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Lot Discounts

The following lots have been discounted by the vendor, and are available first-come first-served at the discounted price.

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Lot No Description Estimate Available Discount
131Gibraltar 1971-1996 specialised collection appearing complete in mainly MUH condition & written up on leaves in 2 volumes. Incls shades, …$200$16020%
133Gibraltar 1994-1999 MUH range with high degree of completeness all on Hagners. Noted 1999 to £3, commem sets & M/S's plus £5 booklets. …$80$6420%
153Hungary 1972-1973 imperforates selection incl 1972 Olympics set of 6 & Stamp Duty set of 4. MUH with 25 diff. Hungarian 2015 Cat. 21,000 …$40$3220%
186Monaco 1975-2016 MUH sets with odd M/S & sheetlet but these featured in next collection. Reasonably complete incl high val commems. Noted…$1800$144020%
187Monaco 1978-2016 range of M/S's & sheetlets with a high degree of completeness for the period. All fine MUH attractively presented & rare…$500$40020%
190Netherlands 1867-1946 used range with 1867 to 25¢, 1872/91 15¢ to 50¢ & 2g50, 1893/98 2g50 with proving cancel (Cat. £225) & 50¢ per…$300$24020%
211Norway 1993-2001 range of FDC's in quality "as new" Prinz FDC album with slipcase. A couple of earlier but strength in later blocks, M/S'…$70$5620%
212Norway Range on Hagners incl 1863/64 2sk used with small thin but presentable (SG 12, Cat. £250) & later to 1990. Largely used. (200+)$24$21.610%
219Poland 1919-1988 range of mainly used/CTO in "as new" Prinz double sided pages x 44 (retail $2.20 ea). Odd MUH single or set but majority…$40$3220%
227Romania 1911-2006 random selection incl M/S's attractively arranged on 33 "as new" Prinz double sided pages. Earlies used with later CTO …$30$2420%
237Switzerland 1870-1981 Postal Stationery incl embossed early PSE's mint & used plus postcards, newspaper wrappers & cut-outs. Also photoco…$60$4820%
240Switzerland Cover accum with best being 1948 regd to Brisbane with IMABA M/S, 1951 & 1954 Pro Juventute sets (Regd letter) to Australia, …$100$8020%
254USA 1938-1997 range of airmail, FPO & commercial covers & cards plus odd maxicard. Value in quantity with no single scarce items. Each in…$60$4820%
255USA 1970s-1990's MUH range of sets incl coils, sheetlets & odd Officials. Many thematics with vals to $1 noted with majority in blocks of…$400$32020%
264Asia 1950's-1980's covers incl Japan 1959-1961 FDC's, North Vietnam 1975-1977 covers to France, Singapore commercial covers, Brunei 1970'…$50$4020%
320World "Balance of consignment" on stockcards comprising Belgium 1905 1f orange (no label) MLH, Saar 1952 15f no imprint block of 10 MUH (…$100$8020%
349KGV ½d to 1/4d simplified set of 23 fine used. A fine fault free group. Cat. $120 (23)$50$4020%
350KGV ditto in MLH to MVLH cond. Fresh with better than average centering. Cat. $545 (23)$200$16020%
351KGV ditto in fine MUH cond. ½d & 4d range & ultramarine are marginal. Centering above average. Rarely offered complete at such a reserve…$600$48020%
354KGV 1½d Die I browns & greens written up on Devon pages with single wmk black-brown, single wmk x 2 used with varieties & Harrison impri…$150$12020%
359KGV 1½d varieties incl LMW "long second "E" & "white flaw over "P" of "Postage"" varieties F/U (ACSC 84(3)g & m) & 1½d red single wmk w…$120$9620%
362KGV 1d green, CofA wmk written up pages of plate varieties incl 12 single stamps, 7 pairs, a strip of 8, 4 blocks of 4 & a block of 6. Mo…$220$17620%
363KGV 1d green, CofA A wmk small MUH/MH accum of shades, imprints (mainly pairs), a block & an imprint strip of 4 with John Ash imprint ovp…$50$4020%
365KGV 1d greens with varieties noting single wmk "ferns" MLH/MH plus block 4 with "wattle line", "nick left frame" & "neck flaw" MUH/MLH pl…$120$9620%
366KGV 1d red dated collection from Oct 1914 to June 1922. The period from Oct 1914 to Nov 1918 is largely complete except for Sundays. Note…$750$60020%
367KGV 1d red, Die III selection with 11 examples noting carmine red, deep red, inverted wmk, perf "OS NSW", "BN" private perfin & 6 varieti…$400$32020%
368KGV 1d red, LMW from Harrison printing with 20 used copies annotated with shades &/or varieties. Incls 2 x perf "OS", an "OS NSW", "T " &…$400$32020%
377KGV 4d orange study incl 4d lemon MVLH. Orange perfd "OS" & orange-buff, both MUH but creased, 3 used examples with "line through 4d", sh…$250$20020%
378KGV 4d vals written up on leaves with violet, blue & olive colours. 4d violet fine MUH, 4d blue with inverted wmk MUH (tone spot) & 4d ol…$150$12020%
379KGV 4½d violet vals with single wmk perfd "OS" F/U, ACSC 118vd variety in F/U pair (Boulder cds) plus another F/U example with heavy ink…$180$14420%
384KGV Single wmk low vals on Hagners MLH incl ½d green, orange, 1d red, 1½d red (7 + block of 4), 1½d black brown, red brown x 2, 4d ora…$100$8020%
388KGV Selection with varieties incl ½d ACSC 65(7)r MUH, 1½d ACSC 88(13)k MLH, 1½d ACSC 89(22)g good used, 2d ACSC 96(12)j F/U, ACSC 110C…$150$12020%
398KGV Range of varieties with 30 good to fine used examples with some listed in ACSC & some unlisted. 1d green x 2, 1½d black brown x 2, 1…$30$2420%
455Postage Dues No wmk MUH & CTO multiples, the former incls 1d (18), 3d (30), 6d (22), 8d (16+8), 10d (12), 1/- & 2/- (6 each), 5/- pair wi…$75$6020%
482AAT 1957-1997 range with pickings incl $1 Mock Sun MUH & MLH, 1971 Treaty in blocks of 6 & later 1995 Whales, 1996 Landscapes & ANARE set…$30$22.525%
494New Guinea-NWPI balance of specialised collection in Lighthouse hingeless album. Incls 115 stamps & 11 "type a,b,c" vertical strips of 3.…$1750$157510%
504PNG 2007-2009 complete CTO in 2 stockbooks all with neat Port Moresby cds's. Opening at far less than the original cost with an SG cat of…$400$32020%
5431936 "Melbourne Metropolitan Postal District System Street Directory Showing the Relative Postal District Numbers". Produced by the PMG, …$40$3220%
549Australian Commonwealth Specialists Catalogue for Postage Dues (1999) in 4 ring binder system. Complete Section 10 as published.$20$1620%
550"King George V 1d Surface Printed" by DS Wallen OBE (1980) Illustrated with positional flaws arrowed. 24 pages.$20$1620%
556Specialist "Named" auction catalogues from Prestige, Phoenix, Mossgreen, Millennium, SG & Corinphila. Many hardbacked & all quality produ…$100$8020%
557Airgraphs 1943 (26th Oct) Johannesburg to Mbabane & Capetown both addressed to BOAC. The origin of both airgraphs was Temuka NZ on 6 SP 4…$60$4820%
567World 1928-1941 World range with frankings of USA, indo China, French Morocco, France, Panama, Colombia, Tunisia, Poland (1929 x 4 & 1930…$140$11220%
5801929 (27th Apr) Brisbane & Charleville vie Roma & Toowoomba Inaugural Qantas service. Charleville registered cover with 10d in total fran…$120$9620%
6141934 (20th Oct) ditto but self addressed printed env to "Flying Officer C. E. Kay" & signed by him above address with 1d KGV tied by Sydn…$50$4020%
6551941 (4th Dec) Rabaul to Sydney cover endorsed "Carried First Non-Stop Night Flight Rabaul Sydney per Catalina Flying Boat RAAF Squadron …$340$27220%
6771953 (2nd June) Australia to England & return plus intermediates carried on the Qantas Coronation Flight all on printed Air Letters each …$100$8020%
6781953 (2nd June) Australia to England & return plus intermediates full set of 24 Australia to England return with all intermediate legs pl…$75$6020%
6851959 (28th Feb) Ballarat Begonia Festival Helicopter Mail covers x 9 with all but one having violet circular cachet. Good cond. AAMC 1402…$20$1525%
694Bolivia 1926 (13th Nov) Potosi to Cochabamba per Pilot Lemaitre with 5¢ Arms tied to view side of photo "Tiaguanaco" postcard with "Pri …$140$11220%
695Canada 1930 (9th Oct) Newfoundland to England cover endorsed "Courtesy of Capt. Boyd & Lt Connor USNR Transatlantic Fliers" carried on se…$200$16020%
696Canada 1932 (19th May) Newfoundland to Germany cover carried by Fritz Hammer in "Dornier" DOX flying boat on "Harbour Grace Airport Trust…$200$16020%
698Columbia 1925 (27th June) Colombia to Venezuela First Flight per flying boat "Idoor" with 3¢ tied by "Agencia Postal Barranquilla…" cd…$120$9620%
699Columbia 1932 (13th Oct) Caucaya to Bogota Military Flight stampless cover with rubber "Correo Aereo Militar 13Oc1932 Caucaya" cds. Simil…$100$8020%
700Fiji 1933 (18th Mar) Lautoka to Suva Fiji Airways printed cover x 2, both with 2d KGV frankings & pmkd PO Levuka & Suva b/s's. VG cond. A…$30$22.525%
701France 1909 (22nd Oct) Menu card from aviation dinner signed by Louis Charles Joseph Blériot, who 3 months earlier became world-famous f…$900$72020%
702France 1927-1936 group of covers noting 1927 French India to Shanghai with "Pondichery" & "Shanghai" cancels, 1932 reg'd Bouget Aviation …$180$14420%
703France 1936 (25th Oct) Paris to Saigon Air Race cover carried by Arnoux, Japy & Micheletti in Caudron "Goeland" with 50¢ Peace tied by L…$100$8020%
704Germany 1927 (15th June) Cottbus to Berlin carried Clarence Chamberlain in the Wright-Bellanca "Colombia" after completion of Trans-Atlan…$200$16020%
705Germany 1932 (21st May) America to Europe by Dornier Do-X flying boat. Stampless postcard posted aboard the trans-Atlantic flight by Frit…$100$8020%
707Great Britain 1920 (19th July) London to Brussels carried on the first flight of the Handley-Page WWI bomber with 1½d KGV x 3 tied by Br…$180$14420%
709Great Britain 1938 (27th Nov) Imperial Airways England to Australia flight in the Short S23 "Calpurnia". Crashed at Lake Habbaniyah Iraq.…$60$4820%
712India 1925 (2nd Feb) Rislapur to Calcutta cover carried on RAF demonstration flight with large "Calcutta-Rislapur Demonstration Flight Ca…$140$11220%
714India 1929 (4th Apr) Karachi to London first flight with double ring "By Air" h/s & 8a KGV tied by Bombay GPO strike. Boxed "Air Orient" …$20$1525%
715India 1930 (30th Oct) Karachi to Calcutta "New Air Venture by The Hon'ble Mrs Victor Bruce. well known Racing Motorist. She learnt to fly…$180$14420%
