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Lot No. 248

Auction No. 21
Category World
    Collections, Accumulations and Selections
Est. $200
Status Auction Pending



Cyprus 1880-1996 MLH/used on printed Minkus leaves with duplicates on 2 Hagners. Noted 1880 1d pl. 218 MLH, 1882/86 6p olive grey & 1894 6p sepia & green used, 9p brown & carmine MLH & used plus a few KEVII with CA wmk to 9p used & MCA wmk to 18p. Various KGV to 18p & 1924/28 45p, 1928 pictorials to 2½p used, 4p to 45p MLH, 1934 set to 45p used (Cat. £160) & Silver Jubilee MLH. KGVI to 90p used, RSW £1 MLH & 1953 to 500m used, 1960 ovpts to £1, 1962 to 500m (£1 fiscal) with solid later. Mainly MLH & generally fine with some interesting cds's in earlies e.g.: Rizokarpaso. Cat. £800+ (100s)