection incl write-up of ties in 32 display sleeves plus a quantity loose. The write-up relates to clubs & societies of GB, Austr…$80$6420%
10481854 1d black swan. Touching to large margins with adjoining stamp on 2 sides. Fine used. SG 1, Cat. £275$50$4020%
10601861 1/- yellow-green intermediate perf 14-16. MLH with "trimmed" perfs at right side & base. Strong colour. SG 37, Cat. £2000$350$28020%
10611861 2d blue, perf 14. Unused with part gum & some light toning. SG 39, Cat. £160$30$2420%
10631861 4d vermilion, perf 14. Unused without gum. Poorly centred which is typical of 1861 printings. Strong rich colour. SG 40, Cat. £475$200$16020%
10771898 (12th Dec) & 1900 (27th Feb) Registered OHMS covers bearing fine strikes of Land Titles Department Frank Stamp, "UNCLAIMED" plus a v…$75$56.2525%
10821902 1d red pre-printed env (EN1) postally used from Hopetoun with 3b cancel to Ravensthorpe on 21 MY 10. Partial arrival b/s. A little t…$50$4020%
10831902/11 9d yellow-orange, single line perf 11 swan. MVLH SG 133, Cat. £180$80$6420%
10851902/11 2/- orange-yellow QV. MLH, centered top left. SG 134a, Cat. £425$100$8020%
11111942 (18th Nov) "UNIT POSTAL STATION W15" perfect upright strike in violet tying 1d QM to censored cover. This was the Western Command Un…$40$3025%
11201965 10/-, £2 & £80 Tombstones on "Offer And Acceptance" document for 123 acres in Serpentine with 4 bed residence plus some farming im…$40$3220%
11211965 10/-, £7 & £20 Tombstones on real estate "Offer And Acceptance" document for 5 acres in Maddington - price £2200! Fine cond.$30$2420%
11221965 17/6d, £6 & £30 Tombstones on 1965 real estate "Offer And Acceptance" document for an Asbestos residence for £2950. Fine cond. $30$2420%
11231965 £60 Tombstone revenue stamp on "Offer And Acceptance" document for a 5 bed brick residence in Cannington at £4800. State Stamp Off…$40$3220%
1156"A Corner of the Marine Drive, Albany WA" F E Morgan Bookseller & Stationer, Albany colour card with title in red. Message on back but no…$35$2820%
1157"A Peep at Princess Royal Harbour, Albany, Western Australia" H Harden, Bookseller, Albany card postally used NSW to England. VG cond.$50$4020%
1162"Albany WA" A Mayrhofer & Co Perth & Fremantle colour in fine cond. Scarce card.$50$4020%
1163"Albany, WA" H Harden, Albany b&w with blue sky. Unused with some "album" markings on front. Scarce.$50$4020%
1165"Albany, Western Australia" H Harden, Bookseller, Albany b&w postally used from Albany to Sweden May 1903. A fine postally used early card.$50$4020%
1172"Claremont from Osborne, WA" Falk colour in exc unused cond.$30$2420%
1181"King River Bridge, Albany WA" (horiz) F E Morgan Bookseller & Stationer, Albany WA colour with title in red. Postally used to Perth 1910…$40$3220%
1182"King River Bridge, Albany WA" (vert) F E Morgan Bookseller & Stationer, Albany WA colour with title in red. Postally used to England 190…$40$3220%
1183"King River Bridge, Albany" F E Morgan Bookseller & Stationer, Albany WA b&w card with title in black. Postally used to Cottesloe 1908. F…$35$2820%
1187"Methodist Church, Hall & Manse, Albany" Osboldstone & Co b&w with title in red. Fine unused.$30$2420%
1189"Middleton Beach, Albany, WA" Falk colour. Superb unused cond.$30$2420%
1196"Post Office, Albany WA" F E Morgan Bookseller & Stationer, Albany WA colour card with title in red. Postally used to South Aust in 1910.…$40$3220%
1197"Post Office, Albany WA" F E Morgan, Bookseller & Stationer, Albany WA colour with title in red. Postally used to Waeel, WA 1910. Fine cond.$40$3220%
1200"Queen's Park & Post Office, Albany WA" F E Morgan Bookseller & Stationer, Albany WA colour with title in red. Postally used to Melbourne…$40$3220%
1201"Queen's Park & Stirling Terrace, Albany WA" F E Morgan Bookseller & Stationer, Albany WA colour with title in red. Message on back but n…$35$2820%
1208"Stirling Terrace Albany, WA" F E Morgan, Bookseller & Stationer, Albany, WA colour in superb unused cond with title in red.$50$4020%
1211"The Beach at Cottesloe, WA" Falk colour in pristine unused cond.$30$2420%
1222British Commonwealth Range incl Aden to Madrid 1907 with tied KEVII Indian stamps (2) & 1951 2As KGVI, Bahamas 1905 to USA, 1920 to Engla…$120$9620%
1223British Levant 1901-1905 with GB stamps tied by Smyrna postmarks noting QV x 2, KEVII x 5 & KEVII with Levant ovpts from 1907-1911 plus K…$120$9620%
1224Burma 2 cards with KEVII stamps of India to Australia & the USA (1910), Cape of Good Hope Postcard (H&G 15a) to South Australia 1899, Can…$60$4820%
1225Cape of Good Hope 1903-1910 range addressed to England, NZ, Australia & 2 to WA. Also inward card from Italy to the Cape Colony. One card…$80$6420%
1242Pandita Ramabai B&w postcards x 8 (India), all unused & good to fine plus 5 b&w Visale - Guadalcanal - Solomon Islands c1930. (13)$30$2420%
1243Poona & Indian Village Mission. 28 b&w cards c1905-1910. 2 postally used in NZ 1907, 1 with message on back & 25 unused. Cond very good t…$80$6420%
1246Russia 1903-1917 selection with 8 b&w postcards & 1 coloured, probably 6 with TPO cancels. An accompanying letter suggests that the TPO m…$30$2420%
12791929 (17th Apr) Brisbane to Charleville by Qantas Davis Bros "By Air Mail Only" cover with 1½d Canberra x 3 tied by Brisbane cds. Pilot …$30$2420%
13161933 (4th-10th Feb) Australia to Papua to New Guinea originally carried by mail boat "Macdhui" & then flown Port Moresby to Salamania by …$60$4820%
13211933 (30th Sept) Air Mail Society of NSW blue card autographed by winning pilot G Reid in The 1933 (30th Sept) Mascot Aerial Pageant blue…$40$3220%
13421934 (16th Nov) Melbourne to Portland flown Autogiro souvenir postcard with "Airmail Society of Aust. Melbourne" cachet in blue. 2d Vic C…$30$2420%
13431934 (16th Nov) Portland to Melbourne return Autogiro flight in connection with the VICVI Exhibition x 2. Illustrated postcards with "M.O…$40$3220%
13741938 (28th June) Holland to Australia KLM & KNILM printed commem cover with Netherlands stamps tied by Amsterdam cds's with Sydney arriva…$40$3220%
13881944 (11th July) First "Mosquito" DD664 A52-1001 flight in Australia with clear Bankstown cds & signed by RAAF pilot Brian Walker & 34 ot…$500$40020%
13971949 (15th March) Sydney to Hong Kong & return Chartered Qantas Australia survey flight with Aust 2½d KGVI tied by GPO Sydney 118 cds da…$50$4020%
14011951 (12th Mar) Australia to Chile First Experimental Survey Flight with 5/- Arms tied by GPO Sydney Air cds's & cachets in mauve x 2. Ty…$40$3220%
14021951 (7th Dec) Canberra to Canberra First Official Round Australia Air Mail Service Arthur Bergen produced commem cover with 8½d aborigi…$30$2420%