716India 1930 (31st Oct) Karachi to Burma "New Air Venture by The Hon'ble Mrs Victor Bruce. Well known Racing Motorist. She learnt to fly in…$180$14420%
717Ireland 1929 (26th Aug) Galway-London First Flight postcard addressed to Perth WA with commem pictorial purple cachet "First Air Mail 26t…$80$6420%
721Italy 1932 (26th Feb) Idrovolante "S55P" flying boat on b&w postcard. Addressed to the Acting Postmaster, Darwin from "Societa Aerea Medi…$20$1525%
723Japan 1928 (3rd Apr) Japan to France cover carried by French aviators D Costes & J Le Brix with 10s Nagoya tied by Japanese language Toky…$180$14420%
724Kenya/Belgium/South Africa 1974 (18th Nov) Antwerp to Johannesburg Nairobi Lufthansa crash cover bearing a strike in violet of the Englis…$120$9620%
725Macau 1937 (28th April) Macau to USA "China Clipper" First Flight with PAA pictorial cachet in blue. Single stamp tied by part Macau octa…$20$1525%
726Netherlands 1931 (17th Aug) Suriname to Curacao with a complete set of the "Do. X 1931" Dornier 10 ovpts tied by "Extra Luchtpost Verzend…$120$9620%
727New Caledonia 1931 (12th May) Internal airmail cover to Postmaster at Voh with 15f56 in 12 defin franking each with "PAR AVION" h/s in bl…$100$8020%
735New Zealand 1953 (8th Oct) Christchurch Air Race covers from Netherlands both with violet "aircraft over sailing ship" cachet on commem K…$20$1620%
738Nyasaland 1932 (21st Jan) First acceptance of mail from Nyasland to England to connect with Imperial Airways inaugural Cape Town to Londo…$60$4820%
740PNG 1929 (29th Nov) Salamaua to Port Moresby with 1½d Huts tied by Post Office "Salamoa" (spelling error) cds & "Guinea Airways 29 NOV 2…$100$8020%
741PNG 1930 (11th Mar) USA Internal Airmail combination franking on "A.C. Roessler" printed env with 3d Lakatois ovptd "Air Mail" tied by Po…$180$14420%
742PNG 1930 (18th Aug) Wau to Rabaul with 1½d Huts tied by Post Office 2 SE 30 Wau cds & "Guinea Airways Limited 18 AUG 1930" neighbouring …$120$9620%
743PNG 1930 (22nd Sept) Wau to Rabaul cover with 1½d Hut tied by crisp Post Office Wau cds in violet. Double circle datestamp of "Guinea Ai…$80$6420%
744PNG 1930 (22nd Sept) Wau to Rabaul ditto. VG cond. AAMC P25, Cat. $325$90$7220%
745PNG 1930 (22nd Sept) ditto but pilot signed by WM Wiltshire. Good cond. Ex Frommer. AAMC P25, Cat. $325+$100$8020%
747PNG 1932 (13th June) Samarai to Berlin, Germany cover with 6d Lakatoi ovptd "Air Mail" & tied by Samarai cds's paying 3d foreign surface …$100$8020%
753PNG 1934 (12th Apr) ditto but cover with Australia 2d KGV tied by Rockdale 22 AP 34 cds on arrival. Pilot signed across stamp by Marshall…$100$8020%
756PNG 1935 (1st Sept) Daru to Port Moresby to Darwin cover endorsed "First Flight Daru-Port Moresby-Port Darwin per RAAF Southampton Flying…$180$14420%
757PNG 1935 (27th Nov) "First Flight Port Moresby to Daru via Oroville Police camp D'Alberits Junction Fly River" typed endorsed cover with …$140$11220%
760PNG 1937 (10th Jan) Sydney to Salamaua cover carried on Mandated Airlines DH84 Dragon return flight with 1d KGV tied by Enmore cds alongs…$280$22420%
761PNG 1937 (22nd Sept) Sydney to Thursday Is with 2d KGV tied by bold Thursday Island cds with additional strike below. Typed endorsement a…$120$9620%
762PNG 1937 (11th Oct) Port Moresby to Lake Kutubu with Papua 1d KGVI Coronation x 2 tied by Port Moresby cds. Signed by pilot AA Koch. The …$280$22420%
763PNG 1937 (25th Nov) Wewak to Tring (Sepik) franked with 3½d BOP John Ash imprint pair tied by neat Wewak cds. Pilot signed by Kevin Pare…$280$22420%
764PNG 1937 (25th Nov) Tring to Wewak similarly signed & franked to the above. Exc cond. AAMC P120a, Cat. $600$280$22420%
766PNG 1938 (20th Jan) Sydney-to Port Moresby via Cape York Crome endorsed "Australia-New Guinea 26-1-38 "Felicity" UH-UKV" cover. Pilot sig…$180$14420%
769PNG 1938 (15th Oct) Port Moresby by airmail to Eastman Kodak, Dutch East Indies with 1/- Jubilee paying combined rate for Carpenter Airli…$180$14420%
771PNG 1941 (4th Dec) Rabaul to Sydney first non-stop night flight per Catalina flying boat. 5d BOP cancelled "4/12/41 Rabaul" in m/s. Endor…$120$9620%
773Poland 1921 (13th June) "Aero-Targ: Poznan 1921" 25m & 100m semi-official Airs on small unaddressed cover with pictorial cachet in black.…$30$2420%
774Singapore 1926 (23rd Aug) Singapore to Kuala Lumpur Experimental Flight with Straits Settlements 1¢ & 3¢ tied by light Singapore cds. B…$120$9620%
776South Africa 1911 (27th Dec) Kenilworth to Muizenberg "First South African Aerial Post" picture postcard with Cape of Good Hope 1d tied b…$280$22420%
777South Africa 1925 (2nd Mar) Capetown to Durban postcard endorsed "via Capetown-Port Elizabeth-Durban Experimental Air Route" with GB ½d …$200$16020%
778South Africa 1932 Imperial Airways illust FFC's to London from Cape Town bearing 1/- on one & 4d x 3 on other. Also intermediate Keetmans…$30$2420%
779Switzerland 1925 (2nd June) Geneva to Basel comical aviation postcard with "Meeting International" cachet tying 25¢ air & two triangular…$70$5620%
780Switzerland 1926 (7th Dec) Switzerland to South Africa cover carried by Walter Mittelholzer & Hand Hartmann in the Dornier seaplane CH-17…$180$14420%
781Switzerland 1928 (27th July) incoming covers from Latvia to Luzern with green on yellow vignette plus 1930 Liechtenstein to St Gallen reg…$140$11220%
783Thailand 1926 (6th May) Thailand to Denmark cover carried by Herschend & Petersen with "By Danish Fokker Aeroplanes 1926 Bangkok to Copen…$340$27220%
784Uruguay 1925 (26th Sept) Montevideo to Rincon Rio Negro registered cover with 5¢ & 45¢ adhesives tied by oval Correo Aereo Montevideo &…$40$3220%
785USA 1918 (11th Aug) New York to Washington long cover with 16¢ airmail tied by Air Mail Service Wash NY Phila New York cds & signed by t…$80$6420%
786USA 1919 (21st Dec) Locklear Flying Circus "Presidio Service Club Fund" admission tag for "50cts War tax Exempt". Endorsed "GL McEntee Ca…$20$1620%
787USA 1928 (21st Feb) Springfield to St Louis Lindbergh Flight cover with 10¢ Lindbergh air & horseshoe cachet "Lindbergh Again Flies the …$40$3220%
792USA 1934 (27th June) New York to Warsaw Trans-Atlantic Flight by monoplane "Warsaw" piloted by brothers Ben & Joe Adamowicz. US 2¢ Washi…$50$4020%
793USA 1935 (10th Nov) Much-travelled airmail cover with 2 address changes, additional Netherlands Indies 10¢ franking & finally arriving 2…$30$2420%
794USA 1936 (4th May) Registered Airmail cover to Eritrea posted McVeigh, Kentucky via New York bearing 6¢ Air (correct domestic rate) plus…$30$2420%
795USA 1936 (30th Oct) New York to London cover carried by James Mollison in his Bellanca "Miss Dorothy" making the first direct flight betw…$280$22420%
796USA 1937 (8th May) "Anglo-American Goodwill Coronation Flight New York to London" blue cachet on long Airmail env with 6c Airmail tied by…$20$1620%
797USA 1939 (8th Sept) Peoria, Illinois to Berkeley, California Airmail env with 6¢ orange airmail cancelled by duplex. Typewritten "Carrie…$40$3220%
801USA 1947 (16th Apr) New York to Chicago "Milton Reynolds" illust cover signed by Milton Reynolds, navigator of his "Reynolds (Douglas A26…$30$2420%
8771861 6d sage-green. F/U with close to touching margins. Attractive upright 15 bar 2 numeral cancel. SG 28, Cat. £400$150$12020%
8781861 6d sage-green with clear rouletting on 2 frames & rougher rouletting at right & base. Light indistinct cancel. SG 32, Cat. £700$250$20020%
8791860/64 6d sage green with roulette clear at base. Other margins clear but rouletting absent. F/U by light BN "1" obliterator. SG 32, Cat…$200$16020%
8861877 6d lilac swan. MLH but only part o.g. & couple of tiny red marks on back otherwise fine & well centered. SG 75, Cat. £200$50$4510%
8871879 1d bistre & 6d lilac, perf. 14 Telegraph pair good to fine used. SG T1/T2 Cat. £250 (2)$280$25210%
8881879 1d bistre, perf. 12½ & 6d lilac, perf. 14 Telegraph pair good to fine used with 6d having 15 bar 18 numeral cancel. SG T1a/T2 Cat. …$140$12610%
8951883 1d yellow-ochre, perf. 12x14. Fine used. SG 81, Cat. £170$60$4820%
9031890 1d carmine MUH block of 4, slightly aged gum. SG 95, Cat. £190+$450$36020%
9051890 4d chestnut with "SPECIMEN" ovpt. MLH, ironed out horiz crease near top. SG 98s$50$4020%
9151893 2/6d Internal Revenue, wmk CA over crown. Unused without gum.$140$12610%
9191897 6d dull purple Internal Revenue, wmk W crown A in horiz pair. MVLH with rich colour. SG F21, Cat. £340+$140$12610%
9351902 9d yellow orange, single line perf. 11. Fine MLH. SG 133, Cat. £180, ACSC Cat. $250$95$7620%
9371902/11 10/- deep mauve. Fine used by light oval "R" cancel. Minor stain at right. Well centred. SG 127, Cat. £100$50$4510%
9391902/11 2/- bright red yellow perfined "WA", 2/6d deep blue rose & 5/- emerald green both perfd "OS" & all fine used(3)$50$4510%
9441902/12 £1 orange-brown fine used with crisp 1903 Kalgoorlie cds. SG 128, Cat. £190$120$9620%
9461909 £1 orange fine used with what appears to be a Perth CTO specimen cancel (MR 1911) without gum. Toned perf at base. SG 128a, Cat. £350$250$20020%
9481909 £1 orange with Specimen UPU concentric circle cancel. No gum. SG 128a, Cat. £350$300$24020%
9501902 2/- brownish red on yellow, single line perf. 11. Fresh MLH. ACSC Cat. $475, SG 134, Cat. £300$200$16020%
9591905/12 9d orange. MUH, light gum crease. SG 157, Cat. £200$120$9620%
9621906/07 Indian picture postcards with clear Fimiston arrival cds's with two addressed to Kalgurli Gold Mine & the other c/- Fimiston PO. …$30$2420%
9631907 (5th Feb) 1904 1d swan Post Card (PC 13) with variable Ship Mail Room cds & addressed to England. Lightly creased top left corner, o…$30$2420%
9791930's Theatre Royal, Hay Street, Perth uncut admission tickets on 3 diff coloured cards for "Lounge" & "Stalls" in numbered strips with …$30$2420%
9821941 (8th May) Mil P.O. Melville cds tying 1d QM to Hobart addressed cover with neighbouring "Department of the Army Concessional Postal …$30$2420%
9851945 (23rd July) Mil P.O. Hollywood cds HD1 (reported use 11-12-44 to 28-06-45) tying 2½d KGVI with "Department of the Army Concessional…$30$2420%
