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Lot No. 238

Auction No. 21
Category World
    Collections, Accumulations and Selections
Est. $450
Status Auction Pending



Canada 1898-1987 MLH with post-1960 mainly MUH all in illustrated album. Gum cond varies pre QEII but impressive coverage with 1898 "two leaves" to 7¢. KEVII to 7¢ plus 20¢, 1908 to 20¢ (latter & couple of low vals without gum). KGV is well covered incls coils, 1928 to $1 (excl 50¢), 1930 (excl 3¢ & 50¢) incl coils, 1932 to 13¢ incl coils, 1935 to $1 before KGVI to all $1 vals incl coils, commems & Airs. Back of book has a good range of PD's, a few OHMS & "G" Official ovpts. STC Cat. £3700+ to end of KGVI. (100s)