14031952 (1st Sept) Australia to South Africa First Regular Service covers x 7 all bearing illust violet cachet with one a long "boomerang" c…$90$8110%
14171961 (3rd Jan) "50th Anniversary of Powered Flight in Western Australia" to "Commemorate 1st Flight made from Belmont Racecourse by Josep…$30$2420%
14191966 (28th Mar) Sydney to Mexico City by Qantas via Auckland. Unusually this is an aerogramme with 3 x 8d Anzacs tied by the pictorial cd…$30$2420%
1423France 1909 "Grande Semaine D 'Aviation de la Champagne" - A magnificent week of flying In the Champagne region. A one frame exhibit on 1…$900$72020%
1424France 1909 (22nd-27th Aug) "Grande Semaine D 'Aviation de la Champagne" An additional 32 b&w postcards from the series to compliment the…$750$60020%
14341937 (4th Dec) Imperial Airways "Cygnus" crash. Cover salvaged from the wreck of the S.23 flying boat which crashed due to incorrect flap…$150$12020%
14411913 1st Watermark ½d green varieties incl "Rostage" F/U with a few short perfs (ACSC 1(2)e), "Rostage", 2nd state with shading weakness…$100$8020%
14551913 1st Watermark 1d red, positional plate E pair L.25 & 26 with "extra island (two Tasmania's)" variety. F/U pair. ACSC 3Ed, Cat. $400+$100$8020%
14591913 1st Watermark 1d red, Die IIA with cracked electro variety. F/Fine used. ACSC 4A(a)1a state II, Cat. $600$180$14420%
14641913 1st Watermark 2d grey x 2 with both perfd "OS" with "left frame thickened at top corner" (ACSC 5(1)I) & "scratch from first E of pen…$60$4820%
14731913 1st Watermark 3d olive, Die II in early state with "white flaw over "T" of "THREE". F/U example with neat corner cds but perf repair…$75$6020%
14791913 1st Watermark 4d orange, Die II with left selvedge. MUH & well centred. A couple of short perfs at base. ACSC 15A, Cat. $1000$200$16020%
14831913 1st Watermark 5d chestnut, Die II. MUH, centered right. ACSC 16A, Cat. $650$160$12820%
14921913 1st Watermark 9d violet Kangaroo, Die 2. MUH, centered low. ACSC 24A, Cat. $1000$260$20820%
14951913 1st Watermark 1/- green aniline with shading flaws under the "E" & "S" of "ONE SHILLING". Fresh MLH & well centered. Drury Cert. (20…$1000$90010%
15021913 1st Watermark 2/- brown. Fine used with lower left corner cds. ACSC 35A, Cat. $250$60$4820%
15031913 1st Watermark 2/- brown. MLH, centred to right. ACSC 35, Cat. $650$180$14420%
15051913 1st Watermark 2/- dark brown with strong colour. MLH to MH, centred low right. ACSC 35B, Cat. $1500$250$22510%
15071913 1st Watermark 2/- dark brown. MLH with strong colour. ACSC 35B, Cat. $1500, SG 12$300$27010%
15091913 1st Watermark 5/- grey & chrome. Fine MUH, centred right. Strong fresh colour. ACSC 42A, Cat. $5000$1500$135010%
15231913 1st Watermark £2 black & rose. Superb MLH with excellent centering & perfs & fresh, strong colour. ACSC 55A, Cat. $12,500 (see fron…$5500$495010%
15311915 2nd Watermark 9d violet with inverted wmk. Fine used by light telephone accounts branch cancel. A short perf at base for accuracy. A…$800$72010%
15411915 2nd Watermark 5/- deep grey & yellow with large telegraph puncture at the left of stamp. Fine used, a nice example. ACSC 43A $60$4820%
15561915/28 3rd Watermark 2½d deep blue right marginal block with the lower pair having "colour spot adjoining Qld coast" (11(1)n) & "colour…$180$14420%
15571915/28 3rd Watermark 2½d indigo right marginal single with offset. MLH ACSC 11Cc, Cat. $400$120$9620%
15581915/28 3rd Watermark 2½d indigo with "retouch to 1st "A" of Australia & heavy WA coastline" variety. Fine used. ACSC 11C(2)l, Cat. $150$50$4020%
15681915/28 3rd Watermark 6d blue block of 4 with inverted wmk. A rare multiple. ACSC 19Ba, Cat. $1100 + premium for fine postally used block.$450$40510%
15721915/28 3rd Watermark 6d chestnut, Die IIb perfined small "OS". Some very light gum bends but fresh MUH. ACSC 21Aba, Cat. $600+$150$13510%
15741915/28 3rd Watermark 6d deep chestnut with "broken leg on kangaroo" variety. MUH marginal horiz pair with slightly aged gum & centered l…$160$14410%
15761915/28 3rd Watermark 6d ultramarine. MUH with very light tan line on reverse. Frontally fresh & well centered. ACSC 19A, Cat. $575$120$9620%
15811915/28 3rd Watermark 9d violet in a CA monogram block of 4 postally used (light crease on bottom rh stamp). Monograms are very scarce po…$1800$162010%
15881915/28 3rd Watermark 1/- blue green with wmk sideways. MUH, centred top left. ACSC 33Aaa, Cat. $200 + premium for MUH.$50$4020%
15901915/28 3rd Watermark 1/- blue-green, Die IIB John Ash Imprint (N over N) pair. MLH, toned gum. ACSC 33A, Cat. $400$100$8020%
15911915/28 3rd Watermark 1/- blue-green, Die IIB, with "1 for first "I" in Shilling" variety. MVLH. ACSC 33(4)l, Cat. $300$120$9620%
15991915/28 3rd Watermark 2/- maroon. MLH with fluffy perfs. ACSC 38A, Cat. $300$70$5620%
16021915/28 3rd Watermark 5/- grey & deep yellow with "shading breaks in bight" variety. Fine used, centred high. Drury Cert (2019). Note; th…$150$12020%
16031915/28 3rd Watermark 5/- grey & pale yellow with "break in right frame near top" & "flaw across kangaroo's tail" varieties. Good used, p…$100$8020%
16051915/28 3rd Watermark 5/- grey & pale yellow with "short Spencers Gulf" variety. Good used with parcel cancel. Missing TL corner reflecte…$30$2420%
16061915/28 3rd Watermark 5/- grey & pale yellow with "weeping kangaroo" variety. Good to F/U with double cds & a few ragged perfs at top. AC…$100$8020%
16071915/28 3rd Watermark 5/- grey & pale yellow. Centred high but excellent perfs & fine MUH. ACSC 44D Cat. $2000$500$45010%
16091915/28 3rd Watermark 5/- grey & yellow with "spencer's Gulf very short" variety. MUH & well centred. ACSC 44(D)s, Cat. $4400$1000$80020%
16131915/28 3rd Watermark 5/- grey & yellow. Fresh MVLH & well centred. ACSC 43A, Cat. $1500$380$30420%
16161915/28 3rd Watermark 5/- grey-black & chrome with 'break in coast of Gulf of Carpentaria" variety. Fine used with light parcel cancel. A…$90$7220%
16171915/28 3rd Watermark 5/- grey-black & chrome with large telegraph puncture. Good used with some irregular perfs.$50$4020%
16191915/28 3rd Watermark 5/- grey-black & yellow-orange perfined "OS" with "Spencers Gulf short" variety. Used. ACSC 44Bb(D)j, Cat. $375$75$6020%
16211915/28 3rd Watermark 10/- grey & pink perfined small "OS" with "broken coast near Sydney & white flaw after "I" of "Australia" variety. …$250$20020%
16231915/28 3rd Watermark 10/- grey & pink, Die II perfined small "OS". Fine used. ACSC 48Aba, Cat. $500$120$9620%
16251915/28 3rd Watermark 10/- grey & deep aniline pink ovptd "SPECIMEN" type B plus "broken tail" variety. Fluffy perfs & small hinge remnan…$200$16020%
16331915/28 3rd Watermark 10/- grey & deep aniline-pink with large telegraph puncture. Scarce. ACSC 48B, Cat. $375$90$7220%