988634 Mile T.A.R. (Trans Australian Railway) A complete strike on 2d red KGV on piece dated 17 SE 35. PMI dates this pmk as 03-06-36 to 3-0…$380$30420%
994Black Range on 1d red swan stationery cut-out. 3b example dated AU 7 1906 with day & month inverted. Slight toning.$40$3220%
1000Duketon 3b on 4d chestnut, V/crown wmk, perf II. ACSC Kangaroos & the Early Federal Period 1901-12 catalogue notes, "This is a rare stamp…$250$20020%
1003Jarrahdale Post Office ORS 3 60% strike on 2d grey swan on small piece for 14 OCT (?). (1)$30$2420%
1011Northam 12 bar 7 with 2 strikes on 2d yellow swan vertical pair.$40$3610%
1019Quindalup 12 bar 24 on 2d chrome-yellow (SG 54). A superb strike of this very scarce numeral cancel.$60$5410%
1030"Aborigines of Western Australia A Merry Xmas to You" b&w Western Mail with various scenes & surrounding flora & fauna. Unused in good cond.$20$1620%
1037"Bringing in the Bush Hay" b&w Western Mail photographic in oval design. Unused in good cond.$20$1620%
1051"Governor's House, Perth" postcards x 2 in colour. Both with back printed in green with "One Penny Stamp Here. Printed in Germany" in sta…$20$1620%
1083"South Perth from King's Park" colour "South Australian Commonwealth of Australia". Very early usage with 1d swan tied by 15 AU 03 Subiac…$50$4020%
1084"South-West Aboriginals, WA" b&w with some light blue for sky. Austral Stores card with undivided back. Small stain on front & corner wea…$20$1620%
11121913 1st Watermark 1d red, Die II, perfined large "OS" with "extra islands" (two Tasmania's) variety. Good used with a few shortish perfs…$80$6420%
11131913 1st Watermark 1d red, Die IIA with "cracked electro state I" variety. Fine used with a few shortish perfs & light horiz crease. ACSC…$150$13510%
11151913 1st Watermark 2d grey with "retouched shading & left frame of map" & 9d violet with "broken shading line below "Postage"" varieties.…$100$8020%
11171913 1st Watermark 2d grey x 2 with both perfd "OS" with "left frame thickened at top corner" (ACSC 5(1)I) & "scratch from first E of pen…$100$8020%
11251913 1st Watermark 3d olive, Die I with CA monogram. Fresh MVLH with perfs lightly trimmed at top right but not detracting from this fres…$1500$135010%
11321913 1st Watermark 4d orange. Well centred, MVLH verging on MUH. ACSC 15A, Cat. $275$140$11220%
11331913 1st Watermark 4d pale orange. MUH lower left marginal pair MUH (trimmed margins). Centred to left & light corner bend on right unit …$500$40020%
11341913 1st Watermark 4d orange-yellow, centered low left with a couple of shortish perfs. Lovely rich colour. ACSC 15E, Cat. $1500$200$16020%
11351913 1st Watermark 5d chestnut CA monogram single. MLH. A difficult stamp. ACSC 16(2)zc, Cat. $3500$2500$225010%
11421913 1st Watermark 6d blue with JBC monogram single. Fresh MLH, centered slightly right but a scarce stamp. ACSC 17(2)zc, Cat. $4500$2800$252010%
11431913 1st Watermark 9d violet CA monogram single. Small concealed shallow thin on reverse for accuracy otherwise fresh MLH with rich colou…$2500$225010%
11471913 1st Watermark 1/- deep green, perfined large "OS" with "break top frame over "L" of Australia" variety. F/U with neat parcel cancel.…$100$8020%
11501913 1st Watermark 2/- brown. MLH, centred low left with hinge remnant. ACSC 35A, Cat. $650$100$8020%
11511913 1st Watermark 2/- brown. MUH & well centred, but discoloured gum so priced as MLH. ACSC 35A, Cat. $650$180$14420%
11521913 1st Watermark 2/- dark brown with "white flaw under 2nd "l" of shilling" variety. F/U with Perth P.P. cancel, centred right. ACSC 35…$180$14420%
11531913 1st Watermark 2/- dark brown. MLH with strong colour. ACSC 36B, Cat. $1500$500$40020%
11591913 1st Watermark 10/- grey & pink ovptd "Specimen". Hinge sweated off resulting in slightly browned patchy gum & average centering thus…$180$14420%
11631913 1st Watermark 10/- grey & pink. Useful spacefiller with small closed tear near S.W. coast of WA & a couple of short perfs otherwise …$200$16020%
11711915 2nd Watermark 2d grey in block of 4 perfined small "OS" block 4. MUH/MVLH with 2 of each. ACSC 6ba, Cat. $2550$650$52020%
11821915 2nd Watermark 1/- dull green with "break in top frame over "l" of Australia". F/U with pmk close to variety. ACSC 31C(2)e, Cat. $200$80$6420%
11831915 2nd Watermark 1/- green perfined "OS" with "break in coastline of Arnhem Land" variety. Good to F/U with heavyish Melbourne double c…$300$24020%
11841915 2nd Watermark 2/- light brown. Centred slightly to left, MUH. SG 29, ACSC 36A, Cat. $8500$1300$97525%
11901915 2nd Watermark 5/- deep grey & yellow with large telegraph puncture at the left of stamp. Fine used, a nice example. ACSC 43A $100$8020%
11931915/28 3rd Watermark 2d grey with substitute cliché Die IIA. Centred left with short perfs at left but fine used & an increasingly diff…$750$60020%
11951915/28 3rd Watermark 2½d deep blue, Die II with "offset". Fresh MLH. Drury cert. (2018) ACSC 11Bc, Cat. $400$200$18010%
11991915/28 3rd Watermark 3d olive vertical perf "OS" pair with inverted wmk. Fine used by light machine cancel. Also "retouch on first "A"" …$150$12020%
12011915/28 3rd Watermark 6d dull grey blue, Die II, with "retouched white flaw S.E. of Albany" variety. Good to fine used by double cds, sho…$200$18010%
12041915/28 3rd Watermark 6d chestnut with "broken leg on kangaroo" variety. Used by a neat parcel cancel, centred left. ACSC 21A(3)d Cat. $200$40$3610%
12121915/28 3rd Watermark 9d violet, Die IIB, perfined small "OS". Centred top left but scarce in such fine MUH cond. ACSC 27Aba, Cat. $500$150$13510%
12131915/28 3rd Watermark 1/- blue-green left selvedge block of 4 with light even toning on the back, & a couple of pulled perfs. MUH but ton…$75$6020%
12141915/28 3rd Watermark 1/- blue green Die IIb block of 4, plate 4 from positions 31 & 32/ 37 & 38 with "1 for 1st I in shilling" variety. …$900$72020%
12171915/28 3rd Watermark 2/- brown with "colour spot on WA coast" variety. Fine used. ACSC 37A(1)g, Cat. $300$200$16020%
12181915/28 3rd Watermark 2/- brown with inverted wmk. Genuinely used with parcel cancel. ACSC 37Aa, Cat. $1500$200$16020%
12201915/28 3rd Watermark 2/- brown. MH with hinge remnants top & bottom. Centred high left. ACSC 37A, Cat. $450$90$7220%
12251915/28 3rd Watermark 2/- deep brown. MLH with aged gum & corner crease, centred high. ACSC 37D, Cat. $500$50$4020%
12271915/28 3rd Watermark 2/- aniline red-brown, Die I. Fine used with 1917 cds. A couple of short perfs & one toned plus light horizontal cr…$400$32020%
12301915/28 3rd Watermark 2/- maroon. MLH, centred right. ACSC 38A, Cat. $300$90$7220%
12311915/28 3rd Watermark 2/- pale brown with "vertical hairline in bight" variety. Lightish parcel cancel, short perf. ACSC 37B(4)f, Cat. $300+$100$8020%
12321915/28 3rd Watermark 2/- pale brown with "flaw on "s" of Australia" variety. F/U with a couple short perfs at top for accuracy. ACSC 37B…$150$12020%
12331915/28 3rd Watermark 2/- pale brown with "nick left frame opposite top of WA" variety. F/U, centred right, couple short perfs top right.…$120$9620%
12341915/28 3rd Watermark 2/- pale brown with "white flaw under 2nd "l" of shilling" variety. Fine used with a few short perfs top right. ACS…$90$7220%
12361915/28 3rd Watermark 2/- reddish-brown perfd "OS" with "white dog-leg flaw through "sh" to value circle" variety. Good to F/U, light sta…$280$22420%
12371915/28 3rd Watermark 2/- reddish-brown with "flaw left frame opposite top of WA" variety. Good used with light part parcel cancel. Irone…$50$4020%
12411915/28 3rd Watermark 5/- grey-black & chrome with "break right frame opposite Cape York & yellow spots on map west of Spencer's Gulf" & …$200$16020%
12451915/28 3rd Watermark 5/- grey-black & chrome with 'break in coast of Gulf of Carpentaria" variety. Fine used with light parcel cancel. A…$150$12020%
12461915/28 3rd Watermark 5/- grey-black & chrome with large telegraph puncture. Good used with some irregular perfs. These are becoming incr…$80$6420%
12481915/28 3rd Watermark 5/- grey & yellow with "ewe faced kangaroo" variety plus SMW example showing state II of the variety. Both have par…$150$12020%
12491915/28 3rd Watermark 5/- grey & deep yellow. Small perf repair top left otherwise nice appearance & MLH. ACSC 44C, Cat. $450$100$8020%
12541915/28 3rd Watermark 5/- grey & pale yellow with "break in right frame near top" & "flaw across kangaroo's tail" varieties. Good used, p…$180$14420%
12551915/28 3rd Watermark 5/- grey & pale yellow with "break right frame near top" & "flaw across top of kangaroo's tail" varieties. Good use…$100$8020%
12561915/28 3rd Watermark 5/- grey & pale yellow with "short Spencers Gulf" variety. Good used with parcel cancel. Missing TL corner reflecte…$50$4020%
12571915/28 3rd Watermark 5/- grey & pale yellow with "weeping kangaroo" variety. Good to F/U with double cds & a few ragged perfs at top. AC…$180$14420%
12581915/28 3rd Watermark 5/- grey & pale yellow with inverted wmk. Fresh MUH. SG 42w, ACSC 44Da, Cat. $2500 as MLH so premium for this example.$1200$108010%
12591915/28 3rd Watermark 5/- grey & pale yellow with inverted wmk. Used example with part Sydney cds's. Well centered. A difficult stamp. SG…$500$45010%
12601915/28 3rd Watermark 5/- grey-black & yellow-orange perfined "OS" with "Spencers Gulf short" variety. Used. ACSC 44Bb(D)j, Cat. $375$120$9620%
12611915/28 3rd Watermark 10/- grey & aniline pink. Light even gum toning with paler strip across top otherwise MVLH & well centred. ACSC 47B…$500$40020%
12621915/28 3rd Watermark 10/- grey & aniline pink. MVLH centred low. Fresh, strong colour. ACSC 48B, Cat. $750$400$32020%
12651915/28 3rd Watermark 10/- grey & deep aniline pink perfined small "OS". Fine CTO. ACSC 48ba, Cat. $500$250$20020%
12681915/28 3rd Watermark 10/- grey & deep aniline-pink with large telegraph puncture. Scarce. ACSC 48B, Cat. $375$150$12020%
12701915/28 3rd Watermark 10/- grey & pink ovptd "SPECIMEN" Type C. Slightly fluffy/irregular perfs top & base. MLH with light even toning. A…$800$64020%
