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Lot No. 195

Auction No. 23
Category World
    Collections, Accumulations and Selections
Est. $150
Status Auction Pending



Seychelles, Sarawak & Leeward Is Untidy but useful retired old-time dealer accum of MUH/MLH/mint & used in old stockbook. Seychelles sparse QV/KGV mint, then KGVI pictorials (15 diff) with dupl to 1R plus a few used QV to 16¢, 48¢, 96¢, KEVII to 18¢, KGV various to 1R50 & KGVI with much dupl to 5R (no 1R green). Unchecked for papers, shades & varieties plus a few 1952 vals & first QEII to 1R. Modest range of Sarawak, mainly used incl 1947 $5 (3) with Leewards noting 1897 Jubilee 2½d used (cat. £25), a few KEVII/KGV with mixed mint to 1/- & used to 2/-. KGVI 1/- mint (3) & QEII 1954 to $2.40 with used KGVI to 2/- (4) & QEII to 24¢. (100s)