16351915/28 3rd Watermark 10/- grey & intense aniline pink perfined small "OS" with "very short Spencer's Gulf" variety. CTO & centred right …$180$14420%
16361915/28 3rd Watermark 10/- grey & pale aniline pink ovptd "SPECIMEN" type B. MLH, couple short perfs bottom right. Fresh, rich colour. AC…$120$9620%
16631929/30 Small Multiple Watermark 6d chestnut Ash imprint block "N over A". Fresh MUH & well centred. ACSC 22(4)z, Cat. $400$180$14420%
16731929/30 Small Multiple Watermark 9d violet perfined "OS", 5/- green x 5, 1/- green perfined "OS" x 2 plus 2/- & 5/- also perfined "OS". A…$100$8020%
16741929/30 Small Multiple Watermark 9d violet perfined "OS" Ash imprint block of 4. MUH. Slightly aged gum. ACSC 28(4)z, Cat. $1500 + premiu…$900$72020%
16751929/30 Small Multiple Watermark 9d violet with "thin necked kangaroo". MVLH, centred high. ACSC 28(3)g, Cat. $500$120$9620%
16781929/30 Small Multiple Watermark 1/- blue green Ash imprint "N over N" gutter block with lower pair MUH. Well centred. ACSC 34(3)z, Cat. …$250$20020%
16811929/30 Small Multiple Watermark 2/- maroon with "colour spot off WA coast" variety. Fine used. ACSC 39(1)g, Cat. $125$30$2420%
16821929/30 Small Multiple Watermark 2/- maroon with "flaw on "s" of Australia" variety. MLH, centred left. ACSC 39A(2)j, Cat. $500$120$9620%
16841929/30 Small Multiple Watermark 5/- dark grey & yellow-orange with "long curved tail on kangaroo" variety. Fine used very slightly smudg…$90$7220%
16851929/30 Small Multiple Watermark 5/- deep grey & yellow-orange with "Spencers Gulf short" vignette variety. F/U, lovely colour. ACSC 45B(…$120$9620%
16891929/30 Small Multiple Watermark 5/- grey & yellow-orange with "Spencers Gulf short" duty plate variety. Good to F/U with light parcel ca…$90$7220%
16901929/30 Small Multiple Watermark 5/- grey & yellow-orange with "Spencers Gulf short" duty plate variety. Fine used with neat part Melbour…$120$9620%
16951929/30 Small Multiple Watermark 10/- grey & pale pink bottom selvedge example. MUH, hinged on selvedge only. Centered low but less appar…$900$81010%
16961929/30 Small Multiple Watermark 10/- grey & pale pink ovptd "SPECIMEN" type C with "shaved P" variety & with additional "foxed faced kan…$750$60020%
16981929/30 Small Multiple Watermark 10/- grey & pale pink ovptd Specimen type C. Fresh MUH & well centred. ACSC 49x, Cat. $1250$350$28020%
16991929/30 Small Multiple Watermark 10/- grey & pale pink. Fine used with a missing perf top right. Well centered. ACSC 49A, Cat. $700$180$14420%
17031929/30 Small Multiple Watermark 10/- grey & pale pink with "long curved tail on kangaroo" variety. Fine used with light cds. ACSC 49(v)o…$300$24020%
17061929/30 Small Multiple Watermark £2 grey & pale rose-crimson ovptd "SPECIMEN". Well centred & fresh MLH. ACSC 57B, Cat. $900$300$24020%
17071929/30 Small Multiple Watermark £2 grey & pale rose-crimson with "break in lower frame under "n" of Pounds" duty plate variety. Very fi…$500$40020%
17221931-47 CofA Watermark 9d violet, Die IIB, plate 3 John Ash Imprint "N over N" block of 4. Fresh MUH. ACSC 29A (3)z, Cat. $650$180$14420%
17271931-47 CofA Watermark 5/- grey & yellow-orange with "break in coast of Gulf of Carpentaria" duty plate variety & neat telegraph puncture…$60$4820%
17291931-47 CofA Watermark 5/- grey & yellow-orange with "long curved tail on kangaroo" variety. F/U by Ballarat cds. ACSC 46A(V)o, Cat. $150$40$3220%
17301931-47 CofA Watermark 5/- grey & yellow-orange with "long curved tail on kangaroo" variety. Good used with variable parcel cancel, light…$30$2420%
17311931-47 CofA Watermark 5/- grey & yellow-orange with "open mouthed kangaroo" variety. F/U but heavy strike of steel postmarker has caused…$30$2420%
17341931-47 CofA Watermark 5/- grey & yellow-orange with "white line adjacent to coast in bight" duty plate variety. Good used by slightly sm…$40$3220%
17371931-47 CofA Watermark 5/- grey & yellow with "shading breaks in bight" variety. F/U with good centering. ACSC 46B(D)n, Cat. $150$40$3220%
17531931-47 CofA Watermark 10/- grey & aniline-pink with central telegraph puncture & neat Launceston Telegraph Office cds. Superb used. ACSC…$120$9620%
17551931-47 CofA Watermark 10/- dark grey & aniline-pink. F/U with a few short perfs but remains a nice example. ACSC 50E, Cat. $1250$180$14420%
17571931-47 CofA Watermark £1 grey with neat telegraph puncture & Burnie cds. Centred a little high. Increasingly collectable. ACSC 54$75$6020%
17601931-47 CofA Watermark £1 grey, Die IIB. MUH, centered slightly left. ACSC 54, Cat. $3250$900$72020%
17631931-47 CofA Watermark £2 grey-black & rose crimson x 5 all ovptd "SPECIMEN" & each with a variety incl "cut in kangaroos throat" (ACSC …$1400$126010%
17761914-20 Single Watermark ½d green with "crack through S.W. corner" variety. Fine used with light machine cancel clear of variety. ACSC 6…$500$40020%
17771914-20 Single Watermark ½d green with "cracked electro left wattle to "u"" variety. Good used, centered left with neat slogan cancel cl…$1200$96020%
17921914-20 Single Watermark 1916 rough paper varieties with 1d deep scarlet having "thin 1d" ACSC 72A(4)l & 1d deep red with break in top fr…$90$7220%
17941914-20 Single Watermark 1d brownish red. Fine used with crisp part Port Hedland 1919 cds. ACSC 71w, Cat. $150$50$4020%
18031914-20 Single Watermark 1d carmine-red, Die III, with "white flaw on King's beard" variety. Good to fine used. ACSC 75An, Cat. $200$50$4020%
18051914-20 Single Watermark 1d carmine rose on rough paper with substitute cliché. Fine used. ACSC 72QKa, Cat. $125$40$3220%
18071914-20 Single Watermark 1d rosine on rough paper perfined "OS" in top right marginal selvedge block of 4. MUH, centered high but not as …$1000$80020%
18141914-20 Single Watermark 1d deep bright red, Die III with "8 wattles at left" unlisted variety. Fine used with Drury Cert. (2020) ACSC 75…$75$6020%
18161914-20 Single Watermark 1d red Harrison one line imprint gutter pair with "RA joined" variety on left stamp. MUH, folded through gutter …$90$7220%
18201914-20 Single Watermark 1d red, plate 4, lower right marginal single pos. VIII/60 with "run N" in "One" variety (1st state). MLH & well …$100$8020%
18411914-20 Single Watermark 1½d red block of 4 with "HALE" variety (22L22) & "thin "RAL" variety (22L28). Fresh MLH. Drury Cert. (2020) ACS…$120$9620%
18481914-20 Single Watermark 1½d red, electro 22 positional plate block of 5, positions 14 to 17 & 20 to 23 with inverted wmk. 6 x MUH & 2 x…$450$36020%
18511914-20 Single Watermark 2d orange with "upper left frame damaged" & 4d orange with "white spot in upper left border" variety. Both MLH. …$60$4820%
