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Lot No. 2777

Auction No. 22
Category Airmails - Australia
Est. $50



1963 (11th June) Cocos to Sydney FDI flight covers (2), 1963 (22nd Nov) Tahiti to Australia (AAMC 1501), Vienna to Sydney (AAMC 1547), 1967 (2nd Apr) Australia to South Africa first Boeing 707 flight (AAMC 1599 x 2) & Australia to Mauritius intermediate (AAMC 1600a). Also 1967 (14th Sept) Philippines to PNG (AAMC 1609), 1985 (25th Feb) Brisbane to Singapore 50th anniv Qantas flight (AAMC 1997d x 2), 1984 (23rd Sept) AUSIPEX 84 aerogramme with "Carried by Qantas ..." (AAMC 1990) & 1996 (3rd Feb) special cover with cachet commemorating the arrival of Trans-Pacific Flight by Super Constellation. Cat. from $10 to $15 each (14 covers)