12751915/28 3rd Watermark £1 purple-brown & blue with "broken tail on kangaroo" vignette variety & large telegraph puncture. Fine used with …$380$30420%
12781915/28 3rd Watermark £1 light brown & pale blue. Fine used with neat Sydney Regd cds. A couple of shortish perfs at top but well center…$750$60020%
12811915/28 3rd Watermark £1 grey. MVLH with faint even gum toning. ACSC 53A, Cat. $1000$360$28820%
12831915/28 3rd Watermark £1 grey ovptd "SPECIMEN" showing "flaw above "l" of Australia" unlisted variety. MUH with aged gum. Good centering…$120$9620%
12841915/28 3rd Watermark £1 grey ovptd "SPECIMEN" sub-type 2 with "shaved "P". MLH with light even gum toning. ACSC 53Axf, Cat. $1000$150$12020%
12851915/28 3rd Watermark £1 grey ovptd "SPECIMEN" type C, sub-type 2 with "shaved P" variety. MLH with overall toning & small gum thin thus…$150$13510%
12861915/28 3rd Watermark £1 grey ovptd "SPECIMEN" type C. Fine MLH & well centered. ACSC 53Axb, Cat. $375$150$13510%
12901915/28 3rd Watermark £2 purple black & rose ovptd "SPECIMEN" type C. Fine MUH, centered high. ACSC 56xb, Cat. $1250$300$24020%
12911915/28 3rd Watermark £2 purple black & rose ovptd "SPECIMEN" Type C. MUH with light even gum toning. A well centred example with fresh …$380$30420%
12931929/30 Small Multiple Watermark 1929/30 Small Multiple Watermark9d violet & 1/- green plus 2d KGV tied to 2 MY 31 Aust to England second…$100$8020%
12941929/30 Small Multiple Watermark 9d violet perfd "OS". MUH but slightly toned gum otherwise well-centred & frontally fresh. ACSC 28Ab, Ca…$160$12820%
12961929/30 Small Multiple Watermark 1/- blue green with top margin &perfd small "OS". MUH & perfectly centred. ACSC 34Ab, Cat. $300$150$12020%
12971929/30 Small Multiple Watermark 1/- blue green in John Ash imprint block of 4 perfd "OS". MLH with slightly blotchy toned gum. Frontally…$200$16020%
12981929/30 Small Multiple Watermark 1/- blue-green Ash imprint "N" over "N" block of 4 but does not show variety J "break in northern coast …$200$16020%
13031929/30 Small Multiple Watermark 5/- grey & yellow perfined "OS". Heavyish parcel cancel but good perfs & well centred. ACSC 45Aba, Cat. …$30$2420%
13041929/30 Small Multiple Watermark 5/- grey & yellow-orange with "rat faced kangaroo" variety. MLH with light even gum toning with slight s…$200$16020%
13051929/30 Small Multiple Watermark 5/- grey & yellow-orange with "Spencers Gulf short" duty plate variety. Good to F/U with light parcel ca…$140$11220%
13061929/30 Small Multiple Watermark 5/- grey & yellow-orange with "Spencers Gulf short" duty plate variety. Fine used with neat part Melbour…$200$16020%
13071929/30 Small Multiple Watermark 5/- grey & yellow-orange with bold Late Fee cds dated 4 JE 31. ACSC 45, Cat. $250$40$3610%
13081929/30 Small Multiple Watermark 5/- grey & yellow-orange. MLH, centered slightly top right. ACSC 45B, Cat. $400$180$14420%
13091929/30 Small Multiple Watermark 5/- dark grey & yellow-orange with "long curved tail on kangaroo" variety. Fine used very slightly smudg…$150$12020%
13101929/30 Small Multiple Watermark 5/- dark grey & yellow-orange with "Spencers Gulf short" vignette variety. Very F/U with lovely colour. …$200$16020%
13111929/30 Small Multiple Watermark 10/- grey & pale pink ovptd "SPECIMEN" Type C, sub type 2 with "Shaved "P" variety. Centered low left. A…$440$35220%
13121929/30 Small Multiple Watermark 10/- grey & pale pink ovptd "SPECIMEN, sub-type 1 with damaged "C". MVLH, unfortunately short/pulled per…$200$16020%
13141929/30 Small Multiple Watermark 10/- grey & pale pink with bottom margin. MUH, centred a little to right. ACSC 49, Cat. $3000$1000$80020%
13201929/30 Small Multiple Watermark £2 grey & rose-crimson. Fine used with neat upright Kalgoorlie cds. ACSC 57A, Cat. $1200$600$48020%
13221929/30 Small Multiple Watermark £2 grey & pale rose-crimson with "break in lower frame under "n" of Pounds" duty plate variety. Very fi…$800$64020%
13261931-47 CofA Watermark 5/- grey & yellow-orange with "break in coast of Gulf of Carpentaria" duty plate variety & neat telegraph puncture…$90$7220%
13271931-47 CofA Watermark 5/- grey & yellow-orange with "broken coast near Sydney & Spencers Gulf elongated" duty plate variety. Superb used…$90$7220%
13281931-47 CofA Watermark 5/- grey & yellow-orange with "long curved tail on kangaroo" variety. F/U by Ballarat cds. ACSC 46A(V)o, Cat. $150$70$5620%
13291931-47 CofA Watermark 5/- grey & yellow-orange with "long curved tail on kangaroo" variety. Good used with variable parcel cancel, light…$40$3220%
13301931-47 CofA Watermark 5/- grey & yellow-orange with "open mouthed kangaroo" variety. F/U but heavy strike of steel postmarker has caused…$40$3220%
13311931-47 CofA Watermark 5/- grey & yellow-orange with "Spencers Gulf elongated" duty plate variety. Good used with part parcel cancel. ACS…$60$4820%
13321931-47 CofA Watermark 5/- grey & yellow-orange with "white collar on kangaroo" vignette variety. Good to F/U centered top left off. ACSC…$60$4820%
13351931-47 CofA Watermark 5/- grey & yellow-orange with "white line adjacent to coast in bight" duty plate variety. Good used by slightly sm…$60$4820%
13361931-47 CofA Watermark 5/- grey & yellow with "shading breaks in bight" variety. F/U with good centering. ACSC 46B(D)n, Cat. $150$70$5620%
13391931-47 CofA Watermark 5/- grey & yellow-buff with "kangaroos foot broken" variety. Good used with few short perfs. ACSC 46C(V)n, Cat. $150$50$4020%
13401931-47 CofA Watermark 10/- grey & pink with "notch in kangaroos snout" variety. F/U but missing BL corner perf. ACSC 50A(V)I, Cat. $550$150$12020%
13481931-47 CofA Watermark 10/- grey & pink. MLH, centred stop left. Barely noticeable gum toning mentioned for accuracy. ACSC 50A, Cat. $750$220$17620%
13491931-47 CofA Watermark 10/- grey & pink ovptd "SPECIMEN" type C with sub-type 2 "shaved P" variety. Centred high & unused without gum but…$500$45010%
13501931-47 CofA Watermark 10/- grey & pink ovptd "SPECIMEN" type C. Unused without gum, good centering. ACSC 50Ax, Cat. $850$180$16210%
13511931-47 CofA Watermark 10/- grey & pink ovptd "SPECIMEN" type D with "broken coast south of Bonaparte Gulf" plate variety. Fine MLH. ACSC…$200$18010%
13541931-47 CofA Watermark 10/- grey-black & pale rose-crimson. F/U with part Meekatharra cds. Good perfs & centering. ACSC 50C, Cat. $450$200$16020%
13551931-47 CofA Watermark 10/- grey-black & pale rose-crimson. F/U. ACSC 50C, Cat. $450 $180$14420%
13571931-47 CofA Watermark 10/- grey-black & rose-carmine. Very fine used with VG perfs & centering. ACSC 50B, Cat. $275$180$14420%
13581931-47 CofA Watermark 10/- dark grey & aniline-pink with "muzzled kangaroo" vignette variety. ACSC 50E(V)r, Cat. $1250+ premium for var.$600$48020%
13591931-47 CofA Watermark 10/- dark grey & aniline-pink. F/U with a few short perfs but remains a nice example. ACSC 50E, Cat. $1250$280$22420%
13601931-47 CofA Watermark 10/- grey & aniline-pink with central telegraph puncture & neat Launceston Telegraph Office cds. Superb used. Cat.…$200$16020%
13611931-47 CofA Watermark £1 grey with neat telegraph puncture & Burnie cds. Centred a little high. Increasingly collectable. ACSC 54$100$8020%
13671931-47 CofA Watermark £2 grey black & rose crimson with "white flaw at top of Kangaroo's arm" variety. Black ink marks in "T" of "Austr…$400$32020%
13721931-47 CofA Watermark £2 grey black & rose crimson ovptd "SPECIMEN" type D with "fox faced kangaroo" variety. This excellent MLH/MH exa…$600$54010%
13801914-20 Single Watermark ½d orange Harrison imprint block of 4. MUH/MLH with fresh appearance. ACSC 66(9)z, Cat. $275$100$8020%
13811914-20 Single Watermark ½d orange KGV with "white gash behind King's ear" variety tied by Camooweal cds alongside a pair of 2d brown KG…$75$6020%
13831914-20 Single Watermark ½d orange lower positional selvedge corner block of 4. Electro 6 - 49, 50/ 55, 56 with "retouched shading behin…$100$8020%
13841914-20 Single Watermark ½d orange plate block of 30 with inverted wmk, electro 7. Contains 4 listed varieties. MUH with six units havin…$150$12020%
13861914-20 Single Watermark ½d orange, electro 6, Harrison imprint block of 4 with no stop after "Printer". MUH/MLH with some perfs separat…$80$7210%
13991914-20 Single Watermark 1d dull red, G16, perfd "OS" in positional strip of 5 from the top of pane 2: 2.1 to 2.5 (Die I, Die II, Die II,…$200$16020%
14071914-20 Single Watermark 1d brownish red, Die II. Fine used & well centered. A rare shade with Drury cert. (2015) ACSC 75D, Cat. $2000$900$72020%
14141914-20 Single Watermark 1d rose-carmine inverted wmk in block of 4. Fresh MLH & well-centred. ACSC 71La, Cat. $360 as singles + premium$200$16020%
14151914-20 Single Watermark 1d rose-carmine, pane 5 in positional plate block of 6. Nos. 29, 30/ 35, 36/ 41, 42. MUH, centred left. Lovely r…$180$14420%
14181914-20 Single Watermark 1d salmon, G26 with inverted wmk. Good used with machine cancel, centred right with a couple of short perfs. Lov…$90$7220%
14241914-20 Single Watermark 1d pink, G28 with inverted wmk. MVLH, centered left. Drury cert. (2015) ACSC 71Ta, Cat. $800$300$24020%
14361914-20 Single Watermark 1d carmine red, single line perf, Die II (G1). Fine used with neat numeral cancel. A lesser example sold for $21…$2000$160020%
14401914-20 Single Watermark 1d carmine aniline on rough paper, G62, with no wmk. MLH top marginal selvedge example. Where part wmk can be se…$4000$320020%
14431914-20 Single Watermark 1d carmine rough paper with line watermark only. Lightly used with Melbourne cancel. Drury Cert. (2014). ACSC No…$500$45010%
14521914-20 Single Watermark 1d rosine on rough paper perfined "OS" in top right marginal selvedge block of 4. MUH, centered high but not as …$1500$120020%
14651914-20 Single Watermark 1d plum on rough paper, G71, perfined "OS". Right marginal example centred top right. MLH from hinge reinforceme…$500$40020%
14691914-20 Single Watermark 1d crimson on rough paper, G73, in positional block of 4 with Bridgetown 13 AU 18 cds's. Pane 2: 14 + 15/20 & 21…$120$9620%