18551914-20 Single Watermark 2d red with "white spot top left corner" variety. F/U example with light cds. ACSC 96(12)g, Cat. $150$30$2420%
18561914-20 Single Watermark 2d red, Die I with inverted wmk & perfined "OS". Fine used, ironed our crease. ACSC 96a,b, Cat. $300$50$4020%
18611914-20 Single Watermark 4d orange aniline & 4d buff orange, both with inverted wmks. MLH, latter with sweated gum. ACSC 110Aa/Fa, Cat. $…$120$9620%
18641914-20 Single Watermark 4d orange with "break in upper right frame & white spot over "FO" of "Four"" variety. F/U. ACSC 110(2)ve variety…$30$2420%
18701914-20 Single Watermark 4d violet with "line through FOUR PENCE retouched (thin FOUR PENCE) variety. Lightly used, centred right. ACSC 1…$120$9620%
18711914-20 Single Watermark 4d violet x 2 with "OS NSW" perfins. One with "notched top left corner" unlisted variety F/U & second with "PE" …$30$2420%
18731914-20 Single Watermark 4d ultramarine with "thin FOUR PENCE retouch" variety in a late state. MH centred right with slightly discoloure…$180$14420%
18751914-20 Single Watermark 4d bright ultramarine with inverted wmk. MUH with gum tan line & centred top right. ACSC 113Aaa, Cat. $325$80$6420%
18771914-20 Single Watermark 4½d violet imprint pair with "Deformed left bottom frame & white flaw from wattle to oval" & a break in left fr…$80$6420%
18781914-20 Single Watermark 4½d violet with "white flaws in right side of right value tablet" variety. MLH ACSC 118i, Cat. $120$40$3220%
18811914-20 Single Watermark 5d chestnut single line perf x2 with "break in bottom frame under "n" of PENCE" variety & "shaved lower left cor…$70$5620%
18821914-20 Single Watermark 5d chestnut horiz pair with inverted wmk. MUH/MLH with light gum bends on MUH unit. Drury Cert. (2020) ACSC 123A…$750$60020%
18871914-20 Single Watermark 1/4d turquoise blue. MVLH, centred high. Lovely colour. ACSC 128A, Cat. $300$100$8020%
18881914-20 Single Watermark 1/4d greenish blue. MH with light horiz bend & centred left. ACSC 128B, Cat. $300$50$4020%
1897Large Multiple Watermark Perf. 14 ½d green with cracked plate variety affecting left wattles & forearm of kangaroo. Fine used but pmk pa…$100$8020%
1898Large Multiple Watermark Perf. 14 ½d green, electro 4, positional plate block of 6 for 1 & 2/ 7 & 8/ 13 & 14 with inverted wmk & 4 plate…$200$16020%
1909Large Multiple Watermark Perf. 14 1d carmine-rose with "dot before right 1" variety. MVLH with fluffy perfs. ACSC 74A(3)m, Cat. $325$80$6420%
1911Large Multiple Watermark Perf. 14 1d carmine-rose x 2 with "notch in left frame opposite wattles" variety (ACSC 74A(3)e, Cat. $325) MUH, …$120$9620%
1913Large Multiple Watermark Perf. 14 1d carmine aniline with "ferns" variety. Fine used, centred left. ACSC 74D(4)ia, Cat. $150$40$3220%
1918Large Multiple Watermark Perf. 14 1½d brown, Die1 x 6 singles in various shades with 1 vert pair Plate 8 clichés L54, 60 & cliché L54 …$100$8020%
19201924 No Watermark 1d green lower left selvedge positional block of 10 for 7.31 & 32/ 37 & 38/ 43 & 44/ 49 & 50/ 55 & 56 with 3 varieties.…$80$6420%
19261924 No Watermark 1½d red perfined "OS". Fine MLH with right selvedge, centred right. ACSC 90ba, Cat. $225$60$4820%
19271926-30 Small Multiple Watermark Perf. 13½x12½ 1d green bottom selvedge pair with double perfs at base. MUH with some reinforcement on …$40$3220%
19301926-30 Small Multiple Watermark Perf. 13½x12½ 1d green selvedge strip of 4 from pane 2 containing 2 x Die I/II pairs. MUH hinged on se…$100$8020%
19321926-30 Small Multiple Watermark Perf. 13½x12½ 1d green, plate 4 John Ash 2 line imprint "N over N" in block of 4 with 2 varieties. CTO…$100$8020%
19331926-30 Small Multiple Watermark Perf. 13½x12½ 1½d brown, Die I, John Ash imprint blocks of 4 x 2 with Plate I "N over A" imprint (ACS…$80$6420%
19341926-30 Small Multiple Watermark Perf. 13½x12½ 1½d red, Die II central selvedge strip of 4 from base of sheet with full Mullett imprin…$75$6020%
19361926-30 Small Multiple Watermark Perf. 13½x12½ 2d golden scarlet, Die III, with no wmk. MUH with top selvedge lightly hinged only. Fres…$2800$224020%
19371926-30 Small Multiple Watermark Perf. 13½x12½ 3d blue lower right corner marginal block of 4 perfined "OS". MUH & very well centred. A…$120$9620%
19391926-30 Small Multiple Watermark Perf. 13½x12½ 3d dull blue, Die Ia block of 6 perfined small "OS" from plate 3, 3L32-34, 38-40A. MUH. …$300$24020%
19411926-30 Small Multiple Watermark Perf. 13½x12½ 3d dull blue, Die I, positional plate block of 4 with units 4, 5. 10. 11 (BB/AA) having …$300$24020%
19421926-30 Small Multiple Watermark Perf. 13½x12½ 3d dull blue, Die I, type A with inverted wmk. MUH with light pencil annotation on back.…$180$14420%
19461926-30 Small Multiple Watermark Perf. 13½x12½ 5d on 4½d violet with top rh stamp in marginal block of 4 with "narrow last "E" of PENC…$50$4020%
19471926-30 Small Multiple Watermark Perf. 13½x12½ 5d orange-brown, Die II John Ash imprint block of 4. Fresh MUH. ACSC 126z, Cat. $525 $160$12820%
19491926-30 Small Multiple Watermark Perf. 13½x12½ 1/4d turquoise blue. MUH with light tan stripe on gum from old time album. Well centred.…$180$14420%
19521926-30 SM watermark Perf. 14 1d green block of 4 with "secret mark" (7.1) & "run 4th Pearl" (7.7) varieties. MLH. Drury Cert. (2019) ACS…$50$4020%
19541926-30 SM watermark Perf. 14 1d green irregular block of 18 on translucent paper from plate 3, clichés V/31-32, 37-40, 43-46, 49-52 & 5…$500$40020%
19571926-30 SM watermark Perf. 14 1d green, plate 4, positional block of 4 with "wattle line", "nick near top left frame" & "flaw under neck …$120$9620%
19581926-30 SM watermark Perf. 14 1½d rose-red, Die II block of 6 with inverted wmk from plate 1, clichés 1L15-16, 21-22 & 27-28. 4 MUH, 2 …$170$13620%
19591926-30 SM watermark Perf. 14 1½d golden scarlet vertical plate 4 strip of 3 for 4L47, 4L53, & 4L59. "State II type B re-entry to shadin…$200$16020%
19601926-30 SM watermark Perf. 14 1½d rose red horiz pair with inverted wmk. MUH, centred right. ACSC 91Aa, Cat. $250$80$6420%
19621926-30 SM watermark Perf. 14 1½d red on thin paper with Drury (2003) cert. MUH, centred left. ACSC 91aa, Cat. $150$40$3220%
19631926-30 SM watermark Perf. 14 1½d red, Die II, plate 4 positional block of 4 for R27 & 28/ 33 & 34 with "Type B re-entry compartment lin…$90$7220%
19641926-30 SM watermark Perf. 14 1½d scarlet with the 3 type B re-entries (i) "re-entry shading behind kangaroo", MLH centred left (ACSC 91…$360$28820%
19661926-30 SM watermark Perf. 14 2d red-brown Die I, electro 16, clichés 16 L4-5 with "Large white flaw in left value tablet" variety (Clic…$120$9620%
19681926-30 SM watermark Perf. 14 2d red-brown, Die I electro 16 with "No top to Crown" variety (Cliché 16R6). MVLH, centred low. Not listed…$75$6020%
