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Lot No. 225

Auction No. 21
Category World
    Collections, Accumulations and Selections
Est. $1500
Status Auction Pending



Austria 1850/1971 substantial MLH/used collection in Davo standard album. Comprehensive earlies used with 1850 to 9k (1k faults but 2k fine), 1851 "Mercury" newspaper stamp in blue with s/l cancel (min cat. £225), 1858 to 15k, 1861 lilac & deep lilac newspaper stamps MLH (latter shade cat. £2750), 1861 Arms complete in both perf. 14 & perf. 9½, 1867 to 50k both fine & coarse beard, 1890-1905 types to 2g & 4k incl varnish bars/no bars, 1908/13 to 10k (cat. £110), 1910 80th birthday MLH to 1k (excl 25h) & 1916 to 10k (3k, 4k & 10k MLH) plus good charity sets MLH incl 1922 composers & 1923/24 Artists Fund sets. Also 1928 10th Anniv, 1930 Miklas, 1931 Rotarian Congress (this set F/U is cat. £450), 1931 Writers, 1935 Heroes, 1936 Ski Championship, etc. Good Airs incl 1925/30 set MLH, 1950 Birds used, defins of 1934/36 (excl 2s grey green) used, 1945 Hitler with Graz ovpts to 2RM MLH & 1948 Currency Revaluation MLH. Close to complete in both defins & commems thereafter either MLH or used. 1949 I.O.W MLH, Child Welfare used (stained perfs on top value), 1950 Plebiscite V/F/used (cat. £120), 1951 Reconstruction Fund MLH & 1955 Tenth Anniversary MLH (cat. £70). Finally a range of Postage Dues, military post & other "back of the book". A few have stains but over 95% are fine. Min cat. £6000+ excluding seriously faulty. (1000s)