14781914-20 Single Watermark 1d maroon with "saddle on emu" variety. Fine used. Drury Cert. (2019) ACSC 72R(1)e, Cat. $300$100$8020%
14811914-20 Single Watermark 1d deep bright red, Die III, G111 with "state 1 thin US" variety. Fine used by light slogan cancel, centred low …$200$16020%
14831914-20 Single Watermark 1d red SLP with major "run N of one" right plate variety. Minor toning but well centred & F/U. ACSC 70(4)v, Cat.…$100$8020%
15001914-20 Single Watermark 1½d green, Die I, electro 17 in complete left pane of 60. Separated into 3 units. Contains 5 ACSC listed variet…$400$32020%
15021914-20 Single Watermark 1½d red block of 4 with 2 varieties. MUH x1/MLH x3 & well centred. ACSC 89(22)I & j, Cat. $120 as singles$50$4020%
15031914-20 Single Watermark 1½d red electro 25 in Mullett imprint strip of 4. L60 has "e" break under second "E" of "PENCE" variety. Fine M…$100$8020%
15041914-20 Single Watermark 1½d red electro 25-28, left pane units 1-6 top selvedge strip of 3 with double misplaced perf in selvedge. Stam…$250$20020%
15051914-20 Single Watermark 1½d red electro 26 in Mullett imprint block of 4 with "small notch in bottom frame under left edge of right val…$100$8020%
15091914-20 Single Watermark 1½d red with "cracked electro left side of crown" variety. Good to fine used with light slogan cancel. ACSC 89(…$40$3220%
15131914-20 Single Watermark 2d orange perfined "OS" with inverted wmk. Fine MUH. ACSC 95a, Cat. $750. See footnote; "OS" found with wmk inve…$200$16020%
15141914-20 Single Watermark 2d orange with "cracked electro through base of left wattle, through left 2 & LUT" variety. Fine used example. A…$160$12820%
15151914-20 Single Watermark 2d orange with "cracked electro through right side" variety. Lightly used with machine cancel near crack. Rough/…$220$17620%
15161914-20 Single Watermark 2d orange with cracked electro stage 1 "white flaw next to 2 in right value tablet" variety. Good to F/U with co…$180$14420%
15171914-20 Single Watermark 2d orange with cracked electro through base of left wattle. Attractive F/U example with part 1921 Jarrahdale cds…$200$16020%
15181914-20 Single Watermark 2d orange, perfd "OS" with "cracked electro vertically through right side" variety. Good to fine used, centred l…$200$16020%
15211914-20 Single Watermark 2d red with "white spot top left corner" variety. F/U example with light cds. ACSC 96(12)g, Cat. $150$60$4820%
15221914-20 Single Watermark 2d red-brown with "retouched SW corner" variety. Fine used. ACSC 97A(16)m, Cat. $90$40$3220%
15251914-20 Single Watermark 4d lime yellow fine used by Carnarvon WA 3b SP 22 17 cds with unfortunate ink smudge . A very scarce shade with …$300$24020%
15261914-20 Single Watermark 4d olive perfined "OS". MUH, centered low left. ACSC 114ba, Cat. $150$40$3220%
15301914-20 Single Watermark 4d dull ultramarine with inverted wmk. Good to fine used with light cds. ACSC 1133aa, Cat. $1000$200$16020%
15311914-20 Single Watermark 4d ultramarine with inverted wmk & "flaw on 4th bloom in left wattles" variety. MLH with gum toning & fluffy per…$60$4820%
15351914-20 Single Watermark 5d brown with "eight wattles at right" variety. Well centred & F/U with cds clear of variety. ACSC 122d, Cat. $75$30$2420%
15401914-20 Single Watermark 1/4d pale turquoise blue with "thick 1 at right" variety. MUH, centred left with small tone spot on back. ACSC 1…$120$9620%
15441914-20 Single Watermark 1/4d turquoise blue with "dry ink" variety perfined "OS". Fresh MUH, centred slightly right. ACSC 128Ac, Cat. $6…$280$22420%
15451914-20 Single Watermark 1/4d turquoise blue. MLH with good centering & a superb F/U example with neat Boulder 30 AU 21 cds. ACSC 128A, C…$90$7220%
15471914-20 Single Watermark 1/4d greenish-blue. MLH, small crease lower right corner but remains presentable. ACSC 128B, Cat. $300 $75$6020%
15481918-20 Large Multiple Watermark Perf.14 ½d green block 4 with variety ACSC 65(5)s MUH/MLH & centred right with evenly toned gum. Also a…$80$6420%
15531918-20 Large Multiple Watermark Perf.14 1d carmine pink, G101 from Cooke printing. Good to fine used with part "In the War…Enlist" slo…$100$8020%
15561918-20 Large Multiple Watermark Perf.14 1d deep carmine aniline G108, perfined "OS". Fine used with light corner cds, centred right. Dru…$440$35220%
15571918-20 Large Multiple Watermark Perf.14 1d deep red from the Cooke printing, G203. Good used with slogan cancel. An extremely rare shade…$4500$360020%
15581918-20 Large Multiple Watermark Perf.14 1d red horiz pair, VII/37-38, with "flaw under neck" variety. MVLH, centered low left. ACSC 73(4…$200$16020%
15601918-20 Large Multiple Watermark Perf.14 1d red selvedge positional block of 6. Plate 3 VI 34-36/ VI 40-42 with "notched NW corner" varie…$180$14420%
15621918-20 Large Multiple Watermark Perf.14 1d green with 2 blocks of 4 incorporating the varieties ACSC 78(4)d & e & ACSC 78(4)ia & j. Both…$50$4020%
15631924 No Watermark 1d green, plate 4, Harrison imprint (N over N) block of 4. MUH/MLH, folded down gutter. Drury Cert. (2019) This was acc…$120$9620%
15641924 No Watermark 1d green pair with 2 varieties ACSC 78(4)f & h & a block 4 with 2 varieties ACSC 78(4)ia & j. MUH/MLH with light gum cr…$40$3220%
15651924 No Watermark 1d green, pane 5 in positional plate block of 18, 43-48/ 49-54/ 55-60. MUH with some light staining on back & crease lo…$150$12020%
15691926-30 Small Multiple Watermark Perf. 13½x12½ 1926-30 Small Multiple Watermark Perf. 13½x12½ 1d green Die I, Die II, Die II, Die I s…$50$4020%
15701926-30 Small Multiple Watermark Perf. 13½x12½ 1d green Die I/II & Die II/I MUH pairs. Cat. $300$100$8020%
15751926-30 Small Multiple Watermark Perf. 13½x12½ 1d green John Ash imprint block of 4 with "ferns" & "RA join retouched" varieties. MH wi…$75$6020%
15761926-30 Small Multiple Watermark Perf. 13½x12½ 1d green positional plate block of 6 with Die II Positions 2.44 + 45/ 2.50 + 57/ 2.56 + …$90$7220%
15771926-30 Small Multiple Watermark Perf. 13½x12½ 1d green strip of 4 in Die I, II, II, I Pane 2 No.43-46 horiz strip. Fresh MUH. Cat. $300$120$9620%
15781926-30 Small Multiple Watermark Perf. 13½x12½ 1d green top left pane 1 marginal block of 9, positions 1-3/ 7-9/ 13-15 with plated hair…$100$8020%
15791926-30 Small Multiple Watermark Perf. 13½x12½ 1d green, Die II block of 4 from pane II, stamps 8 & 9/ 14 & 15. MUH/MLH. ACSC 81(4), Ca…$100$8020%
15801926-30 Small Multiple Watermark Perf. 13½x12½ 1d green, Die II block of 4, positions 49, 50/ 55/ 56 with two Die I/II pairs. MLH/MH wi…$30$2420%
15831926-30 Small Multiple Watermark Perf. 13½x12½ 1d green, plate 4 selvedge positional block of 4, positions VII.54 & 60/ VIII 49/55, wit…$120$9620%
15841926-30 Small Multiple Watermark Perf. 13½x12½ 1½d red AJ Mullett imprint block of 6 showing void corner, 5th correction. MUH/MLH. Pit…$200$16020%
15851926-30 Small Multiple Watermark Perf. 13½x12½ 1½d red-brown John Ash imprint "N over A" (not "E A" as recorded in ACSC!) perfined "OS…$400$32020%
15901926-30 Small Multiple Watermark Perf. 13½x12½ 4d olive perfined "OS". MUH. ACSC 116ba, Cat. $75$40$3220%
15911926-30 Small Multiple Watermark Perf. 13½x12½ 4½d violet in John Ash imprint pair. MUH with small hinge mark in bottom margin at left…$400$32020%
15961926-30 Small Multiple Watermark Perf. 14 ½d orange Mullett imprint gutter block of 4 ACSC 67(9)z MLH in selvedge only with light creasi…$120$9620%
15981926-30 Small Multiple Watermark Perf. 14 1d green imprint block of 4 with "RA joined retouched" variety. MUH/MLH, centred left. ACSC 80(…$60$4820%
15991926-30 Small Multiple Watermark Perf. 14 1d green in AJ Mullett block of 6 on translucent paper with "ferns" & "RA of Australia joined" …$700$56020%
16021926-30 Small Multiple Watermark Perf. 14 1d green positional pane VII block of 4, VII, 1 & 2/ 7 & 8 with "secret mark" & "run pearl" var…$30$2420%
16031926-30 Small Multiple Watermark Perf. 14 1d green with "neck flaw State I" varieties x 2. MLH, one with toned perf, other short corner. …$50$4020%
16041926-30 Small Multiple Watermark Perf. 14 1d green with "neck flaw state II". MLH, aged gum. ACSC 80(4)ha, Cat. $200$30$2420%
16051926-30 Small Multiple Watermark Perf. 14 1d green in 2 blocks of 4 with 2 varieties in each showing both states of the "RA join". MUH/ML…$60$4820%
16061926-30 Small Multiple Watermark Perf. 14 1d green in 6 blocks of 4 incl (i) imprint block of 4 ACSC 80(4)za hinged selvedge only, (ii) A…$200$16020%
16091926-30 Small Multiple Watermark Perf. 14 1d green in right marginal selvedge block of 4 from pane VII, 53 & 54/ 59 & 60 containing "fern…$60$4820%
16111926-30 Small Multiple Watermark Perf. 14 1d green with selvedge on 2 sides, one part Mullett imprint. "RA joined" variety. MUH, slight g…$30$2420%
16121926-30 Small Multiple Watermark Perf. 14 1d green, lower pane 8 selvedge strip of 5, positions 56-60, with "kangaroos tongue out" & "run…$50$4020%
16131926-30 Small Multiple Watermark Perf. 14 1d green with "run N third state" variety. MLH, centred right. ACSC 80(4)vb, Cat. $200$60$4820%
16141926-30 Small Multiple Watermark Perf. 14 1d green top right corner block of 4, pane VI, positions 6-5/ 6-11/ 11-12 with double perfs in …$150$12020%
16151926-30 Small Multiple Watermark Perf. 14 1½d red Ash imprint block of 4. MUH/MLH with fresh appearance. ACSC 93(3)zc, Cat. $175$80$6420%
16171926-30 Small Multiple Watermark Perf. 14 2d brown in AJ Mullett imprint block of 4. MUH/MLH, centred right but fresh appearance. ACSC 98…$340$27220%
16181926-30 Small Multiple Watermark Perf. 14 4d olive top marginal example perfd "OS" with complete "OS" in selvedge. MUH, centered right. A…$180$14420%
16191926-30 Small Multiple Watermark Perf. 14 4d greenish olive perfined "OS". Fresh MUH, centred right. Lovely bright colour. ACSC 115b, Cat…$380$30420%
16201926-30 Small Multiple Watermark Perf. 14 1/4d greenish-blue. MLH, centred left. Bright colour. ACSC 129A, Cat. $375$120$9620%