19711926-30 SM watermark Perf. 14 4d greenish-olive perfined small "OS". MUH, centred left. ACSC 115b, Cat. $875$190$15220%
19721926-30 SM watermark Perf. 14 4d olive perfined "OS". MUH, centred right. ACSC 115b, Cat. $850$280$22420%
19731926-30 SM watermark Perf. 14 4½d violet John Ash imprint pair, Die 1. Cliché 1R55 with "Deformed bottom frame at left and white flaw f…$90$7220%
19741926-30 SM watermark Perf. 14 6d chestnut with "scratch in Bight" variety ACSC 22(3)g plus CofA wmk gutter pair with left stamp showing t…$120$9620%
19841931-36 CofA 3d blue, plate 8, positional selvedge plate block of 4 for 8L 31 & 32/ 37 & 38 with "right frame small rounded notch on inne…$75$6020%
19851931-36 CofA 3d blue, plate 8, Ash imprint block of 4. MLH with gum tan lines but fine frontal appearance. ACSC 109Aza, Cat. $350$75$6020%
19871931-36 CofA 4d greenish-olive, plate 3 John Ash "N" over "A" imprint block of 4. Small unlisted flaw noted on stamp 3R 49 (see lower rig…$150$12020%
19901931-36 CofA 5d orange-brown, plate 2 Ash imprint block of 4. MUH/MLH, folded through gutter. ACSC 127A(2)z, Cat. $350$120$9620%
19911931-36 CofA 5d orange-brown, plate 3 Ash imprint block of 4. MUH/MLH, lightly folded gutter. ACSC 127A(3)oz, Cat. $350$120$9620%
19971908 (Aug) 1d red QV "Australians Welcomes Americans" colour Post Card with message regarding the arrival of the fleet. Fine used with bo…$320$25620%
19981911 1d Coronation prestamped postcards x 2 showing Queen Mary. Unused in good cond. ACSC P13 & P15, Cat. $250 (2)$60$4820%
19991911 1d Coronation prestamped postcards x 3 showing Prince of Wales. Unused in good cond with faults on 1d sepia. ACSC P16 type 1, P17 ty…$60$4820%
20001911 1d Coronation prestamped postcards x 3 showing KGV. Unused in vg cond. ACSC P6 type 1, P6 type 2 & P9 type 2. Cat. $375 (3)$80$6420%
20091913 1d KGV engraved with "re-entry down right side" variety single (ACSC 59(4)g) MVLH & "weak entry right of emu's head" (ACSC 59(4)o) i…$40$3220%
20121913 (16th Dec) 1d carmine-red (a little oxidised) on commercial cover to tied by Albert Park, Vic cds. ACSC $300$80$6025%
20161915 1d, Die I KGV "Troops on board Transport" Military Views prestamped Letter Card. Interestingly the bow of ship has had "A140" delete…$150$12020%
20181916 1d carmine KGV Pre-stamped Military Envelope with "AUSTRALIAN IMPERIAL FORCE". Mint cond, odd small tone spot. ACSC ME1, Cat. $300$75$6020%
20301923 (30th April) Perth registered long OHMS cover to West Perth with 5d bright chestnut KGV Die 1, single wmk on rough paper & perfined …$280$22420%
20311923 1½d red-brown KGV Pre-stamped Post Card ovptd "ONE PENNY". Mint in vg cond. ACSC P58, Cat. $500$150$12020%
20331924 1d green KGV Pre-stamped Post Card Die III with 1 mint & 1 used with Adelaide machine cancellation. Good cond. ACSC P61, Cat. $250$60$4820%
20341924 1½d emerald-green KGV Pre-stamped Post Card ovptd "ONE PENNY" with "broken bottom right corner of embossed stamp" variety. Mint in …$150$12020%
20761934 3d Vic Cent, perf. 10½ John Ash imprint block of 8 (6 MUH, 2 MLH) showing "flag to right of tower" variety on lower pair of each bl…$90$7220%
20831935 (9th July) Commercial Airmail cover from Sydney to Porto Maurilio Italy with 2d & 3d SJ plus 1/6d Hermes x 2 tied by Sydney Air Mail…$40$3220%
20891936 (29th Feb) SA Centenary commem illust env with 5d KGV tied by Port Melbourne West cds with neighbouring single strike & another acro…$30$2420%
20941937 3d blue KGVI Die II John Ash imprint pair. MUH, light bend in selvedge. ACSC 193zb, Cat. $450 for block$100$8020%
21021938 2d scarlet KGV1 Die 2 gutter block of 8 with top selvedge. Plate number 4 on top selvedge above gutter with 2 perf pips. Mint no gum…$390$31220%
21041938 2/- booklet with black on green cover & 2 panes of 6 KGVI with inv wmks. Toned/stained cover & contents but otherwise sound. Useful …$75$6020%
21111941/42 1d brown KGVI ditto but in a lighter shade of brown. Postally used with Mil PO Wagga-Wagga cds to Bright, Vic with rectangular Ce…$30$2420%
21121942 "United States Armed Forces in Australia" covers for APO 929 & 922 (Townsville QLD) with "U.S.A.F.I.A. Passed By Censor" cachets & o…$60$4820%
21151943 (8th Jan) 1d red-brown QM, Die 2 John Ash imprint block of 4 & 1½d KGV1 tied by St Kilda Rail Vic cds's with "Opened by Censor" tap…$30$2420%
21241945/48 5½d denominated Meter frankings from Box D177 GPO Perth to same addressee in Brisbane x 3. One with printed "P.M.G. P.P.1" indic…$30$22.525%
21381949 4½d "POSTAGE PAID" Army Medal Section Registered Wrapper for delivery of medals to Australian servicemen. Fine unused cond.$30$2420%
21481951 3d scarlet KGVI complete sheet of booklet panes containing 3 blocks of 48 with small gutters in between. Exc MUH cond. ACSC 251ca x …$50$4020%
21631959 5d blue QEII lower right selvedge block of 6 MUH with pre-printing paper crease in selvedge resulting in additional part selvedge. M…$120$9620%
21671963 5d Royal Visit block 4 of with massively misplaced perfs. MUH. ACSC 392bb, Cat. $600$150$12020%
21771965 5d & 8d ANZAC in complete sheets of 80. Incls 8d "Missing flap of pocket on Simpson" variety & pip blocks on each. Corner missing on…$50$4020%
22271981 & 1982 National Stamp Week Booklets produced by the ASPC. 1981 Ausipex cover in green stapled right & 1982 brown stapled left. VG co…$20$1620%
22311982 27c Tree Frog sheet of 100 boldly handstamped in red "CANCELLED SPECIMEN ONLY". 100 strikes so plenty of practice for one PO employee!$30$2420%
22341984 75c Clipper Ships reduced size printers proof block of 20 with less than half-filling a top left, gummed corner block of 8 normal si…$100$8020%
22361986, 1989, 1990, 1992, 1994 & 1995 Adelaide F1 Grand Prix illust covers each with diff daily pmk over the 4 days. Each feature F1 cars, …$75$6020%
22531994 Shane Warne - "Highest Australian Test Wicket Taker. Test Hat Trick vs England December 1994" SES sheets x 10. Fresh MUH. Retail $40…$100$8020%
22641999 Australia Post Engraved Stamps of the Commonwealth of Australia. It contains 28 proofs struck from the original dies in black. Inclu…$50$4020%
22682000 (7-16th July) World Stamp Expo 2000 USA SES sheets x 10 showing Sydney Harbour Bridge & Opera House. Fine MUH. Retails $400+ (10 she…$100$8020%
22712000 Aust Gold Medallists sheetlet of 17 x 45c from Aust Post Yearbook x 27 MUH. Retail $50ea ($1350), FV $205+$220$17620%
22772004 Aust Gold Medallists sheetlet of 17 x 50c from Aust Post Yearbook x 17. MUH. Retail $40ea ($680), FV $145$140$11220%
22942009 "Celebrating 200 Years of Postal Services in Australia" luxury Australia Post collection in binder format with slipcase. Incls comme…$300$27010%
