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Lot No. 295

Auction No. 23
Category World
    Collections, Accumulations and Selections
Est. $200
Status Auction Pending



French Colonies Mainly F/U from most colonies noting Dahomey 1913/25 type to 2f (13 vals) & 1922/27 20f surcharge, Cameroon 1946/50 200f Air, French Equatorial Africa 1927/60 vals (18) to 20f, "Libre" ovpts various to 5f, Fr.W.Africa 1951/58 200f & 500f Airs, French Somali Coast 1958/62 200f Air & useful later odds & Fr. Polynesia (109) with 1970's to 1990's pictorials. Also New Caledonia (143) for similar period, a few Comoros, Madagascar, Reunion, French Guiana, Guadeloupe & useful St Pierre & Miquelon incl 1967 DeGaulle's Visit pair used (Cat. £80), 1968 Human Rights Year (£18), 1974 UPU (£20) & FSAT x 6 incl 1971 5f, 10f, 25f fish. Not many complete sets, but lots of items cat. £2+ ea. & well worth reserve. (100s)