16221931-36 CofA ½d orange positional plate block of 19 ovptd "OS" from electro 9. Positions 1-3/ 7-9/ 13-15/ 19-21/ 25-27/ 31-34 with 3 var…$100$8020%
16241931-36 CofA 1d green vertical strip of 6 with each stamp having a listed variety. MUH/MLH with only top & bottom stamps hinged. A scarce…$200$16020%
16271931-36 CofA 1d green ovptd "OS" in pane V positional block of 18 for positions 27-29/ 33-35/ 39-41/ 45-57/ 51-53/ 57-59. Identifiable by…$100$8020%
16281931-36 CofA 3d ultramarine block of 4 ovptd "OS" showing "hollow S" variety. MUH/MLH. ACSC 109(OS)Ao, Cat. $40++$50$4510%
16301931-36 CofA 5d yellow-brown perfined "WA" with "frame missing behind kangaroo - state II" variety. Fine used with upright Norseman 26 FE…$300$24020%
16321931-36 CofA 1/4d greenish blue in Ash imprint block 4. Fine MUH with faint hinge trace in gutter. SG 131, ACSC 131z, Cat $1000$600$48020%
16351913 4d orange kangaroo, Die II, long Registered Letter envelope. Unused with some minor soiling/staining, torn flap & surface "scuffing"…$20$1525%
16361913 1d KGV re-engraved with kiss print evident in the "O" of "ONE" & left frame. MVLH verging on MUH. Rarely seen. Drury Cert. (2019) AC…$340$27220%
16391915 (3rd Aug) Victoria 1d QV OHMS Education Department, Melbourne long env PSE with simulates perf "OS". Uprated with ½d green KGV tied…$140$12610%
16411917 (26th Feb) WWI POW mail taxed & censored cover from Sydney to Switzerland with rectangular rubber "Vendu par: L'agence International…$50$4020%
16421918 (4th Apr) cover to USA with "PASSED" h/s bearing 2½d kangaroo (short bottom left corner) showing "scratch extending from Cape Leeuw…$30$2420%
1644WWI Military Mail - Marlborough series "Dardanelles Combined Letterette and Reply Sheet" with crossed Australian & Union Jack flags insid…$100$8020%
16451919 (24th Jan) "Notification of a Case of Infectious Disease" OHMS pre-printed letter with 1½d brown KGV pmkd Melbourne. Completed in i…$50$4020%
16481923 (8th May) OHMS env with 5d bright chestnut on rough paper KGV perfined "OS" tied by 2 Registered Perth cds's. "Unclaimed" & "Unknown…$360$28820%
16851935/38 2/- "In Most Money Order Offices" booklet with inverted watermark panes. Excellent cond & rarely seen so fine. SG SB26ca, Cat. £450$400$32020%
16911938/41 1d green QM, die I marginal block of 6 showing ink stripping over 4 units. Upper right stamp MLH otherwise fine MUH. Spectacular …$340$30610%
16921938/41 2d red KGVI in Plate No. 4 top marginal block of 8. Mint without gum reflected in reserve. A scarce item. ACSC 188zc, Cat. $2500 …$250$22510%
17001937/59 1/- lyrebird Authority imprint left corner block of 4 & no imprint marginal block with line through gutter selvedge. MUH/MLH. ACS…$40$3610%
17011937/59 1/- Lyrebird block of 15 with Post Office repair resulting in spectacular paper flap/fold leaving 3 stamps missing the design. On…$700$63010%
17021938 (26th Oct) German addressed cover posted on board "T.S.S. Ascanius" with boxed "PAQUEBOT" cachet & KGV/KGVI mixed 8½d franking tied…$50$4020%
17041939 (24th May) Sydney Regd cover addressed to "French Police PO Box 4040 Shanghai, China" with mixed franking & Shanghai b/s. An attract…$25$2020%
17081941 3d brown KGVI bottom centre plate 14 gutter block of 8. Fresh MUH. ACSC 196zc, Cat. $600 + MUH premium.$440$39610%
17091941/42 1½d green KGVI Authority imprint block to right of gutter, showing cracked imprint second state. MLH in selvedges only. ACSC 186…$140$12610%
17141942 1½d green QM top selvedge gutter block of 8 showing small part of "-10-" plate number in top selvedge. MUH with faint tone spots. R…$300$24020%
17151942 2/6d KGVI black on buff booklet with inverted wmk panes. Unfortunately, one stamp missing on first pane otherwise in VG cond. Pfeffe…$30$2420%
17171942/50 2½d scarlet KGVI bottom marginal vertical imperforate pair MUH. Stolen from the Commonwealth Note Printing Branch in the 1940's.…$180$16210%
17221942/51 5½d emu in left margin block of 4 showing double row of vertical perfs in selvedge & horizontally on left pair. MUH, blue crayon…$180$16210%
17241946 2½d Peace on no watermark paper. ACSC notes that this emanates from material stolen from The Note Printing Branch during the 1940's…$50$4020%
17321951 2/6d Aboriginal Art Emergency printing in "By The Authority" left corner imprint block of 4. MUH/MLH (2 units ea). ACSC 267z, Cat. $375$100$8020%
17411949/50 £2 Arms with "roller flaw retouch" variety. MLH left selvedge example. ACSC 271d, Cat. $200$100$8020%
17461951 (17th Apr) "Adelaide to Dunkirk" Arthur Bergen designed cover carried on M.S. General Guisan, the first Swiss ship to visit Australi…$50$4020%
17471951 3d scarlet KGVI ditto but folded vertically once & a little toning in top selvedge extending to 6 stamps.$50$4020%
17481951/53 3d deep dull green KGVI left marginal block with horizontal perfs double through selvedge & half of left pair. MLH top left only.…$100$9010%
17521959/63 5d deep blue QEII with misplaced vertical perfs further accentuated by left margin. MUH. Most striking. ACSC 355be, Cat. $200$100$9010%
17531960 5d Northern Territory Exploration bottom marginal single with vertical perfs misplaced 3mm to left. MUH. ACSC 378bb, Cat. $100$50$4510%
17561963 5d Royal Visit with grossly misplaced horizontal perfs but well centred vertical perfs. MUH. Note: ACSC footnote states horiz perfs …$100$9010%
17601966 1c brown QEII with full strong offset. MUH Spectacular. ACSC 436c, Cat. $60$20$1620%
17641966 5c deep blue QEII in imperforate horiz strip of 3 fine used with indistinct cds's. Scarce. ACSC 444bb, SG 386cs, Cat. £3000 as MUH.$1800$162010%
17671970 20c Expo positional blocks for sheet numbers & "Extended downstroke" variety. & 5c Grasslands half sheet with "White root spot" vari…$20$1620%
17731972 (6th June) taxed cover cancelled Thursday Island Qld & addressed locally plus 1973 also taxed to PNG & pmkd Thursday Is, the latter …$30$2420%
17751972 7c Christmas horiz right hand marginal pair with skipped perfs resulting in large 42mm stamp at right. Only one sheet recorded. Fres…$120$10810%
17771974 10¢ star sapphire, printed on the gum side MUH. ACSC 648ci, Cat. $100$40$3610%
17811977 18c Parl House right colour bar selvedge block of 4 with shift of bluish grey resulting in blurred windows & "shadow effect". Anothe…$100$9010%
17821979 20c National Parks horiz strip of 4 with right pair imperforate at both top, bottom & sides incl between design & selvedge. ACSC 843…$850$76510%
17831981 24¢ Fungi vertical strip of 3 with centre unit showing smudge of magenta resulting in lighter appearance of design colour when comp…$150$13510%
17941994 $10 Aust Mountain Duck imperforate colour proof corner example plus finished issue. MUH. Nice thematic. (2)$40$3220%
17991995 $1 & $2 National Trust perforated plate proofs in green with selvedges. These derive from the side panels of the composite plates. T…$200$18010%
18011996 30 Years of Decimal Currency 45c QE b'day stamp & $5 Macfarlane/Evans Polymer banknote pres folder. No. 2881 of 3000 with black ovpt…$30$2420%
18031998 45c Champagne Roses S/A block of 4 from the booklet totally imperforate. Some minor wrinkling probably as a result of being salvaged…$150$13510%
18082002 (6th Feb) QEII Accession Golden Jubilee PNC 50c Coin First Day Cover. Exc cond. Retails $320$60$4820%
18531946 (14th Oct) Mitchell set of 3 on 5 diff illust covers incl a Challis, Wide World, Royal Geographic Soc. & Mitchell plus one unknown. …$50$4020%
18702002 (6th Feb) QEII Accession Golden Jubilee PNC 50c Coin First Day Covers x 3. Exc cond. Retail $320ea (3)$180$14420%
18712007 (16th Jan) Ashes "Howzat" Aust Wins the Ashes Cricket $1 PNC First Day Cover. Numbered 1934 of 8000. Exc cond. These retail at $180 …$50$4020%
18752013 (12th Mar) Centenary of Canberra PNC with 20c Canberra coin & matching stamp issue tied by Canberra Parliament House pictorial pmk. …$30$2420%
18782017 (30th Mar) "Rare Beauties" Gemstones $1 coloured coin & $2 stamp pmkd in green on opening day of Melbourne Int Stamp Exhibition. Lim…$50$4020%
18841844 (Aug) wrapper addressed to Wesleyan Missions, London with oval crown "PAID SHIP LETTER SYDNEY" in red & arrival cds for 9 JA 1845 on…$75$6020%
18851850 1d brownish red on hard greyish paper with 3 good margins, just cut into at bottom left. Fine used with light cancel. SG 11, Cat. £350$200$16020%
18861851/52 1d carmine Laureate pair, no wmk, on piece tied by barred grid cancel with circular Sydney crown cds dated JA 13 1853 on same pie…$100$8020%
18921897 2½d (2/6d) Diamond Jubilee Consumptive Homes charity on local cover tied by Newtown cds for JY 3 2.45PM 97 just 5 days after issue.…$200$16020%
18931897 Diamond Jubilee/Consumptive Homes charity pair. MVLH with usual gum bends/cracks on 2/6d plus uneven darkening of gum. RPSV (1981) c…$140$11220%
18961882/95 £1 deep green, wmk sideways on thin paper. MLH, centered high. SG 165, Cat. £375$50$4020%
18981900 1d (6d) claret & 2d (1/-) violet Anglo-Boer War Patriotic Fund pair. Mint with large part o.g. Some gum irregularities, odd tone spo…$160$14410%
18991900 1d (6d) claret & 2d (1/-) violet Anglo-Boer War Patriotic Fund pair with 1d (6d) MLH & 2d (1/-) without gum & with ironed out crease…$120$9620%
19041845 Hobart-London pre-stamp entire with a good example of crowned "General Post Office Hobart Town" date stamp in red & receival mark of…$120$10810%
19051853 4d bright red-orange, plate 1, with 4 even margins just touching at right. Lightly used. Trivial pinhole on lower edge otherwise a b…$180$14420%
19061855 2d green imperf with full margins top & bottom & just touching each side. Fine used with lovely strong colour. SG 16, Cat. £550$250$20020%
19071855 4d deep blue imperf. Close margins just touching at top. Fine used clear of portrait. SG 17, Cat. £130$60$4820%
19081855 4d deep blue strip of 4 used with "BI" Barred Numeral. First stamp cut into at base, others with clear margins touching at top right…$75$6020%
19091855 4d deep blue with four close but even clear margins & possible original gum but when angled to light there is a suggestion of a clea…$120$9620%