22992012 "The Road to London" stamp & ½oz proof silver coin set in pres box. No 6286 of 8000. Cost $100$50$4510%
23012012 60c Olympic Games - Swimming S/A strip of 3 with "For all your collecting needs…." middle tab & join. Misperfed on right 2 stamps …$100$8020%
23082013 Colonial Heritage Intaglio Collection pres folder with $5 "Empire", $4 "Identity" x 2 with second showing printers imprint in margin…$750$67510%
23222016 Olympic Gold Medalists sheetlets of 10 set of 8. MUH & CTO sets. Retail $300+ (16 sheetlets)$150$12020%
23491891 5/- dull green, single line, perf. 11. CTO. Fresh example. ACSC ND33w, Cat. $1250$280$22420%
23501902 range MLH & used plus on cover comprising "base completed" monocolours (8) incl SG D48 (pale 3d), bicolours incl D108 (8d, perf 11) …$50$4510%
23531908/09 10/- monocolour Postage Due with stroke after value, perf. 11 - Forgery. Inkjet dots of colour under magnification indicate a rec…$50$4020%
23581931/36 ½d to 1/- wmk crown CA, perf. 14 SG D100 & 102 MLH, perf. 11 set of 7 MLH SG D105/111 with SG D110 6d is MLH & centred low. Tota…$180$14420%
23591931/36 1½d to 6d CofA wmk Perf. 14. SG D93 MLH & F/U, D95 MLH, D96 F/U, D97 MLH & D98 F/U. Cat. £77 (6)$20$1620%
23611938 ½d to 1/- ditto. Mixed MUH/MLH. SG D112/18, Cat. £200$50$4020%
23641958/60 ½d to 2/- no wmk SG D132/D141 set of 10 plus a few extras CTO & 5d Die II postally used. Cat. £130+ (14)$40$3220%
24031977 (19th Oct) $10 Coming South on Official AP FDC cover but Registered Mildura & addressed to Murrumbeena with all relevant b/s's. Unus…$30$2420%
24051990 (1st May) Stamp Anniversary M/S on FDC postmarked with Perth Swan pictorial cancel with the "ANNIVERARY" missing "S" variety. Incls …$30$2420%
24102004 (16th-30th Aug) Australian Olympic Gold medallist FDCs limited edition with each numbered 0470 & a write up on each Olympian at left…$30$2420%
24142011 (27th Jan) Premier's Flood Relief Appeal $8 complete S/A sheetlets on large commem covers pmkd GPO Brisbane x 2 plus $6 Royal Weddin…$30$2420%
24262011 (27th June) Duntroon PNC $1 coin First Day Cover with "MAWSON 100 YEARS CANBERRA STAMPSHOW 2012" ovpt in red with map outline. No. 0…$50$4020%
24701850 2d indigo, plate II early impression with the inner circle intersecting the fan. Fine used four margin example. SG 21c, Cat. £600$300$24020%
24791880 (23rd May) "The Treasury, New South Wales, Sydney" OHMS cover (flapless) to Dept of Audit Sydney bearing SG unlisted "OS" in red ovp…$100$7525%
24831890's 6d pink OHMS registered long letter unused with "OS" added in top corners of design & ovptd "SPECIMEN". Printed addressed to "The …$50$4020%
24961880 10/- bistre-brown. MLH, a few shortish perfs & minor thin. SG 126, Cat. £950$300$24020%
24971886 2/6d, 5/-, 10/- & £1 Chalons on thick paper with large crown/Q wmk. All CTO, 5/- no gum. Excellent colours. SG 158/61, Cat. £200+ (4)$90$7220%
25001856/58 1d, 2d x 2 & 1/- imperfs with SG 6 F/U with 3 margins, base cut into, SG 8 F/U with 4 close margins, SG 9 F/U 4 with good to clos…$250$20020%
25191853 4d orange, course engraving. Fine used with large margins at top & bottom & just touching at the sides SG 10, Cat. £425$250$20020%
25201855 4d deep blue with four close but even clear margins & possible original gum but when angled to light there is a suggestion of a clea…$90$67.525%
25211857/67 1d, 2d x 2, 4d x 3, 6d x 4 & 1/-Chalon head imperfs good to fine used & all with at least 2 margins & some with 4. A far better t…$300$24020%
25351854 2/- dull bluish-green on pale yellow. Fine used with generous margins. SG 35, Cat. £200$100$8020%
25401890/94 & 1895/96 10d Postage Dues with flaw left of "1" on each. Both with toned 50% o.g but frontally fresh. ACSC VD7 & VD17d, Cat. $50…$40$3220%
25551963 (28th Aug) Pictorials set of 10 to $1 bird on WCS FDC's plus 1973 (4th June) Ships set of 16 on 4 x WCS FDC's & 1968/70 Fish set of …$30$2420%
25592010 "Year of the Tiger" Beijing Int Stamp & Coin Expo SES Lunar New Year SES sheets x 5. Rarely seen & a Ltd Ed in consecutive numbers. …$100$8020%
25681966 (14th Feb) 4c QEII red Lettersheet postmarked Cocos (Keeling) Islands cds on FDI & addressed to Southampton, England by h/s but sent…$30$2420%
25691969 1c to $1 defins set of 12 in sealed Japanese Pres packs x 9. Exc cond & increasingly scarce. Retail $450 & useful for re-sale. (9 pa…$120$9620%
25961947 1½d emerald green By Authority imprint corner block of 4 on green tinted paper with normal for comparison. The characteristic light…$450$36020%
26051932 Defin set of 16 to £1 House. 12 MUH incl £1 & 4 MVLH with majority well centered. Some gum aging. SG. 130/145, Cat £550 (16)$270$21620%
26081973 Interpex booklet with orange & black cover. This was the Port Moresby printing of 1000 to fill standing order customer accounts with…$50$4020%
26201840 1d grey-black, plate 6, with just touching on 2 corners to clear margins lightly cancelled by red Maltese Cross Kendal addressed wra…$220$17620%
26211840 2d blue fine used with bold red Maltese Cross. 4 clear margins, close at top. Lettered EC. SG 5, Cat. £1000$200$16020%
26231841 2d blue horizontal imperf pair with broad margins except at top right where it has just touched. F/U with lightly struck barred nume…$75$6020%
26251841 2d blue imperf with white lines on entire pmkd 6 June 1846 with four good margins. SG 14, Cat. £350$90$7220%
26311858/79 1d reds complete plate number used collection mounted on leaves (excl 77). Plate 225 has a blunt corner whilst all others are goo…$300$24020%
26331869 (5th Jan) Entire with 6d lilac QV tied by superb "498" numeral cancel with Manchester Paid cds in red, "PAID" boxed cachet in blue &…$70$5620%
26361873/80 3d rose, plate 18 wing margin example. MH with paper hinge remnant & small surface thins at top left & perfs cut off wing margin.…$30$2710%
26381880 2½d blue QV, plate 20. Fine used with neat "C" (Constantinople) cancel. Perfectly centered with good colour & perfs. SG 142, Cat. …$30$2420%
26391883/84 2/6d lilac used (SG 178), 2/6d deep lilac used but trimmed perfs at left (SG179) & 5/- shades (SG 180/81), good used. Total Cat. …$70$5620%
26411883 10/- ultramarine QV fine used but light surface rub at top. SG 183, Cat. £525$40$3220%
26441902 2/6d dull purple used with a couple of shortish perfs at base (SG 262), 5/- fine used with London hooded cancel (SG 263) & 10/- ultr…$120$9620%
26501912/24 KGV royal cypher defins to 1/- incl shades. One 9d agate, 9d pale olive & 10d deep turquoise blue are used with others MUH/MLH. N…$250$20020%
26531924/26 KGV block cypher wmk MUH/MLH control number singles & multiples on Hagner. Incls 1926 3d (V34), 10d (J28) & 1/- (V34) blocks plus…$250$20020%