19101855 4d blue imperf with close but clear margins. Fine used example. SG 18, Cat. £130$50$4020%
19121858 (12th Sept) cover to Bedford, England with light crowned handstamp of Hobart-Town in pale red with 6d lilac imperf tied by BN "62". …$100$7525%
19131860 2d slate-green imperf with full but close margins. Unused without gum but faded colour. Dealers mark on reverse. SG 34, Cat. £425$120$9620%
19141863 6d dull lilac rouletted 3 sides & cut straight at base. Unused without gum or used with no cancel. SG 55, Cat. £500 for used, no va…$500$40020%
19161868 6d slate-violet with serrated perf 19. Fine used with lovely colour. A superb stamp. SG 122, Cat. £1200$900$72020%
19181914 1d red, Die II kangaroo postcard (P26) perfined "T", the first use of this official perfin we've seen used on an Australian postcard…$150$12020%
19211853 (24th Dec) stampless cover to England with "P Ship Brilliant" in m/s & Geelong oval handstamp on reverse together with orange circul…$60$4525%
19221890/94 & 1895/96 10d Postage Dues with flaw left of "1" on each. Both with toned 50% o.g but frontally fresh. ACSC VD7 & VD17d, Cat. $25…$80$6420%
19231890/94 Postage Dues with dull blue & brown lake simplified set to 5/- & later mix of ½d to 5/- (9). 5d, 10d & 1/- bluish green frame, o…$160$12820%
19241895/96 10d, 2/- & 5/- bicolour Postage Dues with CTO Melbourne strikes. ASC VD17w(Cat. $60), VD19w ($125) & VD20w ($200) (3)$80$6420%
19251900 Empire Patriotic Fund MLH pair. 2d (2/-) val with hinge sweated off leaving dry patch. SG 374/75, Cat. £425$120$9620%
19281930/31 BANZ Antarctic Research Expedition cover franked with 4½d violet KGV pair tied by "1930-31" pictorial cachet with penguin. Hobar…$600$54010%
19391931 ½d to 5/- Huts with "Airmail" ovpts. Fine MVLH with 5/- MUH. SG 137/47 (11)$75$6020%
19411931 BOP ovptd "OS" set to 5/-. Superb MUH with6 marginal. SG O31/41, Cat. £225 (11)$180$14420%
19431932/34 BOP set of 16 to £1 ovptd "Air Mail". Fine used & well centered. SG 190/203, Cat. £300 (16)$200$16020%
19471915/16 2d grey horiz strip of 5 showing transfer error resulting in ovpt types "a,c,c,c,b" se-tenant. MLH on outer units with inner 3 MU…$200$18010%
19481915/16 2½d blue plate 2 block of 30 for pos numbers 1-30 with "islands east of Cape York" variety at 2L11 (ACSC 9(z)d). Bottom row show…$1000$90010%
19491915/16 2½d indigo 1st wmk horizontal strip of 5, lightly hinged on outer units (3 MUH) showing transfer error resulting in ovpt types "…$200$18010%
19501915/16 3d yellow-olive, Die I horiz strip of 3 showing transfer error resulting in ovpt types "c,b,c" se-tenant. MUH/MLH with minor perf…$140$12610%
19511915/16 5d brown horiz strip of 6 showing transfer error resulting in ovpt types a,c,c,c,b,c se-tenant. MLH. SG 72 var.$350$31510%
19521915/16 6d ultramarine type "a". A couple of shortish perfs at top & slightly toned MLH. SG 78$30$2710%
19531915/16 9d violet Die II in horiz strip of 3 showing transfer error resulting in ovpt types c, b, c se-tenant. Centre stamp MLH, others M…$280$25210%
19541915/16 5/- grey & yellow strip of 3 with "a", "b" & "c" ovpts. Fine MUH/MLH & well centered. SG 92abc$280$25210%
19561918/22 ½d green KGV large multiple wmk inverted. MUH. SG 119a, Cat. £130 + premium for MUH$60$5410%
19601947 1½d emerald green By Authority imprint corner block of 4 on green tinted paper with normal for comparison. The characteristic light…$750$60020%
19611947 (10th June) 3d & 1/- Ball Bay First Day Cover with R6 provisional Registered label with "NORFOLK ISLAND" h/s in mauve. Addressed to …$100$8020%
19621959 5d on 4d APO Anniv complete sheet of 80. A rare survivor in fresh MUH cond. SG 23$30$2420%
19651907/10 ½d "Papua" perf. 11, wmk upright in complete sheet of 30. Reinforcing hinges affecting 6 stamps otherwise MUH. Light even toning…$140$12610%
19661931 5d on 1/- Ash printing in complete sheet of 40. Stain spot top left & "K24" in pen m/s bottom right otherwise all fine MUH. Scarce i…$180$16210%
19671932 Pictorials to 2/6d. Fine MLH. SG 130/142, Cat. £130 (13)$60$4820%
19731993 Conservation Foundation "Parrots" gutter strip of 4 in complete sheets of 20 sets. Attractive thematics, which have no postal validi…$80$6025%
19762006 Elvis Presley set of 4 plus K10 val in both stamps & M/S's. SG 1146/49 & MS 1150/51, Cat. £55$30$2420%
19851840 1d black, plate 10 with red Maltese Cross cancel. Large to touching margins, lettered "BL". Some staining reflected in reserve. SG 2…$120$9620%
19951841 1d red brown imperf with inverted wmk. Cancelled by BN "76". 4 margined & lettered "TF". SG 8wi, Cat. £400$80$6420%
19961841/57 1d red brown imperfs x 7 used showing normal blued paper & varying degrees of the "ivory head" on reverse. Prussiate of potash wa…$70$5620%
19971847/54 1/- pale green embossed. Very fine used with "242" barred numeral. Huge lower margin from base of sheet just touching at top & cl…$250$20020%
19981847/54 1/- green pair on piece tied by Liverpool 466 BN in black & partial cds in red. Attractive. SG 55, Cat. £1000 ea.$180$14420%
19991847/54 1/- green embossed cut square touching at left only. Good to F/U with partial duplex "52". SG 55, Cat. £1000$150$12020%
20001847/54 1/- green embossed on New Brunswick addressed cover. Cut square with margins touching at top & left but broad at right & base. Ti…$250$20020%
20021847/54 6d mauve embossed with wmk reversed. Cut square with design touching on two sides. Rich colour & MLH with original gum. SG 58, Ca…$2800$224020%
20031847/54 6d dull lilac embossed cut square & touching design on all sides. MLH with full original aged gum. A scarce survivor. SG 59, Cat.…$2500$200020%
20041847/54 6d purple embossed with 4 clear margins. Smudged obliterator cancel but otherwise sound. SG 60 Cat. £1000$80$6420%
20051847/54 6d purple embossed. Fine used with upright barred numeral "7" cancel. Margins just clear to touching on all sides. SG 60, Cat. £…$120$9620%
20081861 1d rose red horiz strip of 7 lettered KE-KK, letter engraved. MLH with usual gum cracking & small stains on perfs vertically. Centre…$220$17620%
20091864/79 1d lake red, plate 174, MLH block of 10. Lettered AH/AL-BH/BL. Usual gum cracking but MLH on one stamp, others MUH. A rare multip…$280$22420%
20111870/74 1½d rose red, plate 3. Two unused examples, one with small thin near hinge mark, second with 70% o.g with usual gum cracking. SG…$100$8020%
20131856 6d lilac, plate 1 with emblems wmk inverted & reversed. Good used example with left wing margin. RPSL Cert. (2011) SG J70(3)g, unpri…$700$63010%
20141858 front to Sydney bearing 1855/57 6d lilac QV pair. Repaired tear near Sydney AU 6 1858 receival mark. Addressed to "Lt Green Esq Assi…$75$6020%
20151860/67 6d reddish lilac on blued paper QV postal fiscal. MLH, light vertical bend. SG F11, Cat. £220$40$3220%
20161862/64 3d deep carmine rose ovptd "SPECIMEN". Centered low left. Fresh MUH with good perfs. SG 75s, Cat. £500$250$22510%
20201865/67 3d rose plate 4 with large white corner letters. Large part o.g., centred low & with nibbled lower right corner perf but lovely c…$200$16020%
20211865 4d dull vermilion QV, plate 7. Well centred with very good perfs & colour. Fine used with superb upright MALTA JY 11 66 cds. SG 93, …$90$7220%
20221865 4d vermilion QV, Plate 10 with light partial barred numeral pmk. Centred left with slightly trimmed perfs at right reflected in cons…$20$1620%
20261867/73 5/- rose, plate 1 ovptd "SPECIMEN". Fresh MLH. Good centering & perfs. SG 126s, Cat. £1100$400$36010%
20281867/83 10/- grey-green, plate 1 on blued paper. Good to fine used with part barred cancel leaving bottom half clear. Very well centered …$2800$252010%
20291867/83 £1 brown-lilac, plate 1 on white paper. Used with part Paisley cds & box cancels. Two ironed out horiz creases not visible from …$1700$153010%
20321873/82 6d plate 17 on 1882 cover (damaged) addressed to Victoria bearing containing original letter & photo on photographer's advertisin…$60$4820%
20341880/83 2½d blue, plate 22. Light horiz gum bend otherwise Fresh MLH/MH & well centered. SG 157, Cat. £450$180$16210%
20361883/84 2/6d lilac QV in block of 4 with individual Manchester parcel cancels. SG 178, Cat. £160 ea.$40$3220%
20371883/84 5/- crimson QV ovptd "SPECIMEN". MLH, well centered. SG 181s, Cat. £450$120$9620%
20411887/92 £1 green QV F/U with Royal Exchange cds's for "JA 29 94". Red reg crayon through portrait. SG 212 Cat £800$180$14420%
20431887/92 4½d green & carmine Jubilee MLH marginal pair plus 9d marginal single MUH (toned gum with light bends) & 1/- dull green MLH. SG …$100$8020%
20451902 2/6d lilac KEVII DLR fine used with full bold Ealing JY 30 03 cds. A superb example with rich colour. SG 260, Cat. £220 with premium.$90$7220%
20511924 British Empire Exhibition postcards in sepia, one with aerial view of the Wembley Stadium where it was held, the other of Limassol, …$60$4820%
20581959/68 2/6d Castle BW printing in complete sheet of 40 with Plate 9A inscription. MUH & striking in sheet. SG 595a$20$1620%
20601963 (15th Aug) Red Cross phosphor set on plain FDC with slogan "1863 Red Cross A Century of Service 1963" machine cancel. Most attractiv…$20$1620%
20631993 40p turquoise-blue Machin imperforate pair. Fine MUH. SG Y1711a, Cat. £850$350$28020%
20662003 £5 Alphabet proof issue with silver omitted resulting in missing value & QEII head. Incls a 2-line inscription unlike the issued ex…$90$7220%
2067Jersey 1993 57p Tornado F3 from RAF Anniv set in totally imperforate block of 4 from the centre of neighbouring sheets complete with "The…$150$12020%
2074Albania 1931 Tirana-Rome Flight set of 7. Fine MLH. SG 295/301, Cat. £250 (7)$60$4525%
2075Angola 1951 Birds complete set of 20. MH & subsequent removal has resulted in thins on 2a50, 12a50, 40a & 50a vals. Facially attractive &…$50$37.525%
2079Austro-Hungarian Military Post Italy 1918 22¢ on 2sh Newspaper Stamp, perf. 11½. Fine used. SG N23a, Cat. £450$120$10810%
2081Barbados 1882 3d QV x 2 MH (deep purple shade has stained gum) & 1/- also x 2 good used. Cat. £300 (4)$40$3220%
2084Bechuanaland 1932 2d violet Postage Due in F/U vertical strip of 4. Nice genuine usage. SG D6, Cat. £190$70$5620%
2086Belgium 1915 10¢, 20¢, 25¢ & 35¢ Railway Parcels, the latter two with imprint below design. All MUH with handstamped ovpt in violet. …$200$16020%
2088Bermuda 1940 & 1941 Censored covers, the former to USA & taxed 4¢ bearing KGVI 1½d with mark applied in New York & 4-line misdirection …$30$2420%
2089Brazil 1930 Condor Syndicate Airs surcharges (Scott 1CL10/1CL13, Cat. US$50) & registration ovpt set of 3 (Scott 1CLF1/1CLF3, Cat. US$200…$100$8020%
2092Cameroons (British Occupation) 1919 "Buea British Kanerun" provisional labelled registered cover to Switzerland with marginal strip of ½…$250$20020%
2102China 2005 "The Plage Scene of Dalian" & "In commemoration of the Stamps Jointly issued by China and Liechtenstein" pres folders with sta…$30$2420%
2103Cook Islands 1965 Internal Self Government set of 4 in imperforate horiz pairs with BPA certs (1990) stating "proof from the printer's ar…$400$32020%
2114Dominica 1921/22 Roseau from the Sea, script wmk set of 8 to 2/6d & ovptd "SPECIMEN". Note that ovpt reads upwards on 1½d. MUH. SG 62s/7…$75$6020%
2118Falkland Is 1891 "½d." ovpt on half of 1d brownish claret bisect. MLH with gum faults but frontally fine & low est. SG 13, Cat. £600$150$13510%
2119Falkland Is 1939 (6th Nov) cover with 1938/50 5/- indigo & pale yellow brown tied by Port Stanley cds & addressed to New Zealand. Hand ad…$150$12020%
2121France 1872 (4th Nov) Montebourg to Rouen cover bearing 40¢ block of 8 with "GC" 2446 lozenge obliterators & same on 2 pairs & pair of 5…$80$6420%
2122France 1948 National Relief Fund & Centenary of 1848 Revolution set of 8 in MUH blocks of 6. SG 1028/35, Cat. £160+$50$4020%
2126Germany 1899/1900 2pf "Reighspost" with characteristic tiny dot below variety. F/U. SG 45a, Cat. £225, Mi Cat. €180$60$5410%
2129Germany-Berlin 1951 20pf Lortzing (Berlin B74, Cat £75 MLH) & DDR 8pf (1952) with same composer. Also, Austria 1969 Centenary of State O…$20$1525%
2134Gibraltar 1889/76 5c to 5p QV set of 12 in Spanish Currency. MLH but 1p toned & small thin on 5p. SG 22/33, Cat. £225$40$3220%
2137Gibraltar 1912/24 1/- black/green KGV on ordinary paper. Fine MLH. SG 81a, Cat. £900$400$32020%
2140Gibraltar 1935 KGV SJ set of 4 perfd "SPECIMEN". MLH, but 2d blunt cnr & 3d & 1/- with odd split perf. SG 1145/75, Cat. £200$50$4020%
2142Gibraltar 1938/51 1½d carmine KGVI, perf. 13½. MLH with slight gum discolouration. SG 123a, Cat. £275$50$4020%
2143Gibraltar 1938/51 KGVI set to £1, perf. 13 MLH plus extras of all vals to 10/-. Cat. £300+ (48)$60$4820%
2149Greenland 1945 Pictorials set of 9 fine used & well centered (2k MLH). SG 8/16, Cat. £350 (9)$100$7525%
2150Greenland 1945 Pictorials set of 9. MLH with minor remnants. Well centered. SG 8/16, Cat. £300 (9)$60$4525%
2151Helioland 1887 (31st July) "Foreign Post Card" to Breslau with 1.8.87 receival cds & Helgioland double half ring cds. Formular "5 farthin…$40$3220%
2154Hong Kong 1938-1952 KGVI defins complete perf. 14½x 14 incl ordinary & chalky papers. All SG listed shades plus extra shades incl 8 dist…$200$18010%
2155Iceland 1930 Parl Millenary set of 5 MLH with print adherences on gum (from album page). SG 174/8, Cat. £190$40$3025%
2156India 1969 (2nd Oct) Gandhi Centenary commem illust stamp booklet issued by Indian Posts & Telegraphs with 4 issues pmkd Bombay GPO in ce…$30$2420%
2169Ireland 1935 Seahorses with "Dublin Castle" ovpt on re-engraved set of 3 with extra 5/- shade plus ink stripping variety on 2/6d with "I"…$250$20020%
21791949 30c UPU with "dropped "A"" variety in the CA wmk following damage to the dandy roll. Fine used. SG 160a var.$150$12020%
2182Liechtenstein 1921 2r yellow olive Arms, perf. 9½ in blocks of 6 & 4 plus 2½r black brown block of 10 with Eschen cds of 4.1.24 (blocks…$70$5620%
2183Liechtenstein 1976 15¢ Yang di Pertuan Agong imperforate horiz pair. Fine MUH. Int Stamp & Coin Co Cat. MR800 ($270)$90$7220%
2186Malta 1863/81 ½d QV in 5 different shades with A25 obliterators. Minimum Cat. £300 but includes SG 6 orange -brown Cat. £110 so must b…$60$4820%
2187Malta 1863/81 ½d orange QV with Crown CC reversed wmk Off centre & one short perf at top otherwise fine MLH/MH with lovely fresh colour.…$250$20020%
2188Malta 1863/81 ½d bright orange yellow QV right marginal block of 4. MUH/MLH with 2 of each, hingeing light. SG 12, Cat. £275 x 4 plus p…$350$28020%
2189Malta 1863/81 ½d yellow buff QV. Fresh MUH/MLH block of 12. Exceptional cond for this issue with 10 of the 12 stamps MUH. SG 10, Cat. £…$400$32020%
2191Malta 1899/1901 10/- blue black ovptd "SPECIMEN". Very lightly hinged on crazed gum. SG 35s, Cat. £200$80$6420%
2192Malta 1917/18 ½d & 3d "War Tax" ovptd "SPECIMEN". MLH pair. SG 92s/93s, Cat. £150 (2)$70$5620%
2194Malta 1922 "SELF-GOVERNMENT" ovpts on MCA & script wmks complete to 5/- plus 10/- shipwreck (Cr CC) & extra MCA 2/- showing brighter ovpt…$180$14420%
2197Malta 1922 £1 St Paul with wmk sideways & wmk upright. Both fine used with true colours, the latter centred high. SG 139/40, Cat. £675 (2)$180$14420%
2200Malta 1930 "Postage & Revenue" set of 17 to 10/- perfd "SPECIMEN". MUH with gum evenly toned except for paler stripes from wrap around se…$220$17620%
2202Memel (Lithuanian Occ) 1924 large piece with 17 stamps cancelled by "Klaipeda 11.VI.24" cds. Incls 2¢ on 50m (SG 52 x 4), one of which h…$90$7220%
2207Neth Antilles-Curacao 1943 POW ovpts MLH & used, 1944 Red Cross MLH & used & 1947 Airs to 70¢ MLH. Cat. £150+ (37)$50$4020%
2208Netherlands 1852 5¢, 10¢ & 15¢ King William imperfs. Just touching to large margins. Fine used examples with all having cds cancels. S…$60$4820%
2209Netherlands 1864 5¢ Leiden to Amsterdam with town name cds of 1866 in red & adhesive tied by boxed "Franco", 1933 Special Flight Amsterd…$30$2420%
2211Netherlands 1869 Arms set of 6. Fine used with cds cancels. 2½¢ may have been re-perfd, as is smaller than the others, with closer marg…$40$3220%
2212Netherlands 1870 10¢ purple on blue PD perf. 13-13½. Mint with large hinge remainder leaving 25% o.g. SG D77, Cat. £450$50$4020%
2213Netherlands 1872 King William III simplified set to 2g50. Corner faults on 10¢ with others good to F/U. Useful group. Cat. £350 (11)$50$4020%
2214Netherlands 1872/91 2g50¢ ultramarine & rose. Centred a left with good perfs & dotted obliterator. SG 75, Cat. £180$50$4020%
2215Netherlands 1883/92 2g50¢ ultramarine & rosine perf. 11½x11 fine used with complete cds of Boxmeer (1899). SG 161, Cat. £225$60$4820%
2216Netherlands 1893/98 5g lake & bronze green with neat 1899 cds. SG 165, Cat. £700$150$12020%
2217Netherlands 1899/1910 10g orange-red fine used with light corner cds. SG 197, Cat. £1000$300$24020%
2218Netherlands 1906 50¢ on 1g Postage Due. Fine used & well centred. SG D214, Cat. £225$40$3220%
2219Netherlands 1913 10g orange vermilion Independence Cent with centrally illegible cds. Good centering & perfs. SG 225, Cat. £1100$250$20020%
2220Netherlands 1913 Armenwet ovpt set of 7 used (Cat. £100), 1924 PD's ovptd used plus 1934-1994 International Court of Justice issues comp…$100$8020%
2221Netherlands 1920 "2.50" surcharges on 10g. Fine used pair.. SG 236/37, Cat. £340 (2)$80$6420%
2222Netherlands 1920 Queen Wilhelmina ditto F/U. SG 236/37, Cat. £340 (2)$60$4820%
2224Netherlands 1942 Legion pair of sheetlets lightly cancelled. SG MS569a/b, Cat. £310$100$8020%
2226Netherlands 1950 Child Welfare set & 1953 "Summer Series" Flowers on official FDC's both addressed. NVPH €600+ (2)$30$2420%
2227Netherlands 1951 25g blue black seagull Airmail fine used. SG 743 Cat. £170$40$3220%
2228Netherlands 1951 15g & 25g Seagull Airs. Fine used. SG 742/43, Cat. £400 (2)$100$8020%
2230Netherlands Antilles 1874/75 Postage Dues 10¢ green/yellow with boxed "SPECIMEN" ovpt & 20¢ green/blue perf. 13x14 used. D57s, D58, Cat…$30$2420%
2237New Hebrides - French 1938 Lopevi Islands ovptd "POSTAGE DUE" set of 5. MLH but 5¢ & 20¢ toned. SG D6/10$20$1620%
2239New Zealand 1858 1/- dull emerald Chalon imperf with 3½ margins, slightly cut into at upper left. Fine used. SG 16, Cat. £1800$240$19220%
2240New Zealand 1913 "Auckland Exhibition 1913" ovptd set of 4. A couple of minute tone spots on 1d otherwise fine MLH. SG 412/15 Cat. £300,…$380$30420%
2241New Zealand 1913/25 2/- & 5/- long QV Postal Fiscals ovptd "OFFICIAL", the latter with neat Paeroa cds. SG 085/86, Cat. £190$60$4820%
2243New Zealand 1936/42 Pictorials MUH/MLH group ovptd "Official" comprising 2½d plate 3 (reversed) block of 4 (couple of tone spots) & marg…$200$16020%
2245New Zealand 1948 (19th Nov) "Golden Jubilee of Great Barrier Island Pigeongram Stamp" cover with Health stamps tied by Okupu (Gt Barrier …$40$3220%
2246New Zealand 1955/59 1d orange QEII imperf pair. Fine MUH. Vendor paid £100+BP at a UK auction over 10 years ago. SG 745var$100$8020%
2250Norway 1925 Amundsen Polar Flight Airmail set of 7 on registered cover with Oslo 25.X.25 cancels & addressed to Perth WA with 23 NOV 26 b…$80$6025%
2256Samoa 1945/53 2/6d to £1 Arms on Wiggans Teape chalk surfaced paper MLH plus 1955 set of 4 MUH with wider setting of ovpt on 5/- to £2.…$100$8020%
2257San Marino 1931 Airs complete set of 10. MLH but 1 lire badly damaged. SG 164/73, Cat. £650 (10)$140$10525%
2265Slovenia 1941 Prov Admin set of 10 ovpts on Yugoslavia airmails. MUH & Gilbert guarantee h/s's. Mi 34/43 Cat. €600$150$12020%
2271Suriname 1953 12½¢, 15¢, 17½¢ & 25¢ animals M/S. MUH with small gum disturbance top edge.SG MS418 Cat £120$20$1620%
2275Switzerland 1854/56 1f grey lilac "Sitting Helvetia". 4 close but clear margins with Zurich 1860 cds. SG 39, Cat. £1100$100$8020%
2276Switzerland 1881 1f gold on granite paper. Some doubts about the cancel which begins "Central Ban…" in lower section of cds thus sold "…$90$7220%
2294USA-Hawaii 1882/92 3¢ blue green (Scott UX3, Cat. US$60) & 1893 2¢ black ovptd "Provisional Government 1893" in red (Scott UX6, ) unuse…$40$3220%