26561937/47 KGVI "dark colours" MUH/MLH set of 15 (SG 462/75), 1939/48 MLH (10/- dark blue used), 1948 RSW MUH & 1951 2/6d to £1 used with 5…$90$7220%
26621964 1/4d Shakespeare with inverted wmk. MUH. SG 648pWi, Cat. £950$300$24020%
26631977 (17th May-11th Aug) "The Queen's Silver Jubilee Tour 1977" illust cover collection incl Northern Ireland, Scotland & Wales. Each wit…$30$2420%
26661999 & 2000 Millennium Yearbooks with stamps still in original packaging. Nos. 16 & 17. Retail £100 (2)$60$4820%
2670Great Britain - Guernsey 1941 (6th Jan) 2d Stamp Cent bisect tied to locally addressed cover by "Guernsey (St. Peter Port)" cds. Hand add…$30$2420%
2671Great Britain - Guernsey 1941 (24th Jan) 2d orange KGVI bisect tied to locally addressed "Printed Paper Rate" card by crisp "Guernsey Cha…$40$3220%
2672Great Britain - Guernsey 1941 (18th Feb) 2d Stamp Cent bisect used in combination with Guernsey 1d scarlet on FDI of the latter. Env with…$30$2420%
2673Great Britain - Jersey 1950 (20th May) Philatadex Co env addressed to St Helier, Jersey & cancelled Bucks without stamp thus "More to Pay…$30$2420%
2679Austria 1950/53 3s, 5s & 10s Airs - birds. Fine MUH. SG 1218/20, Cat. £465 (3)$140$12610%
2686Cape of Good Hope 1863/64 4d steel blue imperforate pair. Fine used with light cancel, one stamp with three margins the other touching on…$220$17620%
2687Cape Verde 1985 30e on 10e "Steamer" (SG 564, Cat. £22 MUH or used) mounted on card plus same design in changed colours on 3 different M…$80$6420%
2730Cook Islands 1892 1d black with paper hinge remnant MH & 1½d mauve & 10d carmine used, the latter centred right. The 1½d is well centre…$60$4820%
2731Cook Islands 1893/1900 1d to 10d Queen Makea perf 11 set plus 1899 ½d on 1d. All MLH with small hinge remnants, but free of toning. SG 1…$60$4820%
2733Cook Islands 1902/19 Queen Makea/Torea bird MLH range incl 1902 no wmk ½d (2), 1d (3) & 2½d plus wmkd perf. 11 ½d (2) with rest of set…$200$16020%
2734Cook Islands 1918/19 10d green perf. 14x15. Well centred fine used block of 4. Scarce in multiples. SG 45, Cat. £400$150$12020%
2735Cook Islands 1919 2½d, 3d, 4d, 4½d, 6d, 9d & 1/- KGV in vertical pairs. Superb MUH/MLH & scarce thus. SG "b" numbers, Cat. £200+ (7 pa…$120$9620%
2739Cook Islands 1965 Internal Self Government set of 4 in imperforate horiz pairs with BPA certs (1990) stating "proof from the printer's ar…$300$24020%
2744Ecuador 1949 3d Cervantes pair violet & brown orange as issued plus the same value with deep blue & brown "error of colour" in full sheet…$50$4510%
2752Fiji 1878/99 "Four Pence" 14mm surcharge on 2d dull purple perf. 10. Fine used with light cds. Centred to right, vg perfs. SG 43, Cat. £140$50$4020%
2753Fiji 1881/99 1/- deep brown perf. 10 MLH (toned), pale brown perf. 11 & perf. 11x10 used & perf. 11¾x11 MLH (Cat. £70) plus 1882 5/- us…$50$4020%
2754Fiji 1891 2½d (type 14) surcharge on 2d green MLH, 1892 ½d on 1d (small thin) & 5d on 4d (SG 72/73) plus "FIVE PENCE" 3mm spaced surcha…$60$4820%
2755Fiji 1903 KEVII set to 1/- MLH (1d used), 1904/09 1d MLH & used & 1/- MLH plus 1908/12 ½d to 1/- MLH (1d used). All fine. Total cat. £1…$50$4020%
2758Fiji 1915/19 "WAR STAMP" ovpts on ½d in 2 shades plus inverted (vert crease & toning) & 1d deep rose & inverted on bright scarlet (round…$200$16020%
2761Fiji 1938/55 ½d to £1 KGVI pictorials with various perfs & Dies. MLH/MH with some gum aging. SG 249/266, Cat. £430+ (43)$75$6020%
2762Fiji 1938/55 ½d to £1 KGVI pictorials ditto but good to fine used. SG 249/66, Cat. £220 (34)$40$3220%
2765France 1927 (29th Aug) Marseilla to Pappete Tahiti illust Airmail cover with 5fr "Poste Aerienne" ovptd Airmail tied by neat "Marseille A…$180$14420%
2766French Polynesia 1967 Ancient Art of the Marquesas Islands in 10f, 15f x 2, 20f, 30f & 35f imperf colour trial pairs. Fine MUH SG 73/79 v…$90$7220%
2767FSAT 1957 (10th Feb) Registered Air Mail cover from Terre Adelie to Parkdale, Victoria. 7 stamp franking tied by Terre Adelie cds's. Reg …$100$8020%
2771Germany 1935 Ostropa M/S mint without gum as washed off to protect paper from the acidic gum originally used. SG MS576a, Cat. £1300$400$32020%
2773Germany-West 1949 Relief Fund set of 4 fine used. SG 1039/42, Cat. £200$40$3220%
2774Germany-West 1951 St Mary's Church, Lubeck 700th Anniversary pair. Fresh MUH. SG 1065/66, Cat. £270 (2)$60$4820%
2775Germany-West 1954/60 Pres Heuss set of 20 to 3DM. Fresh MVLH. SG 1103/22, Cat. £350 as MUH.$30$2710%
2776Gibraltar 1889/76 5c to 5p QV set of 12 in Spanish Currency. MLH but 1p toned & thin on 5p. SG 22/33, Cat. £225$30$2420%
2777Gibraltar 1912/24 1/- black/green KGV on ordinary paper. Fine MVLH. SG 81a, Cat. £900$280$22420%
2778Gibraltar 1935 Silver Jubilee set of 4 perfined "SPECIMEN". MLH, but 2d blunt cnr & 3d & 1/- with odd split perf. SG 1145/75, Cat. £200$40$3220%
2780Gibraltar 1938/51 1½d carmine KGVI, perf. 13½. MLH with slight gum discolouration. SG 123a, Cat. £275$40$3220%
2786Heligoland 1882 10pf b/w hand-designed postcard with Heligoland JA 27 1882 cds & addressed to England with Reading b/s. Some marginal tea…$50$4020%
2788Hong Kong 1987/89 10c to $50 QEII Defin pres pack. Fine MUH. Cat. £50 (19)$30$2420%
2796India 1945 (8th Dec) "Circus Calcutta" registered cover addressed to Young NSW with 24 JA 46 arrival b/s & re-addressed to Minnie St, Har…$30$2420%
2797India 1951 Punalur pmkd cover to Swansea, Wales with Punalur Due A5, 1d I.E.S. & T/CTS/7 cachets with GB 1d red PD applied & cancelled Sw…$30$2420%
2798India 1957 3np & 6np unused Post Cards with former marked "Local". Also 15np Tiger Reply Card with both sections still joined. All ovptd …$60$4820%
2800Iran 1911 (9th July) cover addressed in Farsi with 6ch defin tied by Ramadan departure & (on flap) Teheran arrival.$30$2420%
2807Israel 1952 1000pr Menorah. MUH top right corner block of 4. SG 64a, Cat. £110+$20$1620%
2815Kiribati 1980 Moths set of 4 trial proof on ungummed paper. Imperf & with the face values. MUH. A popular thematic. With normal for compa…$30$2420%
2816Kiribati 1981 50¢ butterfly Official with OKGS ovpt double. MUH BPA cert (1988). SG 22Ba, Cat. £40$30$2420%
2817Kiribati 1983 Battle of Tarawa 40th Anniv set of 4 in complete sheets of 40 MUH. Four sheets of each value with Format gutters. Useful fo…$30$2420%
2819Macau 1949 32a UPU. MUH but dull gum from removal of tropical tissue interleaving. SG 424, Cat. £225$40$3220%
2831Muscat & Oman 1970 ¼r Nizwa Fort, ½r Matrah Fort & 1r Mirani Fort. Fresh MUH. SG 119/21, Cat. £200+ (3)$120$9620%
2832Netherlands 1956 Europa pair. MUH. Cat. £75$30$2710%
2838New Zealand 1855/58 2d blue no wmk on blued paper with neat BN cancel. 4 clear margins. SG 5, Cat. £300$90$7220%
2848New Zealand 1891 Govt Life Insurance set of 6. Good to fine used with usual mixed centring. SG L1/6, Cat. £250$100$8020%
2861New Zealand 1907 Christchurch Int Exhib illustrated letter card featuring portraits of patron, president & general manager of The Exhibit…$50$4020%
2866New Zealand 1909 ½d KEVII part booklet pane of 3 + label in position 6. MUH/MLH with selvedges intact left & right. SG 387c, Cat. £750 …$180$14420%
2867New Zealand 1909 KEVII basic set of 9. MLH, the 4d yellow & 1/- values fine MLH, others with central hinge remnants, 8d also with adheren…$30$22.525%
2877New Zealand 1920 Victory set of 6. 3d with thin otherwise MUH. SG 453/8, Cat. £55+$30$22.525%
2878New Zealand 1920 Victory set of 6 plus 1922 surcharge all fine MUH. SG 453/59, Cat. £60 + premium for MUH. (7)$80$6420%
2879New Zealand 1926/61 1d kiwi "Official" perf. 13½x14 block of 4. A couple of minute tone spots otherwise MUH/MLH & a scarce multiple. SG …$150$12020%
2894New Zealand 1935/86 2½d chocolate & slate perf. 13-14x13½ in top left marginal block of 23 MUH. SG 560, Cat. £14 x 22 + premium for MUH.$150$12020%
2895New Zealand 1936/61 1½d red-brown single wmk, ovptd "Official" perf. 13½ x 14 in lower right selvedge block of 35. Fresh MUH with one s…$700$56020%
2896New Zealand 1936/61 2d Whare "Official" perf 14 (line) marginal block of 9 MUH with odd minor bend & a couple of light tone spots. SG O12…$250$20020%
2897New Zealand 1936/61 9d scarlet & black ovptd "Official" in lower left marginal block of 8. Fresh MUH. SG O130, Cat. £160$60$4820%
2918New Zealand 1953 (6th Aug) Salvation Army, ACF & YMCA env addressed to South Aust with 2 x ½d orange kangaroo tied by 2 crisp "N.Z.A.P.O…$30$2420%
2919New Zealand 1955/59 4d blue QEII "large figures" in MUH imperforate proof pair. SG 749var.$80$6420%
2923New Zealand 1967 3¢ Puarangi horizontal pair MUH imperf at right to selvedge. CP OD5a(z) (1996 ed.), Cat. NZ$350$120$9620%
2925New Zealand 2002 Lord of the Rings - The Two Towers S/A blocks of 6 x 17. FV NZ$117+ ($112). SG 2556a Retail $28ea ($476)$100$8020%
2926New Zealand 2005 Rotary, Lions & YMCA M/S sets of 3 x 8 with commem central gutters. SG MS2770 FV NZ$140+ ($135) (24 M/S's)$100$8020%
2927New Zealand 2006 $1.50 Gandalf sheetlet ovptd "National Stamp Exhibition Christchurch 2006 KIWIPEX 2-5 November in silver with kiwi logo …$30$2420%
2930New Zealand 2011 $12 Rugby World Cup SES commem sheetlet with country Rugby emblems in tabs x 6. Retail $75ea ($450) (6)$100$8020%
2938Pitcairn Is 2010 Prince William & Kate Wedding complete sheet of 24 with tabs & commem gutter and imprinted selvedge with printer & desig…$50$4020%
2940Russia 1922 Rostov-on-Don Famine Relief set with cds postmarks but date very light & illegible. Small thin on 6T from hinge. Sold "as is"…$200$16020%
2942Samoa 1881 2d rose in the unissued value & shade. Gum disturbed & surface soiling at top. Given the condition this is believed to have em…$50$4020%
2946Saudi Arabia 1925 ⅛pi to 5pi with 16mm Long Overprints on Caliphate in blue. 5pi has minor thin otherwise fine MLH. SG 136/42, Cat. £1…$200$16020%
2947Saudi Arabia 1925 16mm Long Overprints on Arms. MLH errors comprising in blue on ½pi (inverted & double), 2pi inverted, double & double …$200$16020%
2948Saudi Arabia 1925 20pa red Postage Due with 14mm horizontal ovpt in blue MLH (SG D93a, Cat. £425) & 1923 2pi orange (SG D49A, Cat. £7 M…$80$6420%
2949Saudi Arabia 1925 Long overprints in black on Caliphate issue. ⅛pi chestnut & 1½pi lilac, both with ovpt inverted (1/8pi Filatco & 1½…$300$24020%
2950Saudi Arabia 1925 Postage Dues with small three-line handstamp as per SG D18 overprinted on 1922/24 types. All MLH with 3pi brown red hav…$120$9620%
2951Saudi Arabia 1946 ½g magenta "map" Obligatory Tax perf. 11½ & corner copy of perf. 11. Scarce with original inscription & unpriced by S…$200$16020%
2953Saudi Arabia-Hejaz 1925 ovpts with ovpt date at left & inverted at right. Most vals ovptd in black, blue, red or grey-black. 82 MLH with …$60$4820%
2956South Africa 1902 (15th Jan) stampless mourning front form Bloemfontein to Kimberley with censor tape reading "OPENED UNDER MARTIAL LWA".…$30$2420%
2958South Africa-Boer War 1900 (27th Jan) Censored cover from Pretoria to Ireland with Durban & London transits & Belfast 18MR 00 arrival. "P…$80$6420%
2964South Africa - Natal 1902 (26th Feb) 1d rose QV postcard tied by Glencoe Junction Natal cds & addressed to Switzerland with Basel receiva…$30$2420%
2965South Africa-Transvaal 1900 £5 monocolour greenish slate bank note repaired at lower left & some ageing at top but a rare survivor signe…$30$2420%
2967St Vincent 1938 env addressed to St Lucia with 1½d brown KGV tied by boxed "PAQUEBOT" cachet with neighbouring Castries St Lucia 5 MR 38…$60$4820%
2970Switzerland 1854 (Jan) Russwil, Lucerne to Munster, Germany, bearing 10 Rappen "unframed cross" yellow, red & black imperf neatly cut, wi…$75$6020%
2971Switzerland 1857 1f grey-lilac (black thread) with clear margins all round & neat lozenge obliterator. SG 38, Cat. £1100$180$14420%
2973Switzerland 1862 1f gold on plain wove paper. Ink smudged back & indistinct cancel otherwise sound example. SG 60a, Cat. £600$50$4020%
2974Switzerland 1881 15¢ lemon-yellow on granite paper. Superb used with crisp Schenkon cds of 12.I.82. SG 108, Cat. £600$150$12020%
2978Switzerland 1936 Pro Patria National Defence Fund M/S fine used with 31.X.36 cds. Minor wrinkles top & bottom from drying process. SG MS3…$70$5620%
2984Switzerland 1948 National Philatelic Exhibition (IMABA) M/S with FDI 21.VIII.48 cds (SG MS498a, Cat. £100) & 1955 Lausanne Exhib M/S wit…$50$4020%
2986Tibet 1914 4t & 8t imperfs in dull ink on very thin paper. Both unused with 4 clear margins & believed genuine but sold "as is". Ex Derek…$150$12020%
2988Tonga 1896 2d pale blue "King George 1" typewritten "Half-Penny" on 7 ½d on 2d with Tongan words "VAEUA OE BENI" reading downwards. Stop…$350$28020%
2990USA 1888 A much-travelled envelope to US Consulate London & returned to sender in Massachusetts. Amongst the crossing out/redirection & c…$50$4020%
2993USA 1928 "US Naval Training Station San Diego, California" registered cover to Chief of Bureau of Navigation Navy Department Washington, …$50$4020%
2996USA 1937 (8th May) "Anglo-American Goodwill Coronation Flight New York to London" blue cachet on long Airmail env with 6c Airmail tied by…$20$1620%
2998USA 1981 20c Fire Pumper horiz coil pair misperforated resulting in part vehicle on each unit. Unused. SG 1879 var.$20$1620%
3000USA 1998/2000 "Celebrate the Century" set of 10 post office sheetlets each with 15 commem stamps. Fine MUH. Cat. £150, FV US$50 ($75) (1…